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The Last Resort
The Last Resort

Nimesh Raj Rijal recollects: This was my first ever hike from D2 and it was the one I will remember my whole life. After a year or so I woke up early as we had to catch the office bus at 6:00 am but due to some technical difficulties our trip began at about 7 am. We stopped for breakfast and exactly after 15 minutes we moved towards our destination. We had to face major setback as we were not able to climb the rocky roads which were devastated due to landslide.We tried real hard to push our ride but our efforts went in vain. So our hike started a bit too soon and our plans changed all of a sudden since we had to walk for around 4 hours and instead of the hike to Yarmashing Hill, that long walk became part of our hike and we then planned for a bungy in Bhotekoshi. Next day we had a good breakfast and then we went for what we all were talking all night - “Bungy in the Great Bhotekoshi”. All of us were bit nervous and excited with the thoughts of jumping to the river. Ultimately, we all jumped from the 160 m high bridge. For me “This was the biggest adventure ever” and the greatest feel of pleasure after doing the thing I had planned for a long time “Flying like a Bird”. After that we did a little hike to the top which took about an hour and after plenty of rest and a good lunch. Then, we came back to Kathmandu. Though it was the first hike for me, it turned out to be opportunity to learn and know about many things and I am glad for being a part of it. Raju Tandukar recollects:We moved at about 7:00 am from D2 premises. One of the best things about leaving Kathmandu is the breath of fresh air. Though there were many landslides on the way, our van was able to overcome each and every obstacle except at one place where the van not able to pass because of its low clearance. The funniest part was, we pushed other people’s car through that damaged road but when it was our turn, due to van’s weak pick up problem we could not manage to push it through. After several attempts we decided to move on by foot. Along the way, we passed dramatic waterfalls and rivers which was a long walk for 4 hours. All of us were exhausted, so we came to a decision not to walk through Yarmashing hill. A sudden change of plan to do Bunjy Jumping was made by all of us. So, we decided to spend the night in the Last Resort. Later, as the evening surrendered to night, we all sat around an open ground in the compound of the resort. It was a bit chilly in the open air. It was a great experience spending the night in the tents. Next day heading for the jump site on the rickety nearby suspension bridge, bungee master gave us a brief orientation, explaining what to expect, what to do and what not to do. Every jumper was first weighed to either bungee or take a long swing. I decided to do bungee. But when I saw bungee trainer doing the swing, I changed my mind on the spot and decided to swing. I was the second to jump. I was not scared as we saw many people doing the Bunjee jump the previous day. So, then it was my turn. I felt my heartbeat was stopping. I was falling like a rocket, this experience that I will never forget. I had never felt so much excited. After all team reached down we had to climb up. It was a leg breaking climb. We all were so tired. That day I learnt the lesson, how important it is to be healthy. So, this was it, my first hike and really a memorable one. Amit Baral: I was so excited from Friday as I was very happy to get a chance to go to my first hike from D2. It was 5.00 am when I woke up from my dream. I became fresh and got ready to head for office. As the road was empty, it just took me 15 minutes to reach here. When I was here, none of my friends were there. I was amazed and forgot that we were talking about Nepalese time. So, after everyone was there in the office we moved from D2 premises at about 7:00 am. On the way, we had some difficulty as our van didn’t climb a landslide in the road and we had to walk for about 4 hours. Walking in the hot day for such a long distance made everyone feel tired and nobody was in the condition to go to Yarmasingh hill from there. So, as our initial plan was canceled, we all planned to do bungy and return from there. After some discussion with the manager of Last Resort, we got the chance to jump. I chose to swing as it was 7.5 seconds free fall from the bridge. "Gravity seems like a seductive and cruel mistress as you jump off the 160m high bridge, then pure freefall 100m into the dramatic gorge, before the swing lines take up the tension and pendulum you in a massive arch of 240m at 120 km/h!" I still feel the fear remembering the moment when I was ready to dive from the 160m high bridge but there was not that much fear at that moment before jumping, but can’t explain the feeling that I had when I jumped from the bridge. I felt like, my heart stopped for some seconds but when I felt the rope, there was so much excitement and I didn’t wanted to land. We walked the long hill from the river to the hotel with so much excitement in our heart. It was very stiff and I was very tired. After lunch, I came to tent and I was the first one to fall asleep. We did hike the following day after having breakfast and later we rode a bus and came to the place where our van was waiting us and head back to Kathmandu. This was the most thrilling experience that I will never forget.

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