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Hiking from Bandipur to Ramkot
Hiking from Bandipur to Ramkot

Sweta Shakya: I was very excited for the journey as I had heard lot about Bandipur but had never been there. On Saturday morning we headed towards our destination praying that the rain wouldn't start over again as it was raining all over the week. We had light breakfast at Naubise and set out again. Our travel was smooth with no traffic jam. However at Damauli - Khairinitar road section we encountered flood along the Prithivi Highway that occurred due to incessant rainfall. With the road obstruction, it was difficult for the vehicles to pass through the road. After pausing for a short while and assuring nothing bad would happen we continued ahead. Yes, we survive the flood! Thanks to Ram dai. :) Sometimes it's the path of uncertainty that turns out to be the best. As we were having lunch in one of the restaurants along the roadside, it started to rain heavily. Our plan was to hike for two days at Bandipur. But due to the rain, we made slight changes to our plan - go toPokhara and spend a night there and come back to Bandipur for hike the very next morning. Without much hesitation and having a delicious meal we left for Pokhara. We reached Pokhara at around 3 PM. We had already planned for the activities we would be involved in on our way to Pokhara. So without wasting anytime and our bags left at a lodge we walked towards Fewa Lake. But we were disappointed with what we saw there, the 1.5 kilometer long, second largest lake in Nepal beauty was taken away by water hyacinth that hadinfested Fewa Lake. We hired two boats for an hour. To make this event more adventurous we had a small boating race. This was really a pleasing experience. Then we visited Barahi temple and returned back. We could see that boating and fishing are the most popular attractions of Fewa lake. The next most exciting thing that we did was cycling. We hired enough cycles and traveled along the roadside. Cycling was fun with clean air and less vehicles on the road. We were in high spirits as the unmatched city of Nepal has more things to offer to us which we haven't found in Kathmandu. The city was more unsoiled and less polluted so that we were relaxed and stress-free. By then we were hungry. We went to the nearby restaurant and treated ourselves with various appetizing foods. Soon we returned to our lodge and had a goodnight sleep to gear up for the next day's hike. We woke up early the next morning, had breakfast and moved straight ahead to Bandipur, our ultimate destination. Driving through the hilltop was exciting and challenging at the same time. Bandipur greeted us with its glorious Sunday morning. The sunshine after rain had brought smile in everyone's face. We hit the trail uphill towards Ramkot for several hours. The weather was clear and we could enjoy a sprawling view of the valley as far as our eyes could see. Then we walked to Bandipur Bazaar. We could see old houses, temples with historic significance. The magnificent place has its culture and heritage preserved. We then walked to Tundikhel hoping to view the spectacular mountain range but we couldn't view it due to hazy climate. Then we rested for few minutes. We enjoyed children playing and the awesome environment took our tiredness away. Bandipur was definitely a place with its natural beauty intact. Finally, with the sweet memories on our mind we drove back to our homes. We had our lunch along the roadside restaurant. We sang, joked and had loads of fun on our trip. This would definitely be memorable for a lifetime! Anuj Khadgi's recollection: Bandipur is one the several beautiful places of Nepal The excitement that had been prevailing inside my body ended on Sunday when we hikers reached Bandipur. The view was incredible as if we were heaven and the thrill that came out from my body made me to shout wow!From Bandipur we hiked towards Ramkot. The route was somewhat tough with elevated steps but these obstacles were not enough to halt our journey. How could we miss to capture the stunning natural beauty in our cameras? We thoroughly enjoyed the glancing mountains, local people and the surroundings and the river. I want to thank the organizers for organizing such a wonderful trip to a memorable hiking destination. There is one saying "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks". The beauty of nature is so simple and undemanding that we often fail to perceive it. Modern man is deluged with artificial things that cut out his awareness of nature. I had a big moment to see the country's beauty from its nearness and could realize all the bookish knowledge which I had by practically seeing it. Thank you all hiking members and Ram dai for making this trip a successful one. Sanjeev KC 's recollection: It was my first hike from D2. I was excited about the trip as Bandipur was unknown for me. It was nice to see everyone caring for each other. I had lots of fun while getting involved in activities like boating, cycling and playing pool. This hike gave me the opportunity to know more about each other and share views and ideas with my seniors and I will like to suggest everyone not to miss any event in D2. Lastly, I would like to thank the entire hiking team for making our trip memorable and exciting. Susan Shakya's recollection: I was very excited for this hike as it was my first after joining D2. I woke up early in the morning. The office van picked me upas my homw was on the way. I was the last person to join the team. The journey started and it was faintly raining outside. There was some chit chat going within the team regarding the hiking plan and it was decided that we will go to Pokhara and stay over there as the weather was not in its best. When we reached Pokhara, I was pleased to see the clean weather and no rainfall. Pokhara is the city which has its own heritage. The time spent in Pokhara was quite memorable as we did various enjoyable activities like boating and roaming around Lake Side. The next day we hurried to Bandipur. We reached Bandipur at around 9 am and started to hike. The initial few meters of trails were somehow easy. But when the narrow trails in the hills were close to me, I was a bit challenged. The term hiking does not easily suit me. It requires extra energy and support for me to hike. However, with help of team members, I was able to make it. I was very excited as it was my first ever hike in my life. It will always be a memorable day in my life. My special thanks to the hiking coordinator for including me in the team. Please click on the image to see its large version.

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