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Hiking from Okharpauwa to Tileghar via Naubise
Hiking from Okharpauwa to Tileghar via Naubise

Title Hiking from Okharpauwa to Tileghar via Naubise
Location Okharpauwa,Nuwakot - Naubise,Dhading Nepal
Date 19 November, 2011-20 November, 2011
Total Time Day 1: 4 hours & Day 2 : 9 hours
Coordinator Kapil Raj Pandey
Participants Abanish Kayastha, Bhuwan Shrestha, Kapil Raj Pandey, Lava Kafle, Rudra Pandey, Surendra Nath Adhikari, Sushant Pokharel
Photos By Sushant Pokharel
Report By Lava Kafle
Captions Lava Kafle
Creative Support EU Team (Ishan Gajurel)
Day 1 Trekking: The group comprising of Abanish Kayastha, Bhuwan Shrestha, Kapil Pandey,Lava Kafle,Rudra Pandey,Surendra Nath Adhikari, and Sushant Pokharel (the great Photographer for the team) moved from kathmandu driven along the narrow black topped road curling down towards Okharpauwa Nuwakot District where whole waste of Kathmandu Valley is dumped. We were smelling the reality while analyzing the effects of Plastics that cannot be degraded by soil, and the Leeching black liquid that would fall into the river thereby affecting natural plants and animals surviving in the river and by its side. Who is responsible and who cares about such reality to nature here? Who cares about problems of Nepal and Nepalese who are affected ? A big Question arises here. At 1:00 PM , we started our Trek from Okharpauwa and took some tea and snacks at a local shop to promote the local shops as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) so villages can benefit a little bit from our Trekking Spree. Alongside the KOLFU River our paths winded into the wild jumping from one terrain to another and some really steep fall made us realize that this trek is not going to be easy but very tough indeed. The KOLFU river appeared on our Path so we had to take our shoes/socks off and bare feet cross the river flowing angrily beyond down. Now we had arduous steep uphill trek to TALLO SIUDENI , then to DHUNGANA GAON where we took a little rest after completing the journey full of sharp Thorns that scratched our body from time to time and again jumping steep downhill when it required. Finally we breathed fully at 5:00 PM when we reached THULDANDA our destination along with setting sun fully round enlightening us with different colors and flavors.

The dinner consisted of Dhido (Pudding of Oat, millet), rice, local cauliflower, local green vegetables, pickles, and soup. The Chicken taste is life long memory. The heaven we were about to sleep in. Such an atmosphere, aura, mood, romance of nature, we were excited a lot. Finally time to go to bed and sleeping bags unbundled themselves after the long tiring trek out of sudden freshness.

At THULDANDA , a team set out to procure necessary items for campfire while other group rested enjoying little snacks and warm welcome of village tea. This home is great at the countryside where we were to take shelter for whole night. The wind was blowing and chilly cold started to thrill us sending sharp message over the spine. After the team returned from shopping spree at the village, we started campfire sharing anecdotes , stories, experience, culture, future plans, and past regrets if any. The mood was enhanced by charm of Bhuwan Shrestha who made us laugh as much as we could. Sushant was enjoying every moment and occasional camera shots in the night time focused us to his lens. The dinner consisted of Dhido (Pudding of Oat, millet), rice, local cauliflower, local green vegetables, pickles, and soup. The Chicken taste is life long memory. The heaven we were about to sleep in. Such an atmosphere, aura, mood, romance of nature, we were excited a lot. Finally time to go to bed and sleeping bags unbundled themselves after the long tiring trek out of sudden freshness. Early morning at 2:00 AM Sushant was already awoke. The bright moon lit the whole sky, river, forests and fields. At 5:20 AM Kapil let us knew time. Many of us had been waiting for sweet morning Bed tea. Meanwhile Surendra planned for buying a vast land there for future university(Expansion of Deerwalk Institute of Technology on which he is Campus Chief), and for Farm house , and a Fishery. We all listened intently and the baby lady Sadiksha Tamang who had not seen school till now became Deerwalk BABY and posed for photographs. She will enjoy her pics in facebook and other blogs when she grows. Then there was a huge uproar. Surendra met a guy who in childhood had sprayed all of Surendra’s Denim to a He-Goat and the scent was travelling all around Surendra’s friends home due to which they had thought how Surendra can be around? It took some time to find the act of the small boy and his creativity. At Departing time we bade farewell to The House Caretaker, His wife, his daughter, his son (who had just departed a little while ago for his Security job at Kathmandu, and who will meet Surendra Nath Adhikari soon to make his life better) , the daughter-in-law and our dearest little baby Sadiksha Tamang who received Rudra Pandey’s care became Deerwalk Baby whose future is now bright. Starting Day 2 trekking, We walked down the forest quite big loving the sound of chirruping early morning birds at 7:30 AM. The KOLFU river sounded great and we saw Surendra’s barren land which was nearside the river reflecting the long war in the country. At some juncture we met one 54 year old man who started narrating the story of the village the plight caused by the politicians , and future. Through narrow trails we moved ahead and again jumping running until we reached river again that stood before us boldly which we must cross to reach our destination. We had to pull off our shoes socks and again needed to wait until feet run dry. Now started uphill trek surrounded by beautiful surrounding. The great Plain was visible where most of the rice is produced and Surendra reminded us of famous family household name MUDBERRY MUDBARRY village to our right across the river. We passed BHANDAR THUMKA, DHOKA BHANJYANG by then. Again steep uphill steps were taken until we reached finally to DAMAHA DHUNGA (Stone in shape of musical instrument). After sipping tea there and snacks in the village shop of an elderly mother, we reached MAIDAN (FIELD) savoring Guava along the way nature gifted us for taste of our tongue. We talked to an elderly sister at MAIDAN and she was happy to show us the way ahead to our destination that was beyond 4 mountains. Tricky Tough Trekking in Nepal it can be for many enthusiasts, lovers, and who want challenge adventure to be part of their life re-take the route. Now downhill slope posed a BIG problem and we had to rest a little bit at some shade at PIPLACHAUR. moving down and down and drinking a Pot full of water we needed to move steeper hill down RAMAILOCHAUR, hardly being able to breathe properly due to its ferocious nature. Finally, we found an easier way and a man who knew Surendra’s village THULDANDA. and they started talking together about future prospects of the village and around when the path winded sharply down making the trek more interesting and challenging. At one turning we had to wait. Abanish Kayastha, Rudra Pandey, Bhuwan Shrestha all trio missing. ok lets call emergency to kathmandu 100 and ask for a CHOPPER to search /rescue them. Its interesting; They are not seen even waiting for 15 minutes. Did the path hid them ? Did the Sky hid them? Or some wild animal attacked them and they were fighting their way through? CellPhone was dead and time was running out.The team of Surendra Adhikari, Kapil Pandey, Sushant Pokharel and the village friend decided finally to send Lava Kafle to search for the trio and inform them through signal if helicopter rescue is necessary as Lava has loudest possible voice. Lava went crying in wild ,”hi where are you all? its me lava; can You hear me?” The same sound echoed back to lavas ears. there was no reply. lava became hopeless. Finally in the Silence follwed through, lava listens something and sees something as ray of hope in the darkness of situation when he hears Rudra telling him from AAPGHARI (MANGO GROOVES Rudra Pandey’s maternal ancestors resided here coincidentally) to meet at the School which we knew. Relieved, Lava runs down and all friends smile with full joy and elated faces. When we ran to the school, Rudra and company was already there and Bhuwan was enjoying in shade of local shop. Kapil Pandey was recognized by one student of the school. This area is famous for best government, private and community Schools. Sushant Pokharel took some shot of the school and students.We then moved to a stream, crossed it and started out tour to CHHATREPATI where Surendra met a garrison of Nepal Armed Police force, found a DSP friend and we knew they were on trek from GALCHHI to SWYAMBHU where they have their headquarters located. Then we reached JEEVANPUR (CITY of LIFE) and asked one local shopkeeper lady if she had any cold drink to serve us. She moved her head in negative reply and we moved ahead again. However , thirsty Lava got something really cold to quench his thirst. We kept this a secret until we were in vehicle. Before this we had crossed a MAHESH river ( after which a school has been named)and rested a while in shade looking at local police officers fishing int he river and one guy bathing happily in middle of the river. Life is good, as we found one shop which had cold drinks. Then finally we reached TILEGHAR (HOME of TILES) where our Deerwalk vehicle was waiting proudly to take us to NAUBISE (Nine multiply by Twenty Turnings) , refresh ourselves with meal and return back to Kathmandu.

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