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Hiking from Godamchaur to Godavari Resort via Murali Mountain
Hiking from Godamchaur to Godavari Resort via Murali Mountain

Title 2013 Sep - Deerwalk Hiking from Godamchaur to Godavari Resort via Murali Mountain
Route Driving (Kathmandu>> Godamchaur), Hiking (Godamchaur>> Murali Mountain>> Godavari Resort), Driving (Godavari Resort>> Kathmandu)
Date September 1, 2013
Hike Duration 4.5 hrs
Coordinator Naresh Maharjan
Participants Apurva Singh, Ashish Maharjan, Bhesh Raj Shejwal, Bikram Shrestha, Dinesh Amatya, Minesh Maharjan, Naresh Maharjan, Niraj Pokhrel, Rajiv Neupane, Sabnam Lakhe, Sampurna Chhantyal, Sangita Maharjan, Sawan Vaidya, Sulekha Bhandari, Suraj Byanju, Suresh Maharjan, Sushant Pandey.
Photos By Bikram Shrestha, Suresh Maharjan.
Report By Bikram Shrestha, Rajiv Neupane.
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Rinesh N Bajracharya
Edited By Rinesh N Bajracharya
Rajiv NeupaneRajiv Neupane Beyond the regular routine of waking up late in the morning and always sitting in front of computers, we need some refreshments that can boost our body and mind. Yes, it was the day that had the potential to refresh our body and mind after a tiring week of work; the hiking day. It was Sunday morning, around 7:30 am, we left our office premises for hiking. As the route for the hike was chosen from Godamchaur to Murali mountain, we headed towards the starting point. At Godamchaur, we took our breakfast and got some energetic feeling to tear down the Murali Mountain. The view of the place was awesome which got all of us more excited. We started shooting each other and capturing the moments inside the digital world of cameras. The way was sloppy and little slippery. So we were stepping up the mountain with more focus to avoid any fall. While climbing up the Murali, we found that gums from trees were being collected. That moment when Sampurna was playing with gums, I thought he was in love with the sticky things. After walking about 45 minutes we conquered the Murali. But as we had not expected, most of us got leeches. At this point we got new name for the Murali mountain, ’the leech haunted mountain’. At the top of Murali, we fought with leeches and got them away from us. Then we enjoyed a little dangerous but adventurous journey of going down Murali. Some portion of the way was of “red mud” which made the way more slippery and tough. Climbing up and down the Murali made us tired but the way ahead through rice fields made us forget the tiredness and rejuvenated us instead. Then on, walking continuously brought us to Godavari. From Godavari, after walking for half an hour, we reached ‘Godavari Resort’. In the resort some of us enjoyed swimming which was a part of our plan. Rest of us enjoyed chatting and obviously, photo session was a fun. Swimming exercised our body from nail to hair. Then we decided to head towards a thakali kitchen to have our lunch. Joking and mocking all along the way, we reached to “Hamro Thakali Kitchen” at Satdobato. After having lunch and resting for some time, we left for home. I am happy to have been a participant of such a joyful and adventurous hike. I would like to thank Naresh for coordinating the hike, and Suresh for capturing those precious moments in his DSLR. Those memories with all the hikers have been stone printed in my mind !!! Bikram ShresthaBikram Shrestha Hiking seems to be a simple word, a word that is more fun to hear, we may come for enjoyment, but we will always leave with a story. I packed my bag and got ready for my first hike from Deerwalk. We left the Office premise at 7:30 am for hiking. The Deerwalk bus picked us up and we were on our way for the hike from Godamchaur to Murali Mountain. We were in total 16 hikers. We had breakfast at Godamchaur and got ready for the climb. Climbing up to the dense forest of the Murali Mountain was a lot of fun. Capturing every moment in the camera and video commentary on the way made the hiking so much fun. It was the season of leeches. They ruled the mountain. After reaching the top of the mountain, we soon discovered that we were all attacked by leeches. The ‘Sanchos’ I had carried helped to get rid of the leeches. After taking rest for a few minutes, we started to descend. The Descent was lot more fun, interesting and adventurous. One wrong way across the slippery step could get us several meters down. Jokes, teasing one another, singing and random talks made the hiking more fun and less tiresome. Photo session and video commentary went on each and every step of the way. Eventually we arrived at our destination. Godavari Resort, one of the well-known resorts was there to welcome all the tired hikers. Some of the hikers got refreshed having a swim, other’s watching the beautiful landscape. After an hour we were all hungry. Deerwalk bus picked us up then after and we left the resort premises after having so much fun. We left the place in search of snacks to refill us with energy. The rap battle and singing inside the bus was a good time pass activity. We had decided to stop at Thakali Family Restaurant at Satdobato for the snacks. After snacks time was over, Deerwalk Bus dropped us off and we headed home. Tired, yet happy with the hike, we learnt a lot of things. The hike had been enjoyable. Thanks to the entire Deerwalk team for making it possible.

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