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Hiking from Ranipauwa to Sisneri via Jagarebhanjyang
Hiking from Ranipauwa to Sisneri via Jagarebhanjyang

Participants: Anupa, Nishchal, PradeepG (rookie), ManojR, Abishesh and Vishnu Route: Ranipauwa to Jagarebhanjyang to Sisneri Date: Sunday, Aug 26, 2007 Duration: 4 hours Trip Doom: 12-Kilo meters Report: PradeepG Photo: NishchalS and Abishesh Creative Support: NishchalS Hiking from Ranipauwa to Sisneri Vishnu, Nischal, Anupa, Abishesh, Manoj and myself were the team to enjoy the day together. At 7 am journey began from D2 office and we moved towards Balaju, where we bought some drinking water and few audio CDs to make our journey melodious. In the mean time, we picked up Nishchal at Balaju as well. We crossed Osho Tapoban, through an unsullied weather and misty environment and stopped at the middle of way to take breakfast at 8:15 am. We took Chiura, Aloo and Khasi ko though mashu for an unusual repast and it was difficult for me to eat the mashu, nonetheless we had to take those in the hope that the place had to offer for best and that was not true. Soon after, we resumed our journey and reached at Ranipauwa from where we commenced our journey. Though we estimated, our tour would finish in one and half hrs, at the end it took four hrs in total to complete. In the beginning, leeches troubled a lot even though they were very tiny in size, but enough to make us very conscious to make unable to walk freely. Those bloodsuckers were clever enough to enter inside our shoes also. Nishchal was wondering about why most of the leeches trying to attack him at most frequently. I thought it will mess up our journey but later on we did not had to worry about them as the magical nature differed from obvious one. We enjoyed walking through as well the place offered in variation as pine forest to mudded landscape, Rocky Mountains, and via small village. Vishnu, Abishesh and Manoj were always ahead on walking but me, Nischal and Anupa were far behind them through entire hiking. In between, we played music out of the mobile of Anupa and Nishchal. The song "lakhau patak" by Nabin K Bhattarai had been played for lakhau patak, and that was exciting to walk with music in background. In addition, yes how can I forget the activeness for photography of Nishchal and Abishesh. They tried to capture every moment and wonderful scenery including group and single snaps. Two interesting incident were also there during the walk, Nishchal got sting of Sisnu and Anupa slipped at her feet twice. Nevertheless, the beautiful view and cool breeze at the top of the hill swept away all our pain. Sometime we thought that we were lost as invisibility occurred by the thick mist but we relieved when we reached at a small village at last. Since we all were tired and wised a rest with a cup of hot tea and light snacks. Our photographers once again made busy themselves for capturing the photos of village Children and Women. It’s already 12:30 pm by now so we descended our journey to reach Sisneri, at the main road of Kathmandu to Trishuli. And that was the toughest walk I felt and my feet were tottering. As soon as we were moving down raining started and became heavy when we were reaching to Sisneri. Where we met our van and after a short riding, we arrived at “Falls and Rainbow Trout Restaurant” which is famous for the Rainbow Trout fish farming and fish recipes. This place we chose to take rest and have finest lunch. The locals have there their own ponds for fishery and they use to cook those fresh fishes as visitors desire. We rested and ordered some beer and cold drinks along with very famous fish item. It was delicious though Anupa did not take a single piece because she fears fish bone. Abishesh has discovered a new recipe of cocktails called submarine and Nishchal tried that quickly. At 2 pm, we began with our lunch and that became tastier when Vishnu narrated some interesting stories of his life including two major accidents he met earlier. At 5 pm, it was still raining though we had to live for Kathmandu as some of us were afraid of getting dark and at around six in the evening, we reached Balaju where Nischal got off. Avoiding terrible traffic jammed we finally managed to reach to D2hawkeye premises and time asked us for break up to our individual destinations. By nature I am less talkative although I listened more and I enjoyed listening others talking and their stories silently. It was my first memorable hiking with D2 in spite of it made me exhausted but without a question, I enjoyed a lot. 01 Favorable to lives to move in 02 Free from noxious matter 03 Machinate-silhouette 04 You could reach Jagare in one and half hour-not really 05 provision of space and equipment helpful to others is religion-Ambulance says 06 Jitpur-Kakani-Ranipauwa 4 days treks 07 Warming up beneath blue sky 08 Enterprising 09 Let's put the music on 10 Music and pace go together 11 Sense of hearing 12 Walking with regular steps 13 One house village in Biredanda 14 Niks please DO NOT SMOKE this will destroy you 15 Niks in a series of related events-1 16-Two 17-III 18-4 19 And five 20 Follow us it is good walking here 21 This gentle man has goat-farming herefrom other village 22 OFF U GO Anupa 23 A request to participate 24 The place of two stories down-left area of Surendra's forefathers-right-up SharadP was not that happy in previous hike 25 Man at work 26 Man in the middle 76 walks everyday 3-4 hours 27 They need 2-3 months to cash them 28 Amazement!! 29 Recalling yesteryear while climbing up here 30 The facial expression of locals pleased us 31 Niks pulled a fast one on here 32 But this wood stood strong-stood proud-stood tall 33 Impersonal involvement yet togetherness 34 Pradeep when you hike second time please do like this 35 The trail on the left takes us to Jagare 36 Cautiously attentive 37 Manoj and Vishnu looking up 38 Lower-central-higher 39 An abrupt transition-the fun of the trail 40 They did it for the fun of it 41 For the power of retaining and recalling the past experience 42 The place fit to 4 & 2 appendages 43 She waited Nishchal to meet her 44 On the right from here we could have beautiful views towards Nuwakot 45 First timer PradeepG enjoys views 46 See you in Jagare 47 Resting at Jagare 48 The door made to her height & size 49 The other hikers of Gosaikund we met them at Jagare 50 Anupa and Niks curious about their adventure as they were carrying most needed stuffs with them 51 They left with weight up and we beganweight down 52 Niks was interested on her ornaments 53 Manoj was waiting here for us 53 The hill says get ready all of you and leave those umbrellas at home 54 The act of making less strict 55 Bharati's Rainbow Trout- Rough and tough and strong and mean- do not lose your head and stay in the basket

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