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Hiking from Kurintar to Manakamana
Hiking from Kurintar to Manakamana

Hiking Route: Kurintar - Keurepani – Manakamana Temple - Kurintar Duration: 10 hr Date: Sunday, August 24, 2008 Participants: RudraP, LunaG, GaneshT, SauravD, SameshJ, DijupT, SitaP, RinaM, KesavB, SangharshaB, BidhaR, SumitS, and DhilungK. Photos: EU Team (SangharshaB, KesavB, SameshJ, SumitS, RinaM, BidhaR, DijupT, and DhilungK) Caption: DijupT, BidhaR and BishwaS Report by: BidhaR and SangharshaB Creative Support: Dijup / Pallavi This was the first EU Special hiking for the EU team members. We were all very excited as we were going to visit one of the temples-Manakamana reputed for fulfilling one’s wishes. Although some of the team members couldn’t make it, we were there to represent them too. EU team 01 Team Members: Dijup, Sangharsha, Luna, Kesahv, Sita, Sumit, Bidha, Rina, Dhilung, Ganesh, Saurav, Samesh and Rudra.(Left to right) Mountain View 02 Mountain View This was the shot taken from Thankot/Nagdhunga. The mountains above the hills and the clouds were simply awesome and the weather seemed to be in our favor to start our enthusiastic journey. At Dhading we stopped for tea, while Rudra dai took a walk to visit his relatives. Interestingly, the tea shop was named Pandey’s Kirana Pasal, later we found that the owner was Rudra dai’s relative. Our journey continued with the visit to our regular breakfast point at Naubise – The Chadeshwori hotel, where we stopped for half an hour. getting ready 03 Getting ready Finally, from Kurintar – Cable car station, our real hiking started. It was already noon and we were in the worst possible time to start the hike. Under the midday sun we got exhausted and it was the time when the group got separated into two. The exhaustion grew stronger whenever we saw the cable car passing above us, like a glider and we were there walking just to reach the top of the hill. The weather got better after an hour which brought life to our walk. Thank you 04 Thank you As we would get late to visit the schools, we rather distributed the copies/pencils to the school kids returning from the school. Write nice things, beautiful words, draw nice pictures and remain happy as you are now. 05 Children of Keurepani Write nice things, beautiful words, draw nice pictures and remain happy as you are now. Manakamana 06 Manakaman temple Ahhhhh... the temple is here, we finally reached Manakamana with complete expenditure of energy. We worshipped there and just waited for the other group to get there. Finally they reached the place after 45 minutes. We were planning to return by Cable Car but to our disappointment we were too late to catch the Cable car. We just could not imagine returning through the same path on the same day. But there was no other option left for us. So, we had lunch and a small photo session there. look we are representing EU symbolically Photo Session Part I: Can you guess what were we doing out there? Trying to make EU symbolically by our hands. It was a fun indeed. E U Photo session Part II: This is the EU… Ready to get back..really! 10 Ready to return Way Back to Kurintar: Our journey back on the same trail started at around 6:15 pm, and we were obviously late. The evening was cool though, as we walked down the hill passing through the villages on the way, talking to the locals returning from the jungle with their cattle. The path – bright at first, gradually started to fade. As we moved ahead, we kept loosing the light. dawn 11 Dawn By now the sun had already bid us good bye -the sight of the twilight spilled all over the horizon. As we started rolling down the same path that we have started, gradually the visible path turned into a faded whiteness, then it slowly merged into the darkness around us. Next resort - the mild light of the cell phone guided us through the darkness and jungle. We all were little tensed too because it was a long way to get down there. But without losing hope and courage we all progressed towards our destination with as much speed as we could make. We could just see the lights of Cable car station from atop the hill and except the distant light and the surrounding darkness, all we had was ourselves, and nothing else. “This is a dry land covered with forest… most prone to encounter a tiger” Rudra was saying while we returned. (Were we less scared already to walk on that dark trail?) Finally 12 At the base Finally, we reached the base, loosened ourselves, had some cool air on the suspension bridge over Trishuli, The mission had been accomplished – the steep track which seemed less possible in the midday sun had been measured with our footsteps and we were back to the station. And then the moments of recollection started – the dry hike to the top and the dark descent back to ground zero had left us with lots of insight. We listened to the silent roars of the Trishuli waves and the reflection on the water while we waited for our friends to catch up. We spent some speechless moments. The clock ticked 8, it was late and we still had to travel 3 hours to reach Kathmandu. So without wasting time we travelled back to Kathmandu. Running out of energy, we collapsed in the van, slowly reviewing the day that had passed and exchanging the cameras to recap the timestamps we had captured on the way..
Lava and his philosophy
13 Lava and his philosophy
all set and ready to go
14 all set and ready to go
EU photography
15 EU photography
EU shutters
16 EU shutters
carrying things
17 carrying things
this is how we look form back
18 this is how we look form back
Time to go school
19 Time to go school
waiting for future
20 waiting for future
21 Experiment
Here we come
22 Here we come
jamka bhet
23 jamka bhet
We are getting late
24 We are getting late
buddha stupa
25 buddha stupa
26 Fountain
27 Scenery
Land of temples
28 Land of temples
29 start
we can do it
30 we can do it
The journey begins
31 The journey begins
it looks impossible
32 it looks impossible
exhausted yesss
33 exhausted yesss
holding the car
36 holding the car
behind the scene
34 behind the scene
Here comes result
35 Here comes result
what to do no monkey in the town
37 what to do no monkey in the town
I can smile though......
38 I can smile though......
ready for shot
39 ready for shot
what is the price of this smile
40 what is the price of this smile
Dhilung with his shot
41 Dhilung with his shot
Exhausted not, GT opts for a short halt
42 Exhausted not, GT opts for a short halt
balak what do u want
43 balak what do u want
Back together
44 Back together
is this real smile
45 is this real smile
It`s tough yaar
46 It`s tough yaar
hdr 2
47 hdr 2
running time once again
48 running time once again
Tough road
49 Tough road
water supply exhausted
50 water supply exhausted
looking to the other side
51 looking to the other side
Paani ra Tirkha
52 Paani ra Tirkha
this is the smile of rest
53 this is the smile of rest
working full time
54 working full time
working part time
55 working part time
All about EU
56 All about EU
57 innocent
children of the nation
58 children of the nation
we will be ready to walk with you
59 we will be ready to walk with you
Childish shot
60 Childish shot
there you go
61 there you go
Ramro sanga padhnu hai
62 Ramro sanga padhnu hai
will anyone cary my camera
63 will anyone cary my camera
height of dream
64 height of dream
View from height
65 View from height
Our destination
66 Our destination
things have changed a lot
67 things have changed a lot
finally we are near the destination
68 finally we are near the destination
Small shops at the temple
69 Small shops at the temple
Balla darsan garna payo
70 Balla darsan garna payo
means of transportation
71 means of transportation
Want to know my wish....
72 Want to know my wish....
73 Devotees
let`s call some one
74 let`s call some one
salute to EU
75 salute to EU
76 Planning
both side of EU
77 both side of EU
dancing .....
78 dancing .....
79 E
80 Temple
Dhilung with trisul in his hand
81 Dhilung with trisul in his hand
feels good
82 Feels good
83 U
Side view of the temple
84 Side view of the temple
What is the EU
85 What is the EU ?
Glorious dusk
86 Glorious dusk
blissful moment
87 Blissful moment
light of life
88 Light of life
View just after sunset
89 View just after sunset
time and nature
90 Time and nature
91 Dawn
Let`s take a nice shot from here
92 Lets take a nice shot from here
Its too dark can`t see anything
93 Its too dark can`t see anything
A night to remember
94 A night to remember
haha can u do this
95 haha can u do this
light birds
96 Light birds

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