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Hiking from Shankhu to Jhule
Hiking from Shankhu to Jhule

Participants: SharadP, Ravi, Surendra, Tejaswee, Rajendra, Kamal, and NishchalS Route: Sankhu-Jhule-Sankhu Date: Sunday, Aug 19, 2007 Duration: 6 hours Trip Doom: 18 Kilo meters Report: Surendra, Tejaswee, Kamal, Nishchal, Rajendra and Ravi Photo: NishchalS, Creative Support: Nishchal Hiking from Sankhu-Jhule-Sankhu Surendra After about four months break, I was able to manage joining hiking in D2HS Kathmandu. Because of some personal reason Vishnu did not join the hiking, he requested me to manage the event, and I cordially accepted his proposal. After reaching the Lapsiphedi, the starting point, at 9 AM we decided not to take longer route as it was raining. We started our journey from Lapsiphedi and t00ke our ascent. The terrain was moderate and there was no fear of leaches as we could catch a six meter or more wide earthen road most of the time. At Lapsiphedi it was understood that all schools would remain closed because of general strike. Luckily we met one of the teachers of one of the local schools and requested him to receive our small gift of notebook and pencil to be distributed in his school when it would resume. The day turned moderate in temperature and weather, neither hot nor cold nor much raining. We continued to have fun and enjoyment with the terrain, jungles and landscapes. Because of cloud, mist and fog the visibility were poor for distant objects. However, I enjoyed a lot as it was a long awaited day when I could hike after getting back from D2H, Boston. During our course of hiking we reached a school where only students appeared waiting for teachers. This showed that the height of communication gap even in villages very close to Katmandu resulting in the gap in information of general strike that could not be reached to those pity students who traversed 2 hours in average to reach school and the same to get back. Catching the opportunity, we distributed the remaining notebooks to kids of grade one and two. A girl of grade five escorted us to her home taking short cut to Jhule. Her feelings and nature of cooperation impressed we all and accepted her request to spend some time at her home. Cucumber and pears with salt minced with hot chilly, ginger and lemon that I prepared at my home early in the morning recalled my past hiking trips. Then we reached at the only restaurant we targeted at Jhule and tried to minimize our hunger taking some delicious chowmein. The moments we spent our time at the restaurant was memorable. The place was covered by cloud and mist made us excited to be inside the nature. Finally after completing about one and half-hour walk we reached at Manichaur from where we started descend then reached to Bajrayogini, one of the ancient temples of Kathmandu valley. Guys did not get an opportunity to have lunch at villages because of adverse weather conditions. However we reached Jorpati (inside city) to have dinner and the hiking was wrapped up for the day. Tejaswee Walking in the rain from morning to afternoon was quite a different experience for me. i was worried about the 'jukas' but thankfully not one juka caught me....Beautiful greenery seen from top of the world was amazing and Delicious Wai wai soup at the top of Jhule restaurant was the best part of hiking. Kamal After having breakfast at Sakhu we started our journey for Jhule. On the way we distributed copies and the pencils to the students. Nobody was sure about the route to Jhule. Fortunately we got a little guide from a school girl to lead us towards Jhule. The Rain was raining, who cares that, and hike is all about it. After around 3 hrs walk, we reached the destination, Jhule. This is very beautiful place to visit at least once. We took some refreshment there and strolled back to Sakhu. We had our office van waiting and returned to Kathmandu. We walked almost 6 hrs in total from Sankhu-Jhule-Sankhu. I enjoyed the hiking. I want to say thank to all of you who made our hiking journey to something special and amazing that I will never forget. Nishchal Overall, this Hiking was good. In this hiking, I enjoyed seeing Electric powerhouse of Lapsiphedhi and its source. Seeing Nagarkot peak from Jhule was good experience for me. The whole day it rained, this was my first experience of rain while hiking. I had raincoat, lucky me. We met one little girl who guided us from her school to her home to Jhule. Thanks to her she guided us; she also provided some fruits. Her name was Pancha Kumari, she informed it is so because she had 5 brothers. As we left her and moved forward we met one tourist guide who was guiding them for 25 days. I was already tired from half day hiking, how they were travelling nonstop 25 days, really amazing for me. Rajendra Hiking has always been a pleasure to me. Hiking this time was not less excited then my previous one. Jhule was great place to hike because the trail consist of all the ups and downs alleyway required for a good hiking route with greenery all around along with wonderful people. The best part of this hike for me was when we reached the restaurant situated almost at the top of Jhule, weather was splendid covered with cloud and mist and moment later weather changed to clean and clear sky it was surprising. It was our misfortune there was problem in memory card of our camera and could not take as many pictures as we want. Ravi This weekend was full of enjoyment and lots of fun. I was a bit late this time. At 7:25, we left the office premise. It was about to rain as we all get into the Van. Our destination for the hike was Jhule; a remote place which lies in between Chisapani and Nagarkot. We went through Chabahil, Jorpati, Sankhu and Lapsifedi. We had our breakfast at Sankhu bazar. As we moved further towards Lapsifedi, we find the road very boggy. Therefore, we had to leave the Van over there and start walking. It was raining at that moment. Rain was not so heavy. We walked all the way through the swampy road. As the time passes, it was difficult to with held our curiosity and started to have some photographs of emerald hills. We distributed some notebooks and pencils to the schoolchildren on our way. Pancha Kumari, a little girl guided us the way to Jhule. No one among us knew the route to Jhule so we totally depended upon her. We reached jhule and took some rest at her home. Had some food there, afterward we went through Manichaur to Bajra Barahi encountering with Lots of Jukas along the way. Van was waiting for us so we got into it. We stopped at Jorpati to have our dinner. Luckily, as we had to go through Chabahil so I guess I was the only one to reach home earlier than others along with yet another memory of marvelous day. 00 Hiking goes on... 01 Incorporeal support 02 Disposed to venture 03 An artefact of the area 04 Advance by steps 05 Out of Ordinary 06 Window == Indirect request 07 Marked by Joy 08 Affectionate closeness of Pancha Kumari 09 A view from closed to Jhule 10 Otherside of the hill provides us a trail that take us to Chisapani 11 In accordance with nature 12 Esthetical trail 13 A place of complete bliss and delight 14 Resemblance in the name of SALAD DAYS 15 Rajendra I love to hike on the mountain range in Caucasia 16 Time is generous here just at ease and relaxation 17 Ganesh=make him happy and have power of completing the task 18 Marked by inquisitive interest 19 Walking on upper Lapsiphedi 20 View of the figures that branch from single root 21 The motion supported by both sides 22 Ravi and Kamal in the middle of image 23 A soothing eye drop! 24 The 1+ team of Aug 19 25 Niks at his best at the best place 26 The Open forum 27 A village on the way to Jhule 28 Next one missing here! 29 Wait... it is not finished yet still to go more...

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