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Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal
Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Sundarijal

Title: Special Hike (Going Green for a better Grin) Hiking Route: BudaNilakantha to SundariJal Date: Dec 13 , 2009 Sunday Duration: 6 hours Distance: 15 KM approx Hike Coordinator: Sudeep Adiga \ Shekhar Paudel Participants: Data Analytics Team (25 members) Photos: Sangharsa Bhattarai,Mahesh Acharya,Rina Maharjan Caption: Sangharsa Bhattarai,Mahesh R. Report By: Mahesh A\Anish T.\Keshab G. Creative Support: Dijup/Ganesh
Story of the parted Nine! -Mahesh A A hike, a department, a team, a source, a destination, an objective but two different routes, and the same distance; that’s the special hike. The jungle that even the Mugli, the jungle boy, would have feared going into, and a steep slope that even Tenzing would have hesitated to climb, left 9 last members in the team to halt for a moment and reenergize with some bananas drive away some hovering vultures who were waiting for us to stop breathing. It had already been some time since we had last seen the other team by the time we reached the top of a plateau-like hill. Roads from that point seemed to be going in every possible direction. Confused in the route taken by the other team, many of us tried to contact them, only to hear very blurred noise. After several attempts we could only figure out the word ‘Helipad’. Yea! There was a helipad few feet below where we were standing. And there was a thin trail from that helipad. We followed the trail. Cool, gentle breeze drifting through the pine forests was so enchanting that everyone of us forgot the pain we had suffered earlier. With some breaks, we continued to follow the trail hoping to find the other team. It was only after 45 minutes from the helipad, we could communicate with the other team to know that we had followed a wrong path and they had in fact suggested us not go through the route via helipad. After having travelled so much of the distance we didn’t have the courage to climb back to follow them. We left our selves at the mercy of the thin trail that could end anywhere and started to follow it. Soon we were skidding down a damp forest. Every inch of declivity made Shekhar crawl with hands and feet. Finally, we reached a small village called ‘Gamcha’ where two ‘Bhogate’ were sacrificed to appease our appetite.

Still unclear, which team followed the correct trail

Having walked for several hours, we finally reached somewhat familiar territory which was Gokarna. It was where our very own Sudeep had deserted us. However, rest of the team with firm determination to complete the hike, covered next 4 km to the base of Sundarijal with no pain. There again, having ordered food for all of us, and leaving Shekhar in charge of our bags, 7 of us headed for the peak. So many hours of walk, had in fact drained each of us. However, we moved ahead and took Asutosh with us, who at several points had given up his hope and wanted to return to the base. Finally the team was up to the top to find the other team who had been lost. Still unclear, which team followed the correct trail, the hiking was no doubt one of the toughest hikes. Anish’s recollection -Anish R. T Hiking from Buddhanilkantha to Sundarijal was the best ever hike i went through. Maybe because this hike was the first one to me. Although termed as the 'Special Hike', besides being special it was quite a tough hike. Our journey began from Buddhanilkantha early in the morning and we went through the jungle to reach our destination. We had planned to complete the journey by 2pm, but we were unable to make it. Finally, despite of the hurdles coming on the path, we completed the walk to Sundarijal at 4:30 pm approximately. Although the hike was special one to all of us, I would like to name this hike as 'Moderately tough hike'. Keshab’s Recollection -Keshab Ghimire However it was not my first hike in D2, but it was first since I was transferred to DataAnalytics department from Services department. Also the hiking was with the theme ‘Go green for better grin’ exclusive of DataAnalytics. So I was eager about the hiking. I reached to the office premises where almost all hiking members had already reached and ready for leaving wearing uniform T-Shirts designed for DataAnalytics team. I also became ready wearing the T-Shirt. We departed office at about 8 am and reached to Budhanilkantha within quarter an hour, visited around the temple there and gathered for breakfast in a small tea shop and started our hiking at about quarter to ten. We took some slanting path for about an hour and then ascended through a hill for about another one hour. In the way, we collected the garbage of plastic and polythene which were scattered around. We reached to some flat part of the hill where there was a picnic spot and a spot like helipad. One group consisting of 9 hikers was following behind us and we passed some time waiting for them and then took the way of north-east side with moderate slope hoping that the group will follow us to the correct way. After 45 minutes later, we received call form Mukesh and other members who were following us, asked for the right way to take. We told them to follow the way which we had followed but since the phone call was not clear, I doubt they they could not get what we were saynig, and finally they took the way towards Gokarna. Unfortunately our hiking group was divided in to two groups, one consisting of 16 members and another consisting of 9 members. We decided to meet at Sundarijal and followed own way. Prakash with his wife were in lead from the beginning. We moved forward following some ascent, some straight path and some descent for another 3 and half hours to reach to Sundarijal Dam. In the way Anish and Anuj entertained us with their interesting jokes. We passed the way comfortably with the jokes. Before reaching Sundarijal, we called another group and came to know that they had reached the bottom of Sundarijal. We called them to order for meal and continued walking. They took some ascent path to reach to Sundarijal Dam. After passing another one hour, we reached to Sundarijal dam crossing a beautiful river in the way and taking snaps on the way. We met rest of hikers there. We visited dam area and beautiful places around there, took shoots and finally moved towards hotel where they had ordered for meal with hunger. We took meal and returned back. I reached to home at around 8 pm with tiredness and went to bed early and fell asleep.
 Special Hike Special shopping
01 Special Hike Special shopping
 Descriptive yet confusing
02 Descriptive yet confusing
 Fulfillment of the theme
03 Fulfillment of the theme
 Taller than tarevir
04 Taller than tarevir
 Sweta the meeting conductor
05 Sweta the meeting conductor
 playing hide and seek with cameraman
06 playing hide and seek with cameraman
 Looking front showing back
07 Looking front showing back
 Refreshment time
08 Refreshment time
 Mini swayambhu
09 Mini swayambhu
 Learn something
10 Learn something
 Selfless deed
11 Selfless deed
 Blooming flower
12 Blooming flower
 Risky pose
13 Risky pose
 Clean Bagmati
14 Clean Bagmati
 Figure it out
15 Figure it out
 Leading coordinator
16 Leading coordinator
 hera hera saathi ho manche ko taanti ho
17 hera hera saathi ho manche ko taanti ho
 Enjoying every moment
18 Enjoying every moment
 Hike begins
19 Hike begins
 Serein moment
20 Serein moment
 Path finder PM
21 Path finder PM
 New Dostanas
22 New Dostanas
 Coordinating from sky
23 Coordinating from sky
 Data can hike
24 Data can hike
 Is it helping hand or playing golf
25 Is it helping hand or playing golf
 Data Analyitcs being invaded
26 Data Analyitcs being invaded
 Lakhar lakhar
27 Lakhar lakhar
 4 non blondes
28 4 non blondes
29 Serenity
 Jana sajilo farkana garo
30 Jana sajilo farkana garo
 Macro mode
31 Macro mode
 Typical Nepali house
32 Typical Nepali house
 Aangan ko bato
33 Aangan ko bato
 Chameli ful
34 Chameli ful
 On the top
35 On the top
 Come on Data Go ahead
36 Come on Data Go ahead
 Millet farming
37 Millet farming
 Hikers in their own pace
38 Hikers in their own pace
Jungle Safar
39 Jungle Safar
 Amit with care taker of P shamser`s territory
40 Amit with care taker of P shamser`s territory
 Sweta leading
41 Sweta leading
 Shivapuri Higway
42 Shivapuri Higway
 Go green for a better grin
43 Go green for a better grin
 Lets not leave a single plastic
44 Lets not leave a single plastic
 Ya! we collected this much
45 Ya! we collected this much
 Heading towards Sudarijal
46 Heading towards Sudarijal
 Way to Heaven
47 Way to Heaven
 Practicing chopstick
48 Practicing chopstick
 Left behind...
49 Left behind...
 Supportless trail
50 Supportless trail
 I and my supporter
51 I and my supporter
 Shooting the Shooter
52 Shooting the Shooter
 SLR`s shoot
53 SLR`s shoot
 No cameraman guess what
54 No cameraman guess what
 Clean and still
55 Clean and still
56 Photography
 Ancient Mahal
57 Ancient Mahal
 We are here, where were you
58 We are here, where were you
59 Dam
 Final stairs
60 Final stairs
 Beautiful Stream
61 Beautiful Stream
 What`s the bike no.
62 What`s the bike no.

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