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Hike to Bishnudwar
Hike to Bishnudwar

Shabdika Nepal

On 9th of February, 2024, the whole middle school went hiking but to different places. We, the
eighth graders, went to Sundarijal. All of us had reached the school by 9:00 am. After a quick
lunch we departed towards the destination at 10:05 am. I sat on the last seat along with
Anushree, Reva and Aaradhya. Along the way, we listened to music, discussed the hike and also
played ludo. Within 30-40 minutes, we reached Sundarijal and got off the bus.

Trip Description:
Sundarijal is a beautiful place full of flora and fauna. It is also a great source of water. The water
used by the residents of Kathmandu valley is supplied from Sundarijal. We counted the
participants to make sure that everyone was there and began the hike. We had to walk straight
uphill. It was really tiring but we took a 1 minute break whenever we were tired.

After walking for some time, we got to the ticket counter and then one of the army personell said
that some rules needed to be followed from that certain place. We weren’t allowed to play loud
music, we had to keep whatever plastics we brought in our backpacks and we weren’t allowed to
eat meat. As the loud music and meat attracted the wild animals and the plastics polluted the area
and depleted the natural resources. We went to Sundari Devi temple as well. There was a huge
pond as well. It was beautiful. Some of my friends wanted to swim there like a mermaid and so
did I. We enjoyed the beautiful view and took a lot of pictures. We kept on walking until we
found a nice place to have snacks. We stopped to have snacks. We shared our snacks with each
other and had it peacefully. We clicked some beautiful pictures by the river.

After that, we decided to return. We hiked for four hours. Returning was fun as we didn’t have to
climb uphill. We freely ran downhill. It was amazing. When we reached the stop where the bus

had dropped us, it was there waiting for us. We got on the bus and the bus started to move. Just
after we had traveled almost 1-2 kms, Eshita said that she left her phone in the shop where we
bought water. We had to go back for it and then again left for school. We reached the school at
3:00 pm and chatted about the trip for some time and then it was time for us to go home. It was
an amazing and memorable trip.

Highlights :
● Flora and fauna
● Hydropower
● Water dam
● Wild animals and birds
● Scout routes
Sundarijal hiking was a short and not so tiring trip. I really enjoyed it. I had a lot of memories
captured during the hike. I love how Sifal School takes the students hiking as a refreshment. It is
essential as well as refreshing for the students. My trip was as enjoyable as ever.
I recommend all the age groups for the hike as it is a short and sweet hike which can be done by
everyone even though we have to climb up hills. It is really fun in groups and it can end shortly
as well as it can be extended long enough.

Hike to Bishnudwar

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Hike to Bishnudwar

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Hike to Bishnudwar

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Hike to Bishnudwar

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Hike to Bishnudwar

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Hike to Bishnudwar

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