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Hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani
Hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani

Please click on the image to see its large version. Please click on the image to see its large version. Recollection by Anil: Chisapani Hiking - 2 days Early in the morning all of us woke up, but still dreaming of head banging and dancing in the floor of D2OctoFest that we celebrated late night. Though we did not want to wake up so early, we knew that our destination was calling all of us. So, we headed towards the D2 premises to start our lovely journey. We had canceled our plan to go hiking to "Ghale gau" due to certain abstraction as we had to celebrate the D2OctoFest until the late Friday night. So, we made a plan to hike to "Chisapani "for 2 days. Day-1 Our journey started from the early Saturday morning when all of us reached D2 premises at 8am sharp. Then we headed towards our journey to Sundarijal which took nearly an hour drive. Then we had breakfast in the base of Sundarijal and all of us were now ready to walk in order to reach our destination early. We began to hike at 10.30 am sharp. The hike started with ascending ladders for about half an hour. Due to the hot weather and continuous climbing , some members of the hiking team were so tired that once Asim was about to drop the idea of hiking and instead going to Chisapani on motorbike or Cycling (as there was an alternative route to reach Chisapani). Our hiking towards Chisapani was full of continuous piercing of the Shivapuri National Park. After reaching the "Lama Dorje Lakpa Hotel" we found two ways to reach our destination "Chisapani". One way was about 14 kms through the inclined ladder steps and another was nearly 22 kms which was quite wide. Every team members revived their energy and were more determined to complete the mission early so we took the difficult first path. We resumed hiking and headed through the inclined ladders, muddy ways, hills and forests. Climbing up and down, walking through forests, resting under the shed of big trees on several occasions, gossiping, singing, joking, taking pictures, sharing old memories, the hiking team kept on going. The natural scenes, trees, bushes and cool breeze kept our motivation and thanks to Red Bull Drinks which really boosted up the energy of our hikersespecially for me and also how could I forget the treasure I found, which was my lovely umbrella in such a hot weather. On our journey, we kept asking the passer-by's about the probable time to reach the destination. However, there was no consensus among those people. Some said it would take 3 hours, some said 2.30 hours, some said 2 hours.So we were in a dilemma. After walking through nearly 5-6 hours, we finally reached our destination "Chisapani" at nearly 4pm. Once we reached Chisapani, cool and beautiful hill with close view of eastern Himalayas were greeting us which truly made us forget all the pain and fatigue we had. Few moments later, we could not believe our eyes that we were waiting to see such a lovely view of the sunset along with the rays of red sunset's lights in the face of the mountains and with the full red color clouds in the sky. Everyone in the hiking team was so much hungry that we couldn't think about anything rather than food. Instead of having dinner, we had our lunch finally at 9pm on the lodge where we were staying for the night. The most memorable time was when all of us were gathered in a room and laughed until tears came down from our eyes by chit-chatting with each other and sharing jokes mostly by Shrwan, Jay and RC. We all concluded by saying thatwhat happens in Chisapani remains in Chisapani. By setting our mind to get up early in the next morning to see the most beautiful sunrise from Chisapani, we decided to say goodnight to everyone. Day-2 The day-2 began with everyone excited to see the sunrise. Everyone got up early in the morning but luck was not on our side, we could not see the clear sunrise due to the disturbances created by the clouds. Disappointed, we decided to go down the hill to Sankhu from Chisapani. So we had our breakfast in Chisapani at 7:30am sharp. Everyone was ready to start our Day-2 journey and we came down the hills of Chisapani by following a new path than the previous day. On the way, near by the road we found a pond which was quite big and there we captured some beautiful moments in our cameras. Anish and me also tried some fishing. After some time, some of the hikers were so far ahead that we were separated into2 groups and by contacting to the 1st group we were able to find the way to our destination. On the way to Sankhu, we came to know that, it took more than 4-5 hours more to reach the destination Sankhu. So we changed our plan to go to Jhule and finally to Lapsiphedi in order to return to Kathmandu. Then we headed towards another destination Jhule where we had lunch. Jhule proved to be a small world of its own, from where we could see the amazing panoramic views of the beautiful mountains and hills. After spending some resting time in Jhule we continued our journey to Lapsiphedi where Ram Dai was waiting for us in the office van. Finally, we reached our day-2 destination Lapsiphedi and we departed from there we reached Kathmandu at around 7:30pm. At last, all the team members walked about 45 kms in 2-days. It was the first visit to Chisapani for all of us except Raju. It was one of the finest experiences for all of us and it was my first ever hike. All of us were very happy. While we were returning in the van, we had the time of our life as RC and Shrwan made us laugh to a level we could not bear. They were full on. Well, all those things that we experienced could not be summarized in this post – it's just a reflection of what will remain in our memory forever.
From- To -Activity Start Time End Time Distance Means
Day 1
KTM to Sundarijal 8:15 AM 9:15 AM 35 KMs Micro
Breakfast @ Sundarijal 9:20 AM 9:30 AM
Sundarijal to Chisapani 9:30 AM 4:00 PM 19 KMs Hiking
Dinner @ Chisapani
Day 2
Breakfast @ Sundarijal
Chisapani to Jhule 8:00 AM 2:00 PM 20KMs Hiking
Lunch @ Jhule
Jhule to Lapsiphedi 3:45 PM 5:30 PM 6 KMs Hiking
Lapsiphedi to KTM 5:50 PM 7:00 PM 25 KMs Micro

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