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Hiking from Telkot to Nagarkot

Nagarkot, located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu, is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise view of the Himalayas when the weather is clear .The fabulous area of Nagarkot features attractions ranging from beautiful alpine scenery to the magnificent Himalayan Panorama particularly the Ganesh Himal massif along with Langtang ranges and also visible Mt Everest in clear day. It was a rainy Sunday morning, 22nd August 2010, when we gathered in the office premises to hike in the hills of Nagarkot. Although the hikers were in a few numbers than expected, may be due to the rainy morning, we never felt like we were outnumbered. All of us had the passion of hiking the whole day through the hills. The clock ticked 8:00 am when we left the office premises for the search of a tough and adventurous hike. After a light breakfast in the valley, we decided to have a non-stop ride to our final destination. After around 2 hrs of continuous ride (as we have to endure the awful traffic jam at Koteshwor), we finally reached Telkot. All of the hikers were excited to feel the chilling weather of Telkot. The mystic beauty of nature was on full flow. One could easily be transpired into bard to such enigmatic nature prowess. The slow walk through the hills was quite tough as the paths were slippery due to overnight shower but many small breaks filled with random topics, music, lots of laugh notably Anup dai's loud and bold laugh made the hike in the drizzle a fun experience. After nearly walking for an hour, we arrived at Nagarkot Bazaar. There we had our lunch, which was a yummy local chicken. The lunch was followed by a jamming session from Kapil dai and AmitN. Now our destination changed from Nagarkot Bazaar to Nagarkot tower. After few minutes of group discussion, the decision was to go via the highway rather than through the forest of Nagarkot (as we thought it might be dangerous). After couple of hour of hiking in the chilly and foggy weather, we had a small breather. We thought of taking snaps, not of the nature but ourselves (of course!), but the agony was that no one had remembered to bring a camera. So the hike continued to the tower, where we got the opportunity to see Army people going through the tough training and it was enthralling to see them train even in the extremes of the condition. Nationalistic feeling must have crept into the spines of every hiker. Finally, we had reached our destination after walking for nearly 2 and half hours. This was the first hike for Sujendra, so he was very exhausted. But the hiking spirit turned him on even in suchharsh condition. Unfortunately, the cool weather changed to be the rainy day. And it was raining like cats and dogs. Despite the rain, we all were very devoted to complete the hike. The man who really broke the ice in such tiring condition to fill energy all over was Kapil dai. His jokes and hiking spirit really helped us to complete our journey. The hiking turned to be the funny and the interesting one. The most memorable parts in the hiking were: ->Slipping of Saurav dai and Anup dai in the slippery path, despite being the strongest among the hikers. ->Jamming of AmitN and Kapil dai throughout the day.