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Hiking from Lamatar to Godavari
Hiking from Lamatar to Godavari

Hiking Route: Lamatar – Lakuribhanjyang- Godavari(WACKY HIKE) Date: December 5, 2009 (Saturday) Duration: 5 Hr. Distance: 10-12 KM Coordinator: Prajowal Manandhar Participants: Nishikar Sapkota, Prabhash Jha, Nikesh Shrestha, Mohita Joshi, Jay Sedai, Badri Adhikari, Sameer Tuladhar, Babins Shrestha, Pawan Pokhrel, Rikesh Shakya, Nabin Maharjan, Suman Shrestha, Mahesh Raj Regmee and Prajowal Manandhar Photo: Prabhash Jha, Prajowal Manandhar Caption: Prabhash Jha, Prajowal Manandhar Report By: Prajowal Manandhar Creative support:Dijup Tuladhar / Ganesh Thapa
When it was Data Analytics' time to co-ordinate hiking, I was happy to coordinate it and just going through the net, I decided that we will be going through this route (Lamatar – Lakuribhanjyang- Godavari) and just named it a WACKY HIKE as I didn't want to waste my time planning for it. When we were hiking, it indeed became a WACKY and hike lived up to its name.

..it indeed became a WACKY and hike lived up to its name.

In the morning @ 7:30 AM, we were about 8 who gathered in D2 premises and then, we moved on picking up our mates on the way. When we reached Lamatar we were 14 and before we started our hiking, we decided to have a breakfast. After having breakfast @ around 9:00 AM we were ready for what was unexpected. As we proceeded, we saw an accident at Lamatar (but we didn't care for it and moved on) but later, I found out that they were students of KUSOM and one of them was my friend who was also involved in that accident. But, thankfully they weren't injured so badly. When we got started, CHUCKY came up with his own terms and started making us laugh with his humorous acts. May be, he wanted to make it "wacky" in his own style. As far as I was concerned, I hadn't had a long walk for some time, so it was pretty hard for me to start up and I believe the same applied to my other 3-4 mates as we lacked behind our professional hikers (Mahesh, Pawan, Babins and not to forget Jaya future professional hiker). To begin starting by climbing the hills was not what we were looking for. But then, slowly as the muscles started to loosen up and we were in terms with our other mates.

assisting us in our proceeding most of the time

After reaching a certain height, we started to get the glimpses of a panoramic view of Lubhu and Lakhuribhanjang. The beautiful site of the valley and the hills just started to entertain us and we got refreshed and filled our desires with even more passion to carry on. We went through such views that can tantalize anyone at any given time. The weather was perfect for hiking and even the clouds were adding to the nature's beauty and also, assisting us in our proceeding most of the time by presenting us with the shade. This also energized us to proceed with pace and take pictures from time to time of the beautiful views. We sat there at the picnic spot for snacks and drinks and after refueling ourselves, we decided to gear up again. Then on our way, we had to make a decision where we could have taken up an easy way to top of Lakuribhanjhang and to Godawari. But time had other things en-stored for us and had to make our hike wackier so, we moved with the way of Gufa but the way was too much to ask for. So, we decided to abort that route and then after descending for some time, we thought we found a way and proceeded. But that eventually made our hike wacky as we had to climb through the “VHIR”(steepy hill). First of all, we thought we could climb that VHIR with some effort but later on, we got frozen in the middle as we neither could move upwards nor downwards but still, we dared to climb up and everyone showed the real guts to climb up the VHIR and made this hike an adventurous one. Later, even remebering the hill, everyone were like GHOSH!!! we are still alive. I am not sure I will ever try such thing in my life again but that will certainly remain in my memory for sure. And I believe, the same applies for my other mates.

..that too added to the charm

As we were going through, jokes and gossips became an integral part of our journey but one thing that came up interesting was PHYSIC'S law and everyone was like giving explanation with their own definition which also revived the moods in our camp. When we were making our way to Godawari, we a sat near school for refueling our tanks again. And the guys even had the energy left in them to make us run for few pieces of snacks. But, that too added to the charm of our so called WACKY hike. When we started to descend down to Godawari, we felt the descending down the hill was unknowingly tougher than climbing it as we started having sore in the toes and feet. Nevertheless, we were enjoying all the ups and downs as we had to move along. As we were coming down, we could even hear the music as there was some kind of programme going on. We took all the time we needed to rest before we reached Godawari and in the mean time, my mates utilized that time by climbing the trees and capturing the snapshots. It was all about enjoying in the every way it can come. Then we reached the Godawari @ 2:15 PM and had our lately lunch @ about 4:15 PM. Meantime when the lunch was getting ready to be served, Badri had his palmistry skills as a present for us and soon few of us started to be in rhyme with him and flew away with his pleasantry words. At last, an eventful hike had to come to an end when we headed back to Kathmandu. Thats how, our hike became WACKY.
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03 children@village
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05 move_fast_guys_U_r already_late
06 Shadows_of_sun
view_from_the base_line
07 view_from_the base_line
08 woodhouse
querring_local_abt_way_to godawari
09 querring_local_abt_way_to godawari
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12 green_village
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14 comined photo shoot
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16 ultimate_mountain_seen_on the_gloomyday
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18 hilly_range
19 we_can_climb
20 climbing_the_VHIR
21 VHIR_we_climbed
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Group at the top of Lakure Bhanjyang
23 Group at the top of Lakure Bhanjyang
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25 walking_thru_d_forest
26 monkeys_born_in_form_of_human
27 clouds_behind_hills
28 set_peices
29 relaxing_moments
30 Gairikhet
31 on_our_day_we_can_reach_anywhere
32 paranomic_view
33 snake_bush
34 lunch_time

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