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Hiking from Abu Khaireni to Manakamana
Hiking from Abu Khaireni to Manakamana

Title Hiking from Abu Khaireni to Manakamana
Route Khaireni to Manakamana
Date November 14, 2009
Hike Duration 5hr
Coordinator Saroj Bhandari
Participants Aabhushan Mainali, Anil Maharjan, Ashay Thakur, Bikram Lal Shrestha, Bisharjan Pokharel, Bishnu Pandey, Lakesh Kansakar, Nimesh Deuja, Prabesh Shrestha, Rajendra Kharbuja, Roshan Sainju, Sachin Karanjit, Saroj Bhandari, Swagat Pant
Photos By Aabhushan Mainali
Report By Ashay Thakur
Creative Support Nimesh Deuja
This is a wonderfully scenic loop at any time of year. The scenery along the way to your destination is constantly changing and is a source of unending delight. The hike from Aabu Khaireni to Manakamana temple and back was great fun for the team also. The hike, a three hour walk to the summit was enjoyed by one and all. We stayed up at the temple for lunch and then began our descent. And just about everyone was haring down the slopes. We got there in a little over an hour. A truly rewarding experience as we drove back to Kathmandu, to our own cozy abodes.

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