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Hiking from Lubhu to Lakuri Bhanjyang
Hiking from Lubhu to Lakuri Bhanjyang

Participants : Nishchal, Vishnu, Pradeep, Naresh, Anupa, Usha, Jyotsna, Manoj, Kapil, Brija, Manik, Binod, Deepak, Ravi, Sanjeet and Ishwor Route : Lubhu-Lakuri-Lamatar Date : Sunday, Feb 17, 08 Distance : 13 Kms Report : Binod, Deepak, Jyotsna and Ishwor Photos : Nishchal Caption : AnupaM C. Support : NishchalS Binod Raj Pathak: It was Feb. 17, 2008 the hiking day; With lots of enthusiasm about first ever hike from D2; It was almost 7:00 am when almost all hikers gathered at office arena. At 7:15 am, D2 Express started towards destination. We had breakfast at Gwarkhu. Everyone was testing the appetizing “Jerry” at Gwarkho. Then we again headed towards Lubhu the spot from where the real hike started. At 8:30 am, D2 Express stopped at Lubhu and Vishnu announced that the hike starts from here. There were two ways to reach the “Lakuribhanjyang”. One was the motorable road and another was steep hilly trail. We chose the second way as we are bold enough to challenge the difficulty. It was my fortune to see the natural beauty of Lakuribhanjyang “The Real Paradise”. The sound environment, non-polluted atmosphere and the green forest lured me, due to which I even forgot the tiredness that I perceived from walking. The more uphill was reached, the more panoramic views were seen. Eventually we reached at the Lakuribhanjyang Chautari. We distributed copy and pencil to the students of Sri Bashuki Lower Secondary School. Oh!! the hunger was no longer as we found hilltop restaurant. We had snacks and delicious lunch there. During the stay at restaurant lots of fun and gossips were made. Some of were busy in capturing eye catching views of Lakuribhanjyang. We spent good time at the restaurant as the walking distance was not that long. It was approx. 3:30pm when we started climbing down the hill. The way was very challenging and adventurous one. Our tired feet took not more than one hour to reach the hiking startup point at Lubhu. Then we waited for D2 express for a while. Finally it came and picked all of us to our corresponding destination. Last but not the least, the hiking was exciting and adventurous enough to go for more hikes in future. Deepak Vishwakarma: Provoked by the thoughts of hiking I reached office at 6.15 and joined other members for the tean. Though I have experiences of the partial hiking as I go to the village for time to time but teaming up for fun and enjoyment was a new experience that I was looking for. Team integrated at office where I witnessed some of the members were new to the hike like me and this made the trip more interesting and excited. So we started for the trip at around 7 O’clock and headed to Gwarkho from where we had to diverge our way left for the Lubhu. The moment we reached the Lubhu we were stunned by the beauty and environment of the area. And we got down at Lubhu from where we started our real hike to Lakuribhanjyang. Initially the trip became tiresome as we took the way straight up for the mountains and the team planned to change the way moving to a bit easier way which made the trip pleasurable. Chillness of the morning flavored by the tranquility of the site was sight to reckon. Gradually the day warmed up and after two and half hours of hike we reached Lakuribhanjyang where we rested for a while and simultaneously had some refreshment. Team also visited the village school named “Sri Bashuki Lower secondary School” in Lamatar which was opened by the joint venture of financial support by German and Austrian resident. The team presented the Notebooks and pencils to school students. After this team reached the peak of the Lakuribhanjyang and halted for some rest and lunch. For next 2 hours or so team stayed there enjoying the feast and side by side the beauty of place. After all the happenings up there at the Lakuribhanjyang team decided to return back. Returning moments were the ones that I consider to be a more adventurous as we preceded straight down the sloppy mountains. Climbing down seemed quite dangerous but it was quite thrilling experience. Each time we climbed down we had to hold the trees for the support. And steadily and gradually team reached the place from where the hiking had started. Most of members were tired and for refreshment the team rested in an enchanting club called “Fishing Club”. Finally team waited for the office vehicle for a while and got on to vehicle to return back. The hiking trip was very adventurous filled with fun and excitement. And I should consider it as of my most memorable one since it was my first hiking experience and certainly feel that in future there would be copious times that I and everyone in D2 gets to taste this sort of experience. Jyotsna Shakya: Every week as I saw the hiking snaps and went through the mind blowing experiences of people, I was always eager to be a part of the adventure. The day before the hiking, I was still not sure whether this time also I would be joining the team or not. But late in the evening, I made up my mind for the trip. I went to sleep just thinking about how the next day would turn out to be, whether it would be as interesting and exciting as I had always heard about D2 hiking or would be nothing so special. I was very much excited as this was my first ever hiking. I woke up in the morning and reached office at around 7:15 am. I was very embarrassed as this was my first one and thought that I would be last one to reach. But we were still waiting for others and thank God. In the start, it was quite fun. But after an hour, I was tired but Vishnu encouraged us by saying not to take burden of reaching the destinations rather try to enjoy the view and move ahead. Those words encouraged us and we were off again. Nevertheless we were a little unfortunate as the weather was cloudy and we could not see any mountain ranges. On our way we distributed D2 notebooks and pencils to the students of ‘Shree Bashuki Lower Secondary School, Lamatar’. I was happy to become a part of such socially responsible company. The hiking was not too long, but was good for the first timers like me. In a whole, the hiking was fun and memorable and I am looking forward to another one pretty soon. Ishwor Manandhar: It’s my very 1st experience of hiking from D2, though not a 1st ever one. I used to go for hiking at least once in a couple of months with my friends. This was my 2nd hiking to Lakuribhanjyang. I went on a journey to that place before with my local buddies about a couple of years ago. To begin with, I woke up the morning and reached Jamal to get lift on Pradeep’s bike as we planned a day before. I was thinking we would be the last ones to reach at office but we found no one but Deepak alone in the office. After around 10 minutes, all of friends started turning up. At around 7.30 our vehicle started to move ahead to Gwarko where we had to pick up Naresh. On the way, we picked up Anupa, Usha at New Baneshwor. At Gwarko, we had a “chillicious” breakfast…chillicious because we had mouth-burning Aalu-Tama for breakfast early in the morning. Soon after finishing breakfast, we headed to Lubhu to commence the trip. I felt really very excited to be in such a magnificent outskirt. It’s been about a year that I’ve not been to any outskirt. Everyone seemed exciting to start hiking. Every moment of ascending the dusty hills was worth cherishing. The only incident that made us a bit worried was the wound in Pradeep’s foot caused by a broken piece of glass while overcoming one of the stiff hills. On the way to Lakuribhanjyang, we also visited to a local school named Shree Bashuki Lower Secondary School at Lamatar. D2 notebooks and pencils were distributed to numbers of lower grade students there. All of those little kids seemed happy to get stationeries. That moment was one of the best moments for me during the journey. At around 11.40, we reached at the top of Lakuribhanjyang from where beautiful landscapes can be viewed. Many of us captured those picturesque views in cameras. Ironically, we couldn’t see the view the mountain range due to cloudy weather. That’s the saddest part of the hiking…I should say. We stayed at the local resort named Adventure Tented Camp & Country Kitchen for siesta and lunch. Everyone was enjoying with their beverage order. Some were having tough drinks and othere were enjoying soft ones. We fully enjoyed the short stay there. We started descending from the peak at around 2.30. We took many shortcuts while descending the hills putting ourselves at the risk. After all, risk is the integral part of the hiking…what to say? Monoj walked a bit more distance to check the vehicle around there and returned with vehicle after few minutes. Many thanks to him for that from everyone. Personally, I enjoyed this short trip fully with all exuberant D2 buddies; Nishchal, Vishnu, Pradeep, Naresh, Anupa, Usha, Jyotsna, Manoj, Kapil, Brija, Manik, Binod, Deepak, Ravi, Sanjeet Having a pleasant experience, I’ve made my mind to join every hiking as regular as possible from now onwards. Many thank to Vishnu for such a lively location selecting to hike. Cheers…..!!! 01.Every dusk has its dawn 02.God Morning Jyotshna!!! 03. Morning Invitation 04. The Reception 05. Bhatti Breakfast 06. Stand tall for the trail 07.Welcome to the jungle_D2 Rally begins..... 08.Hiking trail as other aspects too... 09. Moving In 10.Colors of the jackets & Sizes of the bag packs 11. Sanjeet leads the rest 12.Slow & Steady wins the race 13 Youth jumbled together 14 Shuva Tara an educational Institution 15 Wrong way 16 A place for Praying together 17 Deepak devoted to matters of mind 18 Hold for Oranges 19 A likeness that balances right and left 20 Civil force 21 Sanjeet getting stronger 22 The game that does not require skill 23 Bravo Pradeep !! 24 Nothing can stop Pradeep from hiking 25 Was that junglee joke 26 OMG ! What's Niks upto 27 What Anupa is after 28 Togetherness 29 We can do it 30 Kangaroo Climb 31 Behind every successful man, there isa woman 32 Gals are gals !!! 33 The designer's move 34 Hope is always there 35 Recognise who'z there 36 Recovering walk 37 As usual SI.jpg 38 Bridda Balak 39 Cheers for D2 40 Pandey Move 41 Who doesn't love this view 42 Spot the regular hiker 43 Thumka Pokhari 44 Villagers have plenty of water unlike Kathmanduites 45 Kathmanduites have this 46 Felling hot hot hot... 47 For you my Valentine 48 Walkers' Pose 49 Traditional Jick Shaw Mill 50 Jungle mei Mungle 51 Approaching Bhanjyaang 52 Fast Move 53 Finally ..It's Relaxing time 54 Waiting for happenings 55 Country Kitchen Lunch 56 Fries make you happy 57 When I was in Japan... 58 Lost in Mrs.Pandey's thoughts 59 Designers are planning to buy this house 60 Innovation 61 Princess are guarded 62 Catch me if you can 63 Lets Compete..... 64 The touch of your hand says you'll catch me whenever I fall 65 Reversed 66 You always have a choice 67 The half way journey begins 68 Rani in her dreamland 69 Rani is explaining her dreams 70 Landed up in reality 71 Pine Tree 72 Rookies are more excited 73 Slope and Shadow 74 We spotted Naresh 75 Hold me If I roll 76 So many lined up to hold Brija 77 One..Two...Three 78 Pandey continues.... 80 Naresh , ready to jump 81 Lakure Bhanjyaang Range 82 Hold your feet 83 Memories to Cherish 84 Good Action guys... 85 Enjoying the action 86 Joyous Manik 87 Maili didi & her Tori Bari 88 The energy remained till the end 89 Fish Club 90 Mast Manik 91 Stolen 92 Balak at home 93 The musicians in composing mood 94 Wish I were young like all these 95 Shutter didnt leave her alone 96 A Sole Proprietor_lucky enough to escape the scarcity..... 97 D2C rocked

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