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Hiking from Namche to Everest Base Camp

Date: May 07, 2008
Participants: Rudra, Nishchal, Surendra, Aashish, and Vishnu
Route: Namche to Everest Base Camp
Report By: EBC Team/Pallavi
Caption: Nishchal/Pallavi
Photos: Rudra and Nishchal,

Day 6
Back at Namche, plagued by indigestion, Keshav gives up the journey while Rudra, Vshnu, Surendra, Aashish and Nischal set off for Tengoche.
“………. All of sudden I had painful headache, non-stop diarrhoea, problem with breathing, vomiting ….all of it at once . I felt like I would be dead before dawn. Somehow I passed all night in a marathon from bed to bathroom. All I could remember was my home, family and friends.” – As the accent continues, the air becomes thinner and thinner. Continuous hiking over the past few days has slowly started to take a toll on the hikers. The pauses become longer and with every single step forward the body longs more more of oxygen. As his heart keeps beating faster, Surendra wonders if breathing could ever have been so hard.

“Every single heartbeat is a thudder on the eardrums.The air just doesn’t seem to reach the lungs; vaporizing somewhere inside I don’t know where.I wonder if I will even make it”-Surendra Adhikari Vishnu constantly encourages Surendra but at Tengboche Surendra gives up the trek after suffering from altitude sickness. Surendra is immediately air lifted.With Surendra airlifted and Keshav flown back, the remaining hikers continue to Dingboche. Lack of oxygen has started to take the toll on even the young blood in the team.Some of them can’t help but contemplate giving it all up. Somehow they move on ……………………….

Thukla, the next stop, is located at 4500m. Aashish, Vishnu and Nischal stay back as Rudra decides to move on to Gorshep to reach the Base camp the following morning.

“The thin oxygen was very difficult to cope with. Something came to my rescue………….” – Rudra Pandey
Rudra continues to trek pausing for brief Pranayam sessions once in a while. He is amazed at the way a routine Yoga exercise helps him endure at such high altitude. On his way up to the base camp and far from the corporate environment of Kathamandu and Waltham, Rudra savors his solitude speaking to his inner self – one more to go……. one step ahead……..

Rudra finally makes it to Groshep and the base camp-his only companion being determination. As he hoists the flag and poses for a photograph a sense of achievement fills his veins.There are no words to describe the feeling, its absolutely awesome.All of a sudden the childhood days at his village, days at college, days at Russia, images of family members, colleagues and all others conjures up his mind.
Rudra feels nostalgic as he remembers the days of winter vacations during his school, the days when he ranked first in ISC examinations, his stay at Moscow , his ‘relationship’ he had established at Artek, moving to US…………all of them.

Rudra even recollects posing for a photograph with Appa Sherpa and wonders how it would have been possible for him to scale the Everest so many times that too without oxygen………..Rudra finds himself answering the question that he just asked himself –determination!
Rudra moves on savoring the beauty and majesty of the mountains.

“When I reached Base camp, I had the sense of accomplishment that I can’t describe in words. Not only I reached the camp ahead of everybody else in the team, I was ahead by about 30 hours. For a moment, I felt like I had completed one of the most difficult journeys of my life. Last 24 hours of the journey was really tough for me as I had not given enough days for acclimatization. My body was more accustomed to sea-level oxygen density and a couple of days after I reached Kathmandu, I had flown to Lukla. My head started to spin few minutes after I reached Lukla. I was bit nervous, but I was able to fight. I always enjoy journey thinking of destination. The pleasure of reaching destination always pushes me.” – Rudra Pandey
Back at Lebuche, Aashish, Vishnu and Nischal set off for the base camp.

“The overall length was not the matter it was the altitude. At 4000m it is a totally different experience. No sleep at night, loss of interest on food, bad dreams and headache with dizziness. ……… When I reached to Gorshep at height of 5140m I felt very dizzy. Never in my life had I experienced such a bad feeling. I was not even able to walk……….”-Nischal Shrestha

Even the occasional jokes are limited now. Even the stock of chocolates and titauras has gone dry.“……..the trails and routes are not that difficult, it’s just a matter of walking and climbing for about six or seven hours each day for about twelve or so days. The critical factor, however, is the altitude and the thin air. Not only does it have adverse effects on your body, but it also plays tricks with your mind. It is a known fact that if you are not careful, it will kill you.” – Aashish Dutta Koirala

One can only feel the pounding of the heart complimented by the sighs and the whistle made by the breeze as it passes over one’s ears. The wind plays different sounds luring one ahead but at the same time teasing the tiniest alveoli in your lungs leaving them wanting for more-more of oxygen
The guys finally make it to Gorshep where they meet Rudra on his way back.Rudra greets the guys with his experience of the base camp trail.

Aashish, Nichal and Vishnu reach the base camp. A sense of pride and achievement fills their heart. Aashish looks at his broken sunglasses and wonders what to do with them and few minutes later puts them on. Vishnu has got a pleasant smile on his face and wonders if he would ever again change the hiking route (on Sundays)in the middle to follow an easier path. Nischal breathes a sigh of relief and is happy that he has managed to capture such scenes that people at D2 would envy all their life.
Mission Accomplished!!!

On their way back home, atop the rocks and glaciers, the guys manage to savor an Apple pie at Asian trek Bakery.“…..in Diboche on our way back from the Base Camp. While Nishchal and I trying to help some Aanis in the nearby Gumba life a concrete slab, I threw my back and could hardly walk. I managed however, to continously walk all day for the next two days. I never knew I had it in me!! My personal goal was to test my toughness.” –Aashish Dutta Koirala

It’s almost impossible to relive those moments, feel the journey and see things through as you read it. Blogging is not my forte, neither do I have the literary and blogging skills like those possessed by Rudra Pandey, Hitesh Karki, Aashish and several others.This post is only a mediocre attempt to capture and relive the days lived by some fortunate few somewhere back in time.

01 Leaving the Namche

02 Way to Tengoche

03 Rehersal for the Everest Base Camp

04 We need to reach there

05a Beauty and the Beast

05b Even at difficult terrain nature blossoms

06 Tengbuche beside the clouds

07 Through the flower forest

08 Aboe this no trees

09 Just made this year

10 If you pay you can reach the top

11 tengbuche Monestry

12 Dinner at Tengbuche

13 Surendra leaves from here Tengbuche

14 On our way to Dingbuche

15 Dingbuche One night rest

16 Appa Sherpa 17 times to Everest Sumit Age 50 y ear

17 Himalayan Couple

18 EBC we are coming

19 Blending with the climate

20 Name the bird

21 Amadablam at night

22 Perfect Pose

23 Mount Cholakche

24 Good morning Thukla

25 3am photo

26 Amadablam peak

27 Close up view of Amadablam peak

28 Nuptse

29 The Base Campers at Thukla

30 Chihan Dada

31 The best view of Amadablam

32 the human carriage

33 the only means of transportation

34-the yellow Rhododendron

35 Snow fall at Lebuche

35 White

36 Pink

37 Lali Gurans

38 Guess who is in the picture

39 everybody’s sweetheart

40 Danfe

42 Wooden roof

43 plougghing the otherwise deserted

44 Rare species

45 I aint painted in Berger

46 Musk deer

47 our very own Stuart Little

48 Thats about litres of fuel on a doko

49 Last view of the trees

50 Not a painting

51 Everest Hiding behind

52 Light and shadow

53 Lobuche

54 Up to Gorkshep

55 Bullet proof Heli

56 taken from the window of the toilet

57 in memory of the climbers

58 Vishnu finally makes it

59 Vishnu’s taped his shoes to cover the crack

60 Way to Gorkshep

61 wheres the comfort of home

62 Way to Base Camp

63 Way to…

64 you walk over hoping that the snow doesnt melt

65 Ice Sculpture

66 Ice Slide

67 Glacier

68 Nuptse

69 Base Camp view

70 Rudra leading the team

71 FIrst guy from D2

72 Nuptse

73 Nishchal Vishnu and Ashish

74 Thats a toilet

75 Tents

76 Every one prayes here to reach-sumit

77 Common boys hoist the flag

78 I trekked I enjoyed I accomplished

79 Mission Accomplished Ashish Nishchal and Vishnu

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  1. One of the more impressive blogs Ive seen. Thanks so much for keeping the internet classy for a change. Youve got style, class, bravado. I mean it. Please keep it up because without the internet is definitely lacking in ingcelitlnee.

  2. Hey D2 guys, it took 10 days for you to reach the base camp. Our ministers reached there in a couple of days. How could they avoid the altitude sickness? I had heard a couple of your team members had gotten sick becuase of altitude. Why were ministers so prone to altitude sickness? Anyway, kudos to ministers for having a cabinet level meeting at the Kalapathhar and getting attention from every corner of the world. I liked it. One day, I will go there.

    A Vistor

  3. The mission of practicing Pranayam every morning before eating anything has continued since my Everest trip and yes this very thing has changed my life. I encourage all of my friends start Pranayam today. Since I started Pranayam I have not had single incident of headache and I have been sort of stress free. I will keep on giving you all update every six month or so. I spend more than an hour every day before eating any food on Pranayam.

    The series of Pranayam I practice are:

    1. Bastrika – 10 Min
    2. Kapal Bhati – 20 – 30 Min
    3. Bahya – 5 MIn
    4. Anulom Bilom – 15 Min
    5. Bhramari – 3 Min
    6. Udgeeth – 3 Min
    7. Pranap – 3 Min

    Please start today!

  4. It will not be fair if I forget Chandan (the guide) and his crew who stood for us at whatever time we needed them for unknown practice. One diverse evening he was opening himself and for us with following phrases at Debuche:
    “No money no honey; no wife no life; do not worry chicken curry; why not coconut; without husband too much tension; O’ baby do not break my heart but no worries I am too old and what to do this is Kathmandu!!!”
    Hope this will be an inconspicuous repay to him for the guiding, caring and making of fun for us along with his dude.
    Cheers to Chandan, Bhim and Prem!!!

  5. Hats off to everyone who made it to the base camp and to all who made an attempt.

    Pictures tell a thousand stories… Amazing pictures that make you feel like you’re traveling yourself…

    My personal favourites –

    25 3am photo
    28 Nuptse
    30 Chihan Dada
    38 Guess who is in the picture
    46 Musk deer
    50 Not a painting
    56 taken from the window of the toilet – Very nice framing
    61 wheres the comfort of home
    62 Way to Base Camp
    68 Nuptse
    72 Nuptse
    76 Every one prayes here to reach-sumit

  6. In Phase I EU Base Camp report, Bishwa, I can imitate your skills now: Another mistake in Day 3..”The hikers climb upto the Everest View Hotel –the highest located hotel in the world to..blah blah..”
    Everest View is NOT the HIghest Hotel but The hotel at Highest altitude. A fool like me thought highest hotel means tallest, sorry and hehe.

  7. From my side, The title is wrong: “Tour De Everest Base Camp” and “Tour De Everest Base Camp Phase I” allure readers if more phaes are coming to Everest Base camp II, or III or so on when we start counting numbers.
    Fascinatly though, the writer could have put the Title “Tour De Everest Lukla” from where directors were flown away that indicates some compulsion, necessity, and their being under pressure to return. Such sentences MUST be avoided at all costs.
    “Tour De Everest Base Camp” would then support the article that one groiup went up to Lukla only and the other one reached atop Everest base Camp.
    Putting Phase I there must have some hidden meaning that can be understood by the team only.

  8. It is time that I too add in a few things:
    We bloggers here in everest uncensored do not spend time to see funny reperesentations . We expect it to meet calibre demanded by modern technological innovations. There were days when somebody would love mistakes but no longer. Mistakes of any kind should be unacceptable for great noble cause and for creating a perfect society which should be characterized by you guys’ visit to Everest base Camp.
    Mistakes should be accepted by the doer as he/she is responsible for the sins commited.

  9. Dear Rudra,the pranayam follower. I tested pranayam when I was a child. I used to stop and could stop beath for 15 minutes to 30 minutes with some hiccups and there are eye witnesses who are still living. I used to stay atop the deer skin , staying in Kamalasan mode i.e. lotus style imitating lord Buddha. I could meditate for hours and gain extreme consciousness. At that time I could see things going to appen in future including exam questions as an example. But As I grew and started my old age, I could not do it, I was bound by worldly desires and all my spritiual super conscious power were gone. Sorry that I could not keep it up , but happy that you are there to lead the path of Goodness, not evil although Evil has transpired into me. Once a foreteller asked me: You want to lead heavenly mount everest virgin nature path or you want kathmandu worldly life? I had answered,” It is age of computers man, forget good natural. I want to follow the worldly path of discos and dances and TV and computers. I will create a compturized society of modern and liberal minded people. Lets see the future: Either Good wins those in Pranayam, Everest peace, or the bad ones in my group in worldly affairs.

  10. Great ResponsibleOne, We must adhere to international standards if we want to go Universal. If this blog is only destined for its 4-5 fellow bloggers only we have nothing to say and make it private blog instead of showing to international community. Tagless photos, meaningless sentences and double meaning sentences are expressed which bring the reputation down. Else Why we needed english grammar in first place? Forget grammar. I wonder what software would developers produce if there were no Parser rules? It is the same thing with any product in english language too. This article is like a software and it must meet its standards to show its good shape.

  11. heretic, may be the ‘increasing depression’ or ‘jealousy’ are expressed in those comments where there was no “appreciation to others’ effort”. But i dont find any comment so much irrelavent that commenters need to be tagged a WIMP.

    If you consider comments should be in “MARGINALLY proper English” we visitor can not ” ignore grammer and sentence strucutre” of the article itself.

    Good catch!
    Its no good to use exactly the same pic (“20 Name the bird” and “44 Rare species”) twice or at least writer should have given its name if it was “a naming game”.

  12. This trip may have changed my lfe many ways – I have to wait and see. The trip made me get closer to the practice of Pranayam and I have been sticking to it since the trip. The trip also gave opportunties to observe varying definition of “hard work.” For me walking up the hill with no load was hard work, for many porters, walking up the hill with 70 kg of load on their back was hard work.

    P.S. readers should ignore grammer and sentence strucutre – these are informal postings. as long as you understand, we blogger did our job.

  13. This is a note to all the “self-proclaimed critics” over here. First of all, learn to appreciate others’ effort. Anonymously knocking other people’s work is the trait of a WIMP. Second, if you’re going to post a comment, at least try to use MARGINALLY proper English so that people can at least understand it!! Where did they find “samples” like you?

  14. awesome !

    this is our NEPAL so that we r prout of it 🙂

    good job guys, all nepali should visit this place at once ….. i am also planning

  15. dinner with glasses only. superb caption. Best way of dining without food.

  16. Wow, amazing.. really amazing thats NEPAL.
    You guys even get to see the wildlife thats a rare treat.

    I think all Nepalis should feel really lucky and proud to have such natural wonders.

  17. Wow, Great… fantastic eye catching view of some of the ultimate heights of the planet….marvelous photography of some fabolous mountain birds and other mountain creatures ..all these are something what really could be described as…SPEECHLESS..

  18. “Keshav gives up the journey”. The writer did not know that the Medicines provided by Dr Christian Kryder kept him alive.

  19. we are happy rudra is back fine who does pranayam, practising the breath stopping capabilities at such an altitude, god bless us.
    Pranayam clots the blood when we stop breathing for some time say 15 minutes. In old days of Eastern Civilization known as Truth age, people used to practise such Physical excersies such as YOga at such high altitudes and they were called Yogis. Thanks for continuing the old lived tradition.

  20. what a good writeup when you type dwan instead of dawn in nepali national standard narration. it Disreputes EU.

  21. Many good pictures have anti light, black faces, blurred vision, misty effect so the sentence below is perfectly written by pallavi to support her colleague:
    “Nischal breathes a sigh of relief and is happy that he has managed to capture such scenes that people at D2 would envy all their life.”

  22. Oye poor writer, it must be the narrator/writer’s first initiative, so any mistake is acceptable even if it modifies the whole theme.

  23. The writer narrator is poor and so does some pictures that lose charm after being uploaded in EU. POOR Captions. If somebody who never has been to EBC writes captions this happens. There is no real story but only proportioned and artificial.

  24. each and every picture makes us feel that its our nepal…great photos….and must have been the great trek for u all guys

  25. Wow awesome, Speechless. Great Boys…. Well done.
    It’s a life time achievement for any one. The views the paths the mountains the beauties.. oh.. feel like i’m there posing with you guys, feeling the heat, the cold, the joy the love.

    Great guys.. great…

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