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Hike to Kakani
Hike to Kakani


Pushpa Parajuli

Pushpa Parajuli “To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles”- Mary Davis. The hike to Kakani was my first hike with the colleagues of Sifal School. I was excited about the hike as I had never been to Kakani before but had heard many beautiful things about the place. The hike was on March 8th, 2020 and we all gathered at the school premises at 7 am. The bus departed at 7:30 am. We picked some of the colleagues on the way. This time, we also had our parents’ representatives of the school, Mr. Ganesh Lamichhane. Since most of us didn’t have breakfast, we decided to have breakfast at Tokha. As we were heading towards the army check post at Gurjebhanjyang from Tokha, I felt more close to nature. There was not much hustle and bustle of the city. We had to hike half an hour before the actual destination due to the construction of the road. The view from the checkpoint, Gurjebhanjyang, was breathtaking. We could see a clear range of mountains. We all clicked photos, rested a bit and then moved towards Kakani. We all had fun and shared our different experiences which made us feel closer to our colleagues. We saw many rhododendron flowers while hiking. Since we were hiking into the forest, the sun was not a problem and we all had our water bottles. The next place where we rested and waited for our friends was check post number 2. Over there, my few colleagues and I tried a few of the soldiers’ training sports and had some snacks. After all the colleagues reached the check post, we headed forward. We started to feel tired when nature gave the best surprise of a waterfall. We all dipped our feet in the water which rejuvenated us and gave the energy to walk. After walking for approximately 5 hours we reached Kakani. It was a beautiful and peaceful place. We could see the range from there too. Since we all were tired we didn’t explore the area much. We were all hungry, so we went to a restaurant nearby. After lunch arrived, I could see happiness in everyone’s faces. We rested there and headed back to school at 4:30 pm and reached school around 6:00 pm. To conclude, this hike was a much-needed break from our polluted Kathmandu. It rejuvenated my mind and thoughts. I will surely recommend going on a hike regularly as it disconnects us from technology, gives us a chance to appreciate nature and keeps us healthy. 


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