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Muskan Singh

Yawat Malla

Grade XII (Yala)

Roll: 24049

A Hike to Jamcho Gumba


The hike on 16th March was a special one for us, students of Grade 12 as little did we know it was the last school event we were going to attend together as the class of 2024. So, with a firm determination to make every last second of it fun to its fullest extent, we gathered at the school gate in the morning sharp at 9 am and began the journey to our starting destination Fulbari Gate with a bang.

Overview of the hike

After everyone got on the bus, it didn’t take long for the students to set the mood with their funny dance moves and cheering. A few moments later, after we reached Phulbari Gate and our teachers gave us some legal permission to enter into the national park, it was time to start our most awaited journey. We started with great enthusiasm but when we had to climb the steep hills of Nagarjun, many of us were brutally hit by the harsh reality. Our teachers, however, still looked as bright as the sun on a summer afternoon. Maybe raising our morale and convincing us not to give up exhausted them more than the actual hike. 

We kept ascending, taking a break here and there and a few moments to catch our breath along the way. As we kept ascending the freshness of the forest made the climbing easier. When we reached the top, seeing the jaw-dropping view of the Kathmandu valley under the bright yellow stupa standing tall against the blue sky made us all feel peaceful and relaxed. Especially, scenery from the view tower was truly a sight to behold. 

Though it was a little crowded as we were at a popular destination on a weekend, we had a lot of fun. We had the opportunity to learn that snacks taste the best when we have them while gazing across the valley. Soon after finishing our light snacks and a brief session of capturing the moments in photographs, it was time to descend. 

We had already guessed it, but descending wasn’t easy either. The road was not very merciful to some of us who tripped on the way. But the beautiful scenery at the top and the snacks we had taken had energized us enough. When we reached the bus in our tired state, it was written all over our faces that we were desperate to reach our homes and sleep like a log. 

The Hiking Experience

The relaxation I felt when the windy breeze hit my sweaty face as I stared across the Kathmandu valley is something that I will hardly be able to forget. When we took short breaks to catch our breath we would crack jokes about each other’s sorry states or have conversations about silly topics. Then reassuring ourselves that we must be closer to Jamacho, we would continue on our hike. We even strayed from the original route a couple of times unintentionally but we were able to find the correct path again without much difficulty. 

In a mere span of about six hours, we were able to build memories that we were going to remember for life. Overcoming the hardships of the terrain together with a smile on our faces was a splendid way to put an end to the final hiking of our high school lives. Though the road to Jamacho was not an easy one for us inexperienced students, the scenery and fun we had along the way were worthwhile.   


  • The hike offered amazing views of Kathmandu Valley and the imposing yellow stupa atop Jamacho.
  • We became closer as mates, sharing laughs, and encouragement, and helping each other along the way.
  • Climbing steep hills felt tough, but we all felt proud of ourselves for not giving up.
  • We had fun with spontaneous dancing and jokes, making our hike even more enjoyable.
  • Looking back, we felt grateful for the good times and friendships made during our hike to Jamacho.

Final Thoughts

The hike to Jamacho from Phulbari gate was an adventurous one. Everything about the hike was awesome, but if the rocky stairs could be made neater, then the safety of the climbers would be more assured. Maybe those who strayed off the trail would be safer if there were caution boards in potentially dangerous areas. These things aside, other aspects of this adventure were everything we had expected from an enjoyable hike. 

This hike was something we could look back on as a memorable part of our school days in the days to come. Excluding the sore muscles that were to follow the next few days, the hike was as fun as it could be. At the end of the day, it became apparent to us that this hike wasn't just about reaching the summit of Jamacho, but about embracing the journey itself, the laughter, the struggles, and the triumphs.

Bidhan Sen Oli

Grade XII (Lobuche)

Roll: 24015

Jamacho Gumba: The Year-end Hike


On March 16, 2024, the students of grade 12 went on for one final hike of the year from Fulbari Gate to Jamacho Gumba. This being the last hike for our class pulled in many who may not have wanted to go on this hike in the first place. We got to the starting point (Fulbari Gate) by bus, which did not take long. On the way, many short yet sweet dances, singings took place filled with joy from the students in the bus making even the bus travel to the starting point a fulfilling experience. After finally reaching the starting point of our hike, everyone was ready, fully knowing this was going to be one long day.

Hike Overview:

After dealing with the paperwork and checking for the entry into the national park, we started our hike towards the Gumba once and for all. The hike began with a merry environment with the students and teachers on their way up the steep steps and hills. Groups being formed soonly with jokes and songs of their own, everyone slowly but steadily made their way up the hills of Nagarjun. Some take short breaks, while some take none at all. Everyone, including me, began to realize that this was not going to be an easy hike. The steps and pathways were comparatively better and easier nonetheless.

The distance to the top of the hill was a total of 4 kilometers. When we got just half way up there, everyone got a fresh breath of air and a short break. The mesa allowed us to catch our breath and take a deeply needed break. The teachers were probably more tired of trying to manage us students rather than because of the hike itself. Everyone eventually made it to the top, to the Jamacho Gumba. The view of Kathmandu valley that could be seen from there cured our tiredness and thirst purely because of how beautiful and calming it was. The tower for view-seeing was very crowded because of the day being a Saturday but that didn't stop any of us from appreciating the satisfaction and sense of completion of a truly tiresome hike. The snacks that everyone had bought got devoured without any waste of time, and even the food stalls that were set up there soon got emptied from the hunger of us students and mainly the teachers.

Descending the hill was definitely more calming and easier than ascending, not everyone felt that way, though. Everyone, tired yet energized at the same time due to the completion of meeting the destination point slowly returned to our bus stops soonly enough, all tired and ready to go out like a light.

Hiking Experience:

The feeling of taking in a fresh breath of air, in all of these times of preparation for our board examinations, being able to forget all about it even though just for a day was definitely an amazing and fruitful experience. The experience of being able to crack jokes, be ourselves unfiltered with our friends solely through nature and words of our own was something that I never thought I would experience at this period of time. This hike being our final one, as a high school student made me really cherish the smallest moments and to appreciate the time we get to spend with our friends, bonding with new people even at the very end. These memories will forever remain in my heart through small make-up conversations to silly photo sessions in the most random way possible.


  • Scenery: The breathtaking view of the Kathmandu valley from the top was definitely worth every sweat and tears spent.
  • Bonding: Creating memories and growing closer to people you never thought you would even talk to, solely through nature.
  • Entertainment: From singing songs to dancing during the breaks, everyone definitely had a blast without even realizing all the way.
  • The Journey: The entire experience itself will be a memorable one as it was the last and final one for all of our school lives, and maybe even academic for some.


Summarizing everything, the hike was a successful one letting us students have one final fresh breath of adventure and being able to enjoy our time to the fullest. At the end of the day, some enjoyed the hike more than others, everyone having a blast nonetheless. Through hardship, tears and sweat swept into this hike, and everyone’s energy made this hike an unforgettable one.

Muskan Singh

Grade: 12 (Lobuche)

Roll: 24023 

Farewell Hike: Memorable Journey to Jamacho Gumba


The hike, conducted on the 16th March, had been really special for all the grade 12 students as it was the last hike of our batch of students. It was the last event before graduation for the students. Thus, everyone was really excited and had planned for extreme utilization of the event. The students as well as teachers were in the school by 9 am in the morning and began the journey to Jamacho Gymba with a great start. 

Hike Overview:

The journey of the bus started by 9:30 sharp and the students were being taken through two buses along with the class teachers of all sections. It didn't take long for the students to relax and enjoy the journey of the bus. Everyone was dancing and singing through the whole time in the bus. It was a lot of fun not only for students but teachers too. As we embarked our journey to Nagarjun through the steep hills, anticipation filled. 

Despite the challenges the teachers were there for us to help with everything. They did the legalwork to start the hike to the Gumba. The forest summit had been coming near to us with each step in the embrace of nature. When we finally reached the destination we had the whole view of the Kathmandu valley through the stupa’s backdrop of the azure sky. The crowds and the people were really welcoming and brought joy to our faces. The view and scenery was breathtaking and made us find solace within it. 

Although we were unaware about the fact that more challenges were on the way, the memory and the whole journey had been fruitful and worth remembering for a long time in the future. As we finally went back to the bus all of us were really tired and exhausted. We all discussed the activities and the views that we encountered in the journey that brought the sense of completeness within us. 

It was one of the most remarkable journeys that we will cherish for a long time. As we went back home then we had tired legs and feet but completeness and accomplishment made our heart and face smile. 

Hiking Experience:

I had a really amazing experience throughout the hike. In the beginning it was difficult to climb the hills as it was a sloppy area and there was a maximum probability of getting slipped in that path. At that point I had a tough time climbing although the people around me helped me a lot. The cool breeze brushed against my face and the challenging climb up the hills had such a breath taking effect. We need to blink twice to see those light hearted moments and the most beautiful thing was to have friends around to crack jokes to make the moment more worthwhile. The conversations of trivial things made me distracted with the physical discomfort of the legs and feet. 

We were only a few people and the last one in the whole group to climb the hill which made it even better. We were singing and clicking pictures of us and the scenario, simply creating beautiful memories. In just six hours we had those memorable moments that we will endure for the lifetime. The bonding to overcome the obstacles of the terrain with the smiles and experience of the hike with the high school friends will be with us forever. It was not an easy hike and we needed to climb a lot but still we didn't mind the physical discomfort due to the joyful environment created by everyone. The journey to the destination was more beautiful than reaching the destination itself.


  • Most beautiful and breathtaking views of yellow stupa Jmaacho, offering us to leave with a sense of accomplishment
  • Stronger bonds amongst the friends as we had been helping each other to climb with encouragement, laughter and mutual support
  • Triumph over adversity; facing each challenge with a determination and the ability to not give up which brought sense of pride
  • Joyful moments of the banter and dancing in the journey and destination which was a extra addition to the enjoyment
  • Cherishing the beautiful memories that had been meaningful and unforgettable to all the students and teachers

Learning Outcomes:

  • Physical Endurance: The students were able to climb such hills which will certainly increase their stamina and also help them to be physically healthy and fit enough.
  • Teamwork and bonding: Everyone was helping each other and working together to accomplish the hike which also strengthened the bonds between us.
  • Appreciation of Nature: The breathtaking views and scenery had made us closer to nature as we can know how beautiful and aesthetic is the beauty of nature. It also made us realize the importance of the environment and its conservation.
  • Personal Growth: Throughout the hike there were many challenges that included the physical as well as mental barriers which needed to be overcome and we overcame it too. It filled us with a sense of accomplishment and boosted our confidence.


In conclusion the hike to the Jamacho gave us many memories with the scenery of the beautiful nature and was a valuable experience for all of us. It strengthened our friendship and enhanced our physical endurance as well as personally boosted our confidence. It made us close to nature and realize the importance of the environment and its conservation. It reflected the beauty of the Kathmandu Valley and had also been a test of teamwork, resilience and personal development for each and every one of us. 


I believe that schools should organize such hikes often for the students and make it compulsory for each student to participate so that everyone would be able to work in a team together. They all could get the benefits and sense of achievement through the hike. If someone has some health issue or is not able to go through physical endurance, they should not be allowed to participate in this hike. The school should provide a proper safety measure and make the students clear about the route and time period of the hike, also aware of the benefits so that everyone would take part in such activities. 


1. Journey into the jungle


2. The teacher chat


3. Energetic start of the hike


4. The steep climb


5. Tired after the steep climb


6. A relaxing break under the blue sky


7. The jungle


8. Students resting


9. The Destination


10. View of Kathmandu from the destination


11. Group Photo


12. Returning from the destination