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Raunak Tuladhar


Q2 – QA Team Building Party @Nagarkot (Paradise inn)

QA Team Building

I was so happy because I got the chance to join the Team Building Party within some weeks at D2. Many of our team members have already departed for the destination in van but I along with some of my cluster members were going on a bike. It was so much fun in the way driving in the Spiral road of Nagarkot. As soon as we joined the team in the hotel, it was time for snacks and drinks. We all enjoyed it.

Prabin Shakya


Services Q2 team building at a glance

This time around we thought of a different team building activity, something different from regular gathering, music and party. It sure turned out to be a nice and engaging team building for everyone in services department. The idea was fairly simple; GO-KARTING. Even though this sport is just starting to get popular and most of us were doing it for the first time, the thrill and excitement of a race could not be lesser. We had twelve groups each with four competitors competing to reach the semifinals, then three semifinal races each yielding to 3 finalists to race it out.