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Hiking from Lele to Lamidanda

Theme: Rejuvenating the spirit
Hiking Route: Lele-Nallu-Bhardeu-Lamidana-Lele
Day: June 29, 2008, Sunday
Hike Coordinator: Usha Rani Das
Participants: AnjanaS, SangeetaR, BrijaK, PragyaR, UpasanaR, SabitaK, AlinaS(Rookie), UshaD, Jyotsna, RinaM, SwetaS, Richa(Guest), Sunita(Guest)
Photos: RinaM, BrijaK, UshaD, JyotsnaS
Caption: AnjanaS, Upasana, SangeetaR
Report: AlinaS, SabitaK, PragyaR, AnjanaS
Creative Support: Dijup/Dhilung/Pallavi

Rejuvenating the spirit
Thirteen ladies of D2 were all set to rejuvenate their spirits into one of the most cherished tradition named ‘Hiking’. The vivacious beauties congregated at D2 premises on a misty Sunday morning and left around 6:45 am with every intention to explore the adventures of the new trail. Since this was the first one-of-a-kind ladies hiking, we thought of enhancing the already unique event by coming up with a dress code. Everyone agreed to wear white tops to show uniformity. Cracking jokes, taking snapshots, and sightseeing along the way, we headed towards our destination.

We started our hike from Lele. After walking for some distance, we saw a school named ‘Sri Gupteshwori Nimna Madhyamik Bidhyalaya’ at a place called Nallu. We decided to stop by and spend some time there. We had a short interaction with the teachers and distributed stationery and chocolates to the students. Then we bid them goodbye and continued with our hike.
After a while we stopped for breakfast at a local tea. While waiting for breakfast, we came up with a brilliant idea to play “Dumb Charade” and had loads of fun. AnjanaS was victorious in the game and Brija was the funniest. She had to enact this movie called “Musafir”. By showing her white-colored T-shirt and her gesture of playing badminton, everyone guessed that the actor was none other but “Jeetendra” – some style he’s got!

After a hearty breakfast, we headed for Lamidanda, our ultimate destination. This was probably the toughest part of our hike because of the steep climb; and the simple fact that it was monsoon made it even worse. The route was teeming with blood-thirsty leeches. The frantic cries of the hikers were common after being attacked by the leeches but the parasites couldn’t deter the spirit of the thirteen ladies. Instead, we learnt a lesson from them: “Run for your life”. Whenever we stopped for some rest, the very sight of the leeches stretching their heads out to reach to us made us forget our tiredness and run further up. Brija was left wondering why the leeches stayed at places where people hardly tred. They might as well go and live in the cities.

Learning the lesson of the day, all the hikers ventured up the hill in the cool weather that further revitalized them. We finally reached the army barrack on the top of the hill. The open field and the view were both captivating. We were really amazed at the beauty of the place.
On the way back, we stopped to plant paddy as it was Ashad 15 – the day people sow grain in the country. The local population was warm and hospitable. We joined them to plant and plough, and sang folk and Ashare songs with them. So enthralling was their voice that some of us even started dancing to the tunes. They were also so delighted that they offered us some of their home made pickle. After spending about an hour in the muddy field, we headed back to Kathmandu.

Though we left the place, and the leeches, and the school, and the tea shop that took us back into our childhood, and the marvelous view, and the field planting with the locals, and the sweat behind, we carried with us memories to last for a life time.

After all, the pain and the loss of blood were definitely worth the experience.

Reserving the first Seat
01 Reserving the first Seat
Happy to hike
02 Happy to hike
The eager interns
03 The eager interns
D2 Ambassador
04 D2 Ambassador
Getting ready for the tough path ahead
05 Getting ready for the tough path ahead
Hiking essentials
06 Hiking essentials
The trail begins
07 The trail begins
The march forward
08 The march forward
....and the cows accompany us
09 ….and the cows accompany us
On the way to Lamedanda
10 On the way to Lamedanda
The landscape
11 The landscape
Heaven on earth
12 Heaven on earth
The misty mountain
13 The misty mountain
Lonely path
14 Lonely path
3D photography
15 3D photography
Children of the corn
16 Children of the corn
Spectacular spectators
17 Spectacular spectators
Sisters in hand
18 Sisters in hand
The peaceful mountains
19 The peaceful mountains
House atop hill
20 House atop hill
Entering the local tea shop
21 Entering the local tea shop
I drink tea
22 I drink tea
You drink tea
23 You drink tea
She drinks tea
24 She drinks tea
And we all drink tea
25 And we all drink tea
Those are for us
26 Those are for us
Helping hands
27 Helping hands
Icecream soda sugar on the top....
28 Icecream soda sugar on the top….
It  has 10 words.....dumb charade
29 It has 10 words…..dumb charade
The first syllable is....dumb charade
30 The first syllable is….dumb charade
Being attentive
31 Being attentive
Flies flying to BOSTON
32 Flies flying to BOSTON
Motherly care Part1
33 Motherly care Part1
Motherly care Part2
34 Motherly care Part2
The school we would go to
35 The school we would go to
Talking with the teacher
36 Talking with the teacher
Here you go nanu
37 Here you go nanu
Thank you D2
38 Thank you D2
Innocence thrusting her nose
39 Innocence thrusting her nose
I love the lady foreigners
40 I love the lady foreigners
Those creatures called `D2 Women`
41 Those creatures called `D2 Women`
Free flowing water
42 Free flowing water
Rain drops in the water
43 Rain drops in the water
Crossing the river
44 Crossing the river
This is how we do it
45 This is how we do it
Time to hike again
46 Time to hike again
Yes Jyotsna, that is the spirit
47 Yes Jyotsna, that is the spirit
Interns follow
48 Interns follow
The steep climb
49 The steep climb
Sky touching trees
50 Sky touching trees
One Two Three
51 One Two Three
A guest hiking partner
52 A guest hiking partner
In front of the barrack
53 In front of the barrack
Dai, tyo jutta ma ni juka pascha....
54 Dai, tyo jutta ma ni juka pascha….
In my territory
55 In my territory
Beautiful skinned insect
56 Beautiful skinned insect
The catepillar before
57 The catepillar before
The butterfly after
58 The butterfly after
Bloody leach honored
59 Bloody leach honored
Shooing the leeches
60 Shooing the leeches
End of the descend
61 End of the descend
Can you see the blood
62 Can you see the blood
Checking for leeches in there
63 Checking for leeches in there
Walking under the umbrellas
64 Walking under the umbrellas
And the God spoke to us.....
65 And the God spoke to us…..
We believe we can fly
66 We believe we can fly
We believe we can touch the sky
67 We believe we can touch the sky
Sweet Pragya
68 Sweet Pragya
Women padding
69 Women padding
We go join them
70 We go join them
71 Planting
Together we plant again
72 Together we plant again
Standing above our own reflections
73 Standing above our own reflections
Rina at home with the locals
74 Rina at home with the locals
Dancing to their songs
75 Dancing to their songs
We all have a good time
76 We all have a good time
And so do they
77 And so do they
The muddy feet
78 The muddy feet
Ho mane ho
79 Ho mane ho
Ashare pandra gift
80 Ashare pandra gift
Mark of Asar 15
81 Mark of Asar 15
Let`s get going now
82 Let`s get going now
Worldly wisdom
83 Worldly wisdom
Another mark of Asar
84 Another mark of Asar
Lunch time in Ktm
85 Lunch time in Ktm
Wonders of Tukche
86 Wonders of Tukche
And finally...thanks to Ram dai!
87 And finally…thanks to Ram dai!

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  6. I totally agree with Rai’s view. How well you have tried to console the bad commentators. Your answer might have spell bound those rotten people.

  7. Thank you Rudra dai for your comment. It was indeed the team who made this happen and who made each moment of the hike so lively.

    Thank you again for your praise.

  8. Love you Melamchi, the AISHwarya rai style jumps made them superhit and it was horrible after so many shots. People hate you for clean commentry, but acceptable. it is like rangeela Hindi movie in those days. for this year, this is superb pic and everyone must admire the picture taker. 😆 🙄 😀

  9. Truly awesome! hats off to Usha for coordinaitng the hike and congrats to the hiking team for completing one of the best hiking events in D2. The featured photo could be the photo of the year in Nepal – not only in D2. The picture says “we can do it and we are full of positive energy.” A good thing does not happen by chance.

  10. Melamchi…
    what u’ve been practicing is “personal attact” rather than “expression of freedom” or “freedom of expression” whichever u meant… tell u what, this girls did a fantastic job… how?? they could share their fun in their hike with us through their pics and story which in overall was beautiful.. this is what people come to see in this blog… now, some people are fat in this world.. thats the how the nature goes.. it’s not what they wanted in first place.. u don’t have to make an issue over and make them feel more demoralised…dude, u came into wrong site if u wanated to see beautiful models… n in any of these above pics i donot see one in which the’ve mentioned themself being Aish.. i don’t say it’s bad to spill any truth in first few comments but shouting the same whole thing time and again is what where the problem lies..10 15 comments of hatred?? who r u man?? n if u ask me what mi pproblem is then, my email gets updated with every new comments on this post n everytime is look in theres always ur mean comments…my advice.. stop been an aswipe in front of everyone..

  11. oye Melamchi………..don’t u have any work……………….din vari blog heryo………….comment post garyo basyo……………….does D2 pay u for all these things ?…………………. So have some shame and work instead of posting rubbish comments

  12. Hey Common disclose this infront of all lets see whoz goona fire me
    Do You guts ?
    hey Do u know i am practicing ” Expresion of Freedom”

  13. Human right hahahah

    do you know what you are writing.

    I think this is the first time that 13 girls went for hike.

    Hope this is not the end

  14. Hey melamchi, don’t try to act over all the time, u don’t have to post a comment every time for every comment. I was just suspecting that who you are but now i’m just confident which idiot you are from D2. Well already no one likes your character if I disclose this infront of all then u’ll be kicked out of company…………………
    You are simply jealous which you couldn’t succeed but gals did it.

  15. Brave women’s achivement Are u joking ?
    These women are presenting them self as savior
    what a joke ?
    They are comparing them self as Colombian National army who rescued 15 hostages from FARC rebel.
    I would have saluted all of you if u would have done such work.
    It sounds similar like ” ALU Kayera PEDA ko DHAK” HEHEHEE

  16. hey Congratulation all Gals who have participated. You ppl really made this happen……….. How boys should have all the fun always , now it’s gals time isn’t it.
    Anyways keep up the spirit gals………….. it’s so nice to read about women’s achivement .

  17. Hello tender hikers you all made it robust and congratulations!! In addition, I hope you all are thinking of bringing last adventures to perseverance very soon to complete the poetry that you all have started with beautiful lines.

  18. hope girls are not limited to this hike only.

    according to above message seems like there will be enough girls in coming hike too.

    hope they are so brave to join.


  19. Initially i was thinking not to join hiking but i m so glad i changed my decision……………..we had loads of fun…………..

  20. Couldn’t stop browing your spirit from home too… !!!! You taught other hikers to have both hike and fun together!!!!

  21. Oh stop commenting on Melamchi’s comment… we all sud pity on Melamchi..

    See who’s taking about Bhagbat geet(it sud be geeta actually) must be a gre8 person..who has so much knowledge of geeta and what it suggests to human beings… Just that a person is quite confused..

    Melamchi knows very well how to treat others as per geeta… so let us not comment now

  22. Hey whoever this melamchi is , Please stop posting and show your manhood. If you are good enough then better stop critisizing others and do your own job. Bhagwat Geeta ko puran lekhnele manche should be descent enough, other wise an ALMIGHTY GOD will curse you for that.

  23. pragya thought that code_monkey was boy. If it had been code Monkini pragay would have thought the commentor as boy. pragya.. don’t show too mcuh women hood which is called homosexuality in modern civilized societies.

  24. Hey Melemchi
    Now you are going too hike,,,,,,,,,,,mind your business and language, if you don’t know how to respect others then just get lost from the site, One rotten potato might spoil others as well. So you have been coated as “Rotten Potato.”

  25. Bhagbat geet le vanye cha ” Satye kura bola, asatye na bola” Tyahi gardai chu ma
    Hahaha kasai ko chitta dukeher pitta fatye jasto cha

  26. Hello Mr. melamchi

    Whoever you are it seems you are the victim of some wrong conception from your child hood itself where ur not taught about adequacy, decency and civilization. So better have all these quality in you before you comment on others.

  27. Satye kura boleko pasa satye jahile pani kadwa huncha
    D2 ma kasto moti Fulan devi jasto dekine keti haru raicha yek 2 jana bahek

  28. Satye kura boleko pasa satye jahile pani kadwa huncha
    D2 ma kasto moti Fulan devi jasto dekine ket haru raicha yek 2 jana bahek

  29. This indeed was a very exciting and a very fun hiking experience.
    From intermittent showering of rain to final glimpse of sunshine , from reliving the childhood by playing games long forgotten to planting paddy, from funny enactments of really funny movies to singing songs and playing Antakshari, from steep climbing to slippery descends, from shouting on leech attack to chasing of butterfly, from spectacular scenarios of misty hills to pure innocence of kids, from crawling to jumping, ….. every moment of this hike is really worth capturing in my memory for ever…

  30. 😐 and whats with these mean comments??? Melamchi bhanne ta ati nai chha ki kya ho?? aba yesto blogging ma pani mean comment dine bhaneko??

  31. CONTRATULATIOIN! D2Women being able to make your presence FELT even on the banner of Everest Uncensored. I guess this simply is a wonderful niche you made to prove \’Strength of Women\’. Hats Off to this spirit. Keep it up!

    KUDOS all creative pictures.

  32. Truly a great hike,picture, caption and all in all good job… All your work is really appreciable.

    It is always good to make comments,but if u dare to say something pointing to someone, don’t hide behind curtain – Melamchi.

    I know what i m.Recognizing the worth of feminine group is not gender bias.Gender is socioculturally adapted traits. It is always good to appreciate for good work.Obviously, the egoism and feeling of superioty is not a good inference.

  33. 😀
    loved the spirit of u girls…
    pic 06 – is that canon Powershot A550?? whoever owned that, say u its one fine compact camera u got..
    pic 11 – the foreground have made the view very wode and 3D like.. same with pic 13..
    pic 31 – lil bit unexposed but still a good shot..
    Pic 39 and pic 50 are good..
    macro shots are good… enjoyed pic 67 and the padding pcs..
    But mi favourite is pic 83.. i mean what a clever capture?? natural… colourful.. conveys the personality of the subject..a portraiture of true nepal..

  34. Melamchi, I think u r too jealous that we did fun in our hiking… U r jealous that we cud even have fun at D2’s hike and just just with our buda and bf

    Afule kahile hike enjoy garna pako chaina jasto cha… tesaile yo ramailo hike pachena jasto cha.. we dont mind if u copy our idea.. hike is not just for the sake of walking and walking and walking…. Khub afulai ‘hiking’ define garne manche thaani raa hola.. pity on u

  35. Fantastic photos. Seeting these photos i m thinking why cant boys think of such brilliant ideas n why gals have all the fun. Kas we also have such brilliant ideas

  36. manchhe le aafu jasto chha aru lai ni testai dekhchhan.That means Mr.Melamchi u must be ugly…yuck

  37. Almost all photos are nice but 33 and 34(comparing mother part1 and part2) is great with best caption. The overall creativity is appreciateable, good job gals. 😉

  38. Some scenario’s pics are great but some pic where some ugly womens posing like a aish is ridiculous.
    Better post suich kind of pics in blog we respect beauti not the ugly

  39. hey Mona I guess U have some sort of Inferiority complex that why u have commented such a way.
    Every body knows anyone can hike or climb mount everest irrespective of sex.
    I think hiking is not a big deal.
    Answer TO Melamchi
    If you are interested to have fun better go out with ur buda bf or anyon elese Off ko hike ma kay vid vida garna ako
    so Our D2 hike should be like 4 hrs hike tyas pachi fun
    Much sweat some fun no gender biased
    So I guess the trend is something extreme going some bodies are just walking in a name of hike and some are hiking too much in the sake of hike so i think it should be balanced

  40. I believe it’s called COMMON SENSE….u don’t need to actually compile the code. 👿

    Ani yo sab lai boka bhanney kun chai boka ho….tai boka chuup!!!! 😆

  41. hey MR. \’Pink Floyd ko fan lai Reply lai pani reply\’:
    just wanted to prove that the code written by MR.Pink Floyd ko fan is jpt n hence its verified.

  42. I don’t understand why people fight about who is superior and who is good. Everyone has a unique role in this unique universe, so why fight. Male try to abuse Females. Female is no exception abuses men whenever they get chance.

    If someone is making some comment about you, why give damn a shit?
    Why don’t we understand – Live and let live?

  43. To Pink Floyd ko fan,

    Dude, you’re taking the name of Pink Floyd down with you. So shut up.

    You have no idea what being a man is all about.

    Now I can understand that it’s probably difficult for you to hear what everyone’s saying with your head so far up your @$$, but still… shut up!

  44. we are impressed Hunk_Guy

    d2 gals are with you

    really a kind fellow thanx
    you speak the words evry one should know

  45. tyasto jpt code pani run garna khojney….kasto programmer ni timi chhai……dhat!!! 😆

  46. well i dont have to justify anything. truth is alwyas bitter. so girls except the fact and carry on with life. ani tyo mero code run garna khojne lai reply tapai le tyo code kun compiler le compile garnu bhayo jankari pauum. tyo piece of code ho main function bhitra rakhera pheri compile garnu hola. tapai lai chahi kasle d2 ma liyo pakkai admin/finance ma hola tapai hoena ??

  47. How can
    pink floyd fan
    b so mean in the text ……..
    can’t we interpreat like this:
    as usual guyz run after galz
    and this time ram dai in case of hiking …….

    never underestimate she place where you leave for nine month(mother), and a hug which will support you for ninety years(wife)

    ok no cold wars bie guyz and have fun………….

    hiking ceems great with lovely pictures

  48. Pink FLoyd ko fan:
    i tried to run the code u typed…its full of errors…chhya testo code ni lekhne ho? code nai lekhna na aune le kasari d2 ma kaam payechha. 👿

  49. Hey u do not ever under estimate gals………..”u cannot complete even a simple thing without the help of men”………….This is really rude……….lady driver lane vaneko is not a big deal………….There r so many things which guys cant do widout the help of women………….thing is we dont boast about it

  50. hello my friend
    Seems like u are good in if statements.
    u think u can change the laws of nature by writing some lines of code ?
    Seems like u boys never accept the truth.

  51. hey u anti pink floyd ko fan,

    if(u are girl){
    u girls never accept the truth. and dont u tell that “Only female has the capacity the guts the ability to make u alive, to let u live in earth” u know mens are equally responsible to make u alive. lets not go on detail. and last word sweety dont get upset its not bad to be second to one who is superior than u.
    else if(u are man){
    u dont deserve to be called man. U are just another piece of shit.
    no comments.

  52. This Hiking really seems to restore Vitality and freshness in all besides the daily routine……..Very nice!!!!!! I really missed it 😥

  53. i missed it 🙁 ….pictures ta kasto ramailo..next time ma ta jane jasari ni j kaam ayeni…

  54. hey u pink floyd ko fan ..
    try to respect grils (woman, female, and She)
    u get ‘man’, ‘male’ and ‘he’ only after u cut/delete ‘wo’ from ‘woman’, ‘fe’ from female and ‘S’ from ‘She’.

    So boys come always the next.

    one more thing u live in planet earth which we call as She, female. Only female has the capacity the guts the ability to make u alive, to let u live in earth. So please respect girls coz by the time u realize the value of she , the value of girls .. it might be too late

  55. code_monkey jeeeeee,
    dont worry. u really deserve smth special. u get the special invitation for the next ladies hiking. 😆

  56. Team work we believe, Know work our motto and love work we appreciate.

    All gals hike demonstrates the team work of gals, is for knowing the complexity of hiking and for loving and enjoying every moment.

    It neither violates the nature for unnatural relationships neither it claims for men being hated by women.

    Today gals can reach the top of the world(Sagarmatha), fly high in sky, and go beyond earth’s atmosphere.

    Make a habit to accept it.Don’t underestimate gals. 💡

  57. i agree with Tea drinker… “Actually liked them all”… but i’m not talking about captioning… 😆

  58. hm…. Even drinking of tea can create a story (22 -25) 😆
    very creative captioning. really liked it…
    Actually liked them all

  59. hey u say this is girl hiking.
    why is ram dai there?
    u girls dont have a girl driver hahahahahahaha.
    u cannot complete even a simple thing without the help of men.

    we boys are the great.
    u girls come distant second.
    again hahahaha

  60. [@Melamchi]

    Thanx for ur suggestion.. We are not hiking just to burn our calories but to explore nature and have fun at the same time. By the way we do have problem to gain weight until we r in healthy range.

    And yes correct ur quote first. Its “Bandar kya janey adrak ka swaad”.. so u never know how much we enjoyed the hiking trip …

  61. The theme, post and the caption is simply superv, the list of comment proves the popularity of “”womens Hiking””.

  62. Pic 68

    Hera na…aafai pic select garera, aafai captioning pani gareko jasto chha 😆

  63. Com’on, everyone look at pic 49 ‘ The steep Climb’. That picture should be rotated by some degrees in clockwise direction.

  64. I really missed it …..it seems u gals really enjoyed a lot…dhan ropako was gr888…..

  65. hiking is for fun. If u don’t enjoy the hike then there’s no need to go for it. U can just relax at ur bed, don’t come for hike if u don’t like it.
    @ lava -“Whole life is not only pleasure as displayed here, but full of challenges,diversities, and shortcomings”
    Seems like u know the meaning of life hmmmmm !!.
    Don’t try to define life in ur way. To show that u can walk like no other and u can even walk at night does not mean that u are a good hiker.
    There are challanges in life…. but at the time u hike lets forget all those stuffs and enjoy the beauty of nature. One’s life should be filled with bliss, and enjoyment.

  66. D2KoKeta/Vendatta/POLL, Even women have PM Hiking: http://www.womenhiking.org/hikes/ so it was not baulaha hiking at night. .See women hiking org http://www.womenhiking.org/about/meetlead.asp . Hiking means not only hiking easiest way, but being baulaha/insane, copying your terms, hiking all along life against diffculties, compassion, and troubles. Whole life is not only pleasure as displayed here, but full of challenges,diversities, and shortcomings. The beautiful women really displayed their worth, value, and creativity. I do not like to call them girls as they look mature enough to be women and we do not say girl’s rights but Women Rights.
    Poll, you must be right that they hate males/boys/and men completely.They want to change the course of nature with unnatural relationships, which is good in today’s world when we look at different happenings around western world being copied in Nepal also. Everybody is free to live one’s life and decide own fate/lifeline. If all women hated men like the hiking team, we would not be here and they would not be here to make this fantastic opportunity.

  67. @POLL

    You need to correct first option

    girls are fade up with “d2 boys” not “boys”

  68. POLL.

    Main Motive Behind This LADY Hike

    1. Girls are fade up with boys
    2. Want to loose some calories
    3. Really want to hike
    4. Just to show them they are capable to organize hike

  69. kina ram dai ko support ma ni….Supporter ni victim ho ki kya ho ? ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ 🙄

  70. PIC 87: RAM dai lai eklai rakhera, finally THANKS to RAM DAI hmmm…. 😕

  71. RAm dai le ni comment rakhe ramilo hunthyo ni ❗ eh KATA ho bhana na hau bichara lai 😐

  72. if there’s going to be vote from viewrs to rank the best theme, then i give 100 out of 100 for this hike.
    perfect theme and a perfect hike from D2 girls.

  73. “http://www.everestuncensored.org/Hiking/06292008/45 This is how we do it.jpg” need to be pasted to see the way they did it .. 😀

  74. Lava Kafle, look at these pics and learn something… this is how you LEAD….and this is how you have fun!!

  75. pic 49 “the steep climb” .. combo of clever photography and captionist…

  76. caption for pic 16 “children of the corn”… nice catch.. wondering who the fan of Korn is…???

  77. Ya Ya That what i can see gurls with big belly !!!!!!!
    I think somebody need to burn some calories not torturing yourself.
    If you think burning some calories is a torture please don’t go on hike from now on.
    I dont mean the hike should be like hike by “GUPTACHAR ” WOW LAVA
    Anyway, Bandariya kya jane adrakh ka swad hehehehehehe

  78. i guess the most exciting and touching part of this hike is when all the ladies are planting in the field and flying in the air as well 😉

  79. [@hiking lover]

    why to wonder how long did D2girls hike..

    After all hiking is for refreshment and spending quality time with D2 family.. Hiking does not mean torturing yourself and making the whole team sick of the term “HIKE” in the name of Best Hiker

    We really had gre8 fun, with around 6 hours hike and variety of activities…cheers!!!

  80. pic 23 n 24 both are looking above. Are they taling to each other or with someone else 🙄

  81. 07 The trail begins
    13 The misty mountain
    22 I drink tea
    40 I love the lady foreigners
    50 Sky touching trees
    57 The catepillar before
    66 We believe we can fly
    72 Together we plant again
    75 Dancing to their songs
    79 Ho mane ho
    81 Mark of Asar 15
    83 Worldly wisdom
    Lovely pics!! Thumbs Up to the ones who shot them.

  82. Had an awesome experience: hiking, playing games(being child once again), photo shooting, planting…all in one.

  83. k ho D2Ko Keta “guys” kaha bata dekhyo timile this is all ladies hike yaar guys hoina girls

  84. well looking at the pics, D2 Girls have really enjoyed this hike..

    “Afterall why should boys have all the fun” 🙂

    i was wondering how long did D2grils hike ??

  85. K ho D2 ko keti haru to khatra raicha hat’s off to u guys asare 15 ma dhan pani ropna paayo 🙂

  86. pic 22 – 25: sounds very much similar to I got game, he got game, she got game..

    loved the captions.. pics are wonderful…

  87. Khai ta #41 ko bigger version.. wish to see the creatures called ‘D2 Women’.
    Nicely captured pictures. Great job ladies.. aba HAMRO PALO. 😉

  88. DOF, there are so many DOFs here…. 31,41,56,58,84… loved them all….. 41 my fav 🙂

    Pic 67.. creative concept! Wonder whose idea was that 🙄
    Low ange shot at pic 05 and high angle shot at pic 45, nice catch!

    Finally somebody remembered Ram dai. So nice of u.

  89. #50 pic made my mouth watering….hmmmmmmm..

    o o sorry…not 50 ..it was supposed to be 80..typo !!!

  90. The hiking report and images are just great. Hope u all had a blast of a life time in the paddy fields.

    And, as u can see the theme based hiking is getting interesting and exciting as ever. This hike definitely gives a neck to neck competition to the previous hike.

    Thirteen Gals vs Thirteen Guys 😆

  91. ammamaammaaaa….katti ufreko ho??? seems like participating in jumping competition ! …..babaaal masti gare jasto chha d2-gals le…ropaain, naachgaan, hiking….all in one!!! New faces haru pani dekhe…

    #50 pic made my mouth watering….hmmmmmmm..

    Liked the pics 11, 58, 84……

  92. pic 11, 12, 13, 14 and 43 are really nice ..
    but i don’t see the pic displayed in featured section 🙄

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