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Hiking from Markhu to Kulekhani via Kalanki
Hiking from Markhu to Kulekhani via Kalanki

Date: May 03/04, 2008 Participants: SuyeshN, KapilP, JeevenB, BhanuC, AshimK, DeepakM, SubashT and NishchalS Hiking Route: Markhu Kulekhani Kalanki Total Distance covered: 19 kms (approx) Duration: 7 hours Report By: Asim Khanal Caption: Nishchal S Photos: NishchalS/BhanuC/SuyeshN CreativeS: NishchalS/Ashish Shrestha This hiking from Naubise to Kulekhani is simply the best hiking we have ever been to. Filled with fun and laughter, beautiful landscape and deep valleys, and steep hills and gentle valleys, Oh! This hiking has its all! Lost in nature into green fields and calm water without all the electronic gadgets we have been attached to, we feel like a free soul wandering for no reason or may be many reasons are unexplainable in fact. It all started when we all gathered together at Kanalki Chowk at 7 PM morning. Then, we all had a good time travelling a van enjoying all the beautiful scenes all along Naubise.Kapil Jokes, Jeevan’s nausea, Suyesh laughter and Nishchal’s and bhanu’s photography all made the travelling just splendid. Leaving naubise at 9, it took us 4 hours to reach Marpa village where we had a great lunch that was real satisfying. After few hours’ drive we reached Kalanki, where we had our lunch and then we headed to our destination: Kulekhani Dam!-One of the major electricity plant of Nepal. After enjoying around the bank we headed back to Markhu where we spent our night with hysterical laughter. In Morning with light breakfast we headed back to kalanki. While hiking in rain along the bank of reservoir we saw there was high decrease in water level that led to electricity shortage in Nepal. This hiking was great experience for us. It was like lost in some unknown splendor that one can never be scrub out from our memory. All in all, even though we may not again have hike that we had this time, we are planning to make every hike like one, at least. 01-High-Way-Patrolling 02-Our-route-Palung-to-Kalanki-to-Kulekhani-to-pharping 03-Please-buy-Aislu 04-Kafal 05-They-were-selling-Kafal-for-school-material--We-provided-them-some 06-Nepali-home 07-Bjrabarahi---palung 08-That is not a hotel 09-Team 09-Way-to-Kalanki 10-Walking-towards-Kulekhani 11-Climbing-up-Hill 12-Free-ride-to-Kulekhani 13-I-will-walk-on-water-then-taking-risk-over-the-stone 14-Let-me-stay-here 15-Fun-under-the-sun 16-About-to-reach-Kulekhani-dam 17-Walking-accross 18-It-rained 19-How-to-shoot a photograph-in-rain 20-We-found-Alien 22-Water Fall 23-i-know-how-to-boat 24-Boating-arround-Kulekhani 25-Fish-From-kulekhani 26-Cooking 26-What-a-beauty 27-walking-arround-the-dam 28-Kulekhani-2-Water-goes-from-here-to-the-turbine 29-Fishing 30-Enjoying-the-View 31-He-loves-fish 32-Surrival-for-the-fittest 33-ready-for-fight 34-Source-of-Electricity 35-About-to-sun-set 36-Golden-water 37-Fish-farming 38-Hub-of-fish-farming 39-Best-place-for-a-night-stay 39a-Water-range 40-Taking-fish-to-home 41-Fishing 42-Net-Bed 43-Good-light-effect 44-Dam 45-Dam-gate-to-reduce-water-level 46-Reflection 47-Good-night-kulekhani 48-Thank-you-for-the-electricity 49-Looks-like-gold-factory 50-Sun 51-Scenery 52-Source-of-light- 53-Good-bye-kulekhani 54-Ready-to-fly 55-Bulbul 56-Smile-please 57-Back-to-home 58-Distributing-gifts 59-Fire-for-something 60-What-about-a-fish 61-Cooking-the-wild-way 62-Looks-delicious 63-Nothing-was-left 64-Abstract-art 65-Source-of-water 66-He-knows-how-to-jump 68-Meditating 69-Local-herb-to-increase-power 70-Making-road-for-us 71-Number-one-Hiking

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