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Hiking from Kharipati to Nagarkot
Hiking from Kharipati to Nagarkot

Title 2011 Nov - Deerwalk Hiking from Kharipati to Nagarkot
Location Nagarkot
Date 6th November, 2011
Total Time 1 Day
Coordinator Kanchan Raj Pandey
Participants Kanchan Raj Pandey, Dambar Thapa, Nisha Sharma Pandit, Shukra Shrestha, Aawart Adhikari, Manila Raut, Rajan Maharjan
Photos By DW Team
Report By Aawart Adhikar, Rajan Maharjan
Captions Shukra Shrestha, Aawart Adhikari
Creative Support Shukra Shrestha
We probably might have been to Nagarkot on many occasions. I personally, have been to Nagarkot many times - for the sightseeing on bike, for picnics way back when I was still in high school and for its  famous sunset (though on that particular occasion we had planned for the sunrise but we overslept because... anyways that’s another whole new story). We planned this hike to start from Naubise to Thankot but due to many reasons such as reluctance of the participants to show up on time causing delays in departure - we finalised the hike to Nagarkot. It was the first hike for seven of us after joining Deerwalk. We had breakfast at Kharipati and Manila along with Nisha went to Manila’s Mamaghar and brought us a lot of guava which were juicy and sour. Karipati was also the starting point for the hike and we were presented with two options - whether two take the road or go uphill through the forest. We chose the latter, the more difficult one. The fickleness of the weather added a new dimension to the adventure of the hike. We were anxious at first as it seemed as if it might rain but as the day progressed and there was no rain. We had to thank the weather as it remained pleasant throughout the day. After a few minutes, we  reached to Mahadev Khola Muhan (source of Mahadev River), which is the sole distributor of water supply for Bhaktapur. We replenished ourselves and had a  photo session there. We climbed up through challenging trails relishing in the scenery and vegetation. The beautiful natural backdrop was irresistible and we had many photo sessions along the way. As we lost in reverie when suddenly we heard sounds of firing a bit ahead in the trail. Soon we came across a group of armed army men who told us to take a different route as that particular section of the trail had been cordoned off for training. We were not allowed to take photos but somehow Aawart managed to take some snaps as we diverted to a different route. We had to walk on the road for some time before the locals showed us a path that wound through villages and farmlands where we came across new faces, cattle and livestock. After stopping for photos and resting for some time we reached Nagarkot. We went to Nagarkot tower and enjoyed the panorama of Himalayas obscured by clouds. The hike lasted for about four hours and we enjoyed every moment of it.  It was an excellent experience for all involved. We lunched at a local restaurant in Nagarkot called ‘Food Republic’ and returned to Kathmandu. Upon arrival we were greeted with usual traffic jam and the first November Rain. We reached home with fond memories of the hike to Nagarkot. Hikers Experience:

AawartAawart Adhikari: “ This was my first hike from Deerwalk and fun was beyond my expectation. I got chance to be familiar with some of my Colleagues at Deerwalk Inc., they were really interesting and fun loving. Nagarkot was not new destination but with my colleagues, Journey added a new dimension. I feel proud to be citizen of Nepal with irresistible natural backdrops. I recomend everyone to take a break from busy life to enjoy the real life style. This will add new energy and give a glimpse of parallel world living with us.”

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