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Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki
Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki

Shanti Shakya recollects: It is always good to come out from the busy work schedule and spend some time with the nature to re-energize oneself. And hiking is one of the best things to enjoy the nature and feel it. This was my first hiking after joining D2Hawkeye. I had heard a lot about Phulchoki but never been there. This hiking was some kind of a "Dream Come True" to me which took me to the height of Phulchoki. Phulchoki is the name of one of the famous Hindu goddess. Many Hindu people make their pilgrimage tours to this site. At around 7:30am, we started our journey to destination Phulchoki from D2 premises. We stopped to have breakfast at Godavari at around 9am. The double-sized omelet looked so heavy that I could hardly finish it. :) After the breakfast we headed towards the way to hike. Driving through the hilltop was exciting and challenging too. Finally we started our hike from 7kms at around 10:15am. I was so excited to walk the long way to Phulchoki but slowly and slowly my excitement went down and down as my legs started to say "I don't want to move ahead. I'm tired. Please stop for a while. Give me rest." :) However, with the help of team members, I was able to walk up to the hill. Weather was very friendly with us. It was neither hot nor cold. We walked and walked eating chocolates. I had heard somewhere saying that chocolate gives the energy to walk. :D Slowly and slowly we completed 6kms... 5kms... 4... 3... 2... 1... And finally we reached the top to Phulchoki Height. The way was so quiet that we could hear only the sound made by birds and some insects too. On the way, we met Army Dai who was very friendly and we had a good company. All the tiredness was gone when I saw the Tower of Phulchoki. And at the very same time my legs were also very happy and were saying "Finally I can get some rest now". Haha... We had many photo-sessions there and had some rest too. At around 1pm, we moved down to Godavari from Phulchoki height. Walking downward was quite easy than walking upward to Hill. We had many chit-chats while walking down. The way was like never ending.... We walked and walked but seemed like still a long way was left to walk on. To shorten up the long distance, we decided to take the short-cut routes between the trees and bushes. The short-cut path seemed to be a bit slippery and I was carefully moving my steps. The entire sudden, unprepared, unplanned, uninvited thing happened to me. There was an involuntarily slide as I lost my balance or let's say foothold. I had a short distance slip from that slippery way between those bushes. My legs were already shouting at me as I had kept lots of pressure on it and now another misfortune came across. At that moment, my eyes were searching for the silver colored Office van. :) Finally down at 9kms, I was so happy to see the van. We all sat on the van and moved to Godavari Resort. At around 3:45pm, we reached Godavari Resort. We had our lunch there and took some rest. After having some rest, we moved ahead to the swimming pool. All team members were enjoying the swimming except me and Subash. But we were having good time doing some photo-sessions. After having loads and loads of fun and excitement, we finally drove back to Kathmandu at around 6:15pm from Godavari and reached at around 7:15pm at D2 premises. One whole day hike to Phulchoki Hill was really very memorable and full of excitement. Lastly, I would like to thank all the team members and Ram dai for making this hike a successful and memorable one. :) Subash Niroula recollects: After an hour of driving we reached Godavari and had our breakfast there in Rooftop restaurant. As it was already 9am, we hurried and headed towards Phulchoki. The bents were so curvy and dangerous that we all were scared. The song 'yo bato tyo bato jindagi ho dobato' made us exited so despite of the dangerous road we sang together. But before 7 kms before weto reached the top we couldn't drive because of an unavoidable bent. Sso we decided to start our hike from there on. It took us two hours to reach Phulchoki tower. It was like reaching the top of the world and made us feel that we were the ultimate owner. When we reached the top, Raju was already there. He did hiking and biking as well with an army captain named Binod Rijal - a very nice young captain who not only guided us but also allowed us to hover around the tower. Hiking up to Phulchoki was a completely enthralling and exiting adventure to us. During our hike, we had lots of fun. Since most of us were first time hikers we were feeling hard to cross every mile stone. We captured most of the moments with our cameras. Reaching the top was nothing as compared to going down and catching the van - we realized later. Almost we hiked 10 kms down to catch the van. We were so exhausted that sometimes we took short paths in the jungles and across the dangerous slopes. Still we were having fun watching each other bucking off in wett muddy slopes. We were all waiting passionately for the silver colored van. We finally made our way to the van and then headed towards Godavari. After reaching Godavari, we had lots of fun along with our lunch. We swam, had photo sessions and caught the beautiful sights of Godavari village. An amusing and entertaining day of our life was almost over as it was almost 7pm when we reached home.

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