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Hiking from Sanga to Nagarkot
Hiking from Sanga to Nagarkot

Title : 2008 Feb - D2Hawkeye Hiking from Sanga to Nagarkot Participants : Julie, Sanjeet, Niraj, Kapil, KeshavB, Asim, Deepak, Dhilung, Mamata, Bidha, Sita, RinaM,and Vishnu, Route : Sanga to Nagarkot Time : 6 hours & 30 minutes Distance : 20 km (Appx) Date : Sunday, Feb 10, 2008 Report : Sita Pun Photos : Asim and DeepakM Captions : Asim and DeepakM Creative Support: NishchalS Excited about hiking, I woke up at 4.45 am in the morning but more interesting was that I had already finished hiking in my dreams. We (I, Rina and Asim) were picked up by office van at Singhadarbar at around 7.45 am. After having breakfast, we headed towards our destination and started hiking from Sanga at 9 am. Walking through fields, making our own way across the highs and lows of mountains, visiting temples, barking dogs, being in different group and making new friends was a unique experience in itself. On the way, we visited Ganesh Ma. Vi (School) at Tathali ( Bhaktapur) and handed some copies and pencils among lower grades students of the school. Asking the local people over there, we corrected our way. Among the pine trees, we had some snacks as well as some snaps: P (especially ever ready pose of Mamata, Bidha and Rina). Pointing towards the tower, we were saying that, that is our destination, that seemed so FAR, so many mountains in between but we were destined to move ahead no matter what. We got splitted in two groups heading in two different directions but towards the same destination i.e TOWER of Nagarkot. I was so tired and had gone to extreme low, thanks to the moral support of Rina, Keshav, Dhilung, Mamata, Bidha & Sanjit, I got fully energized once again. On the way, we met a woman of KalamMashi village, she was taking grasses in “doko” to her home. I felt that life is still as difficult as I used to hear earlier. Schools are not fully equipped by modern facilities, but the zeal of students to study and teachers’ to teach is praiseworthy. Fascinated by the beauty of nature, I wished I could stay there forever. Something that has always attracted me: the mountains, those scenes, the wind, the terrace fields, etc …” I was among them”… It was really really fabulous!!! Finally, we had our candle light dinner in Nagarkot (thanx to loadshedding: P) and Vishnu’s love story made it even more enjoyable: P. Though I preferred to talk less (unlikely to my talkative nature), the overall journey was really nice which gave me the CONFIDENCE that I TOO CAN WALK for such long hours across the mountains. Scarcity of diesel & petrol did affect me too, office van couldn’t drop us at home and it was so difficult to find taxi too, thanks to my brother who picked me up and I finally reached home at around 9 pm. 01Charge with a function 02 Free of restrain 03 Hold for run 04 Commencement from Sanga 05 A race toward Daha Gaun 06 A stop for Pancha Kannya temple 07 Giving close and thoughtful attention 08 Julie in rhythmical steps without music 09 Band together 10 Teen Chori in Tori Bari 11 A visible display 12 Being attached to.... 13 Deepak in sliding lead 14 But this was other way around 15 Freed from illness 16 Group Therapy 17 Expertise of Julie 18 Hold my hand and follow me 19 Bewildered 20 V for Julie 21 The Born Hikers 22 The Magician 23 The Girls Guidance 24 Patterns 25 Who's friend of this 26 Tathali Gaun 27 Natural Instinct 28 Chilgadi 29 Hikers go back to Childhood 30 Lost in Texas 31Julie ready for the action 32 Here she goes..... 33 Dhilung can tell the story 34 Gurubazz.. 35 Leaving Ganesh Higer Secondary behind 36 ..dear I'm in Texas 37 A pause for something 38 Here arrives the Excellency 39 Walking in between field and forest 40 Matrix 41 Ascends begins... 42 Lives fly high 43 Bad Master 44 Siris you r missing the adventure 45 2X2= 4 46 Sounds Good! 47 Hiking with dancing 48 What would be the Baba's preaching here 49 Next time lets go to Goa 50 Kagbeni II 51 Without Ice Hokey Stick 52 RC demonstration 53 A temporary suspension of progress 54 Got the message 55 Entering into Nala Jungle 56 Terpentine Laughing 57 Vijayee bhava! 58 Fun @ short break 59 In the name of wild flower 60 Arrival of visitor 61 Water, biscuits, gossips.... 62 Des Pardes 63 Walking in the Bhanjyang 64 Boderline of the Nature 64 Looks smaller but asks 3 hours to climb 65 Rocking walk 65 The tower that has a power to revolveyou round

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