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Hiking from Jagati to Kakrobari via Sanga

Mustard Parapet

Participants : Abishehs, Bimal, BhaskarB, Charu, Kehsav, NischalD, Rajiv, SudeepK, Surendra, ThakurG, and Vishnu
Route : Jagati to Kakrobari to Sanga
Time : 5½ hours
Distance : 22 km (Appx)
Date : Sunday, Feb 04, 2007
Report : NischalD
Photos : Abishesh
Captions : BinayaN, VishnuK
Creative Support: BinayaN
Hiking Tips : American Hiking Society

It was just 2 PM and hikers had already accomplished their mission. Manoj, who was watching a movie at Mayur hall, Banepa had to rush to pick up hikers at Sanga. Tough and short, both these English words complement each other to describe last Sunday’s hike.

D2 van stopped at Surya Vinayak, for breakfast. After having breakfast, we reached Jagati around half past eight. Hikers descended from van then started marching. It was long, arduous climb through the trail of Ashapuri hill, with foggy weather as if was trying to curtain beauty of Khowpa from the hikers. It was a nice trail to walk until we reached a dead end.

The pathfinders decided to move forward through the bushes, so the pathfinders turned to be pathmakers. The pathmakers smashed bushes to make the way for teammates. Wild thrones, the slaps of branches welcomed us in the forest with hospitality they could provide us. The ray of sun was the only guide to get out of the forest.

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With scars on body as token of love of thrones, we got out of the forest, and got into a trail. It was the peak of Ashapuri hill standing high at around 2000 meters above sea level. After some refreshments at Ashapuri peak, the hikers started descending the hill hoping that trail would lead them to destination. After around 45 minutes of descend, at the base of Alkapuri hill, we found Saraswoti Lower Secondary School at Kakrobari. Hikers distributed the stationary items to class one students.

Hikers were planning to reach the proposed destination but the locals advised to go for Sanga instead. Respecting the locals’ advice, hikers diverted to Sanga, Kavrepalanchowk. After almost an hour walk, we reached the Sanga, the border of Bhaktapur and Kavrepalanchowk districts. Manoj came like a breather with d2 van to mark the end of hiking of February 04 2007. Hikers boarded the van in a flash of moment. After hiking feast at Ganesh Bhojanalaya, Sinamangal, hikers left for home with the feeling “Yes, I did it”.

Wondering who will receive this!!!

Fuel for the Hiking

Sun of the Bhaktapur

Standing Tall but NOT for GOOD

When the Train will Run on this?

Guess what she would be Thinking!!!

Lying GodNarayan at Maligaun

Begin to Climb

The Trail

The Trail tells the Story

I am Climbing

Yellow color looks good in Green Bushes

Old Story

Lemon Syrup on the Top of Maligaun

U Pallo Gaun Village at Distance

Doesn’t look that fresh even though …

Microscopic view of the Village from Maligaun

Raksi Banaye ko– Local Brewery

These are not Spiny babblers

Young Cone

Guess who is behind Bimal

from here we climb without Trail

One Baba Two Camera Men

Where is the Trail

Charu is Tough Hiker

Rajiv Alone

now with Thakur

Bimal, BhaskarB, Vishnu and Baba

Towards Asapuri

Green turned into Black

Symbol of Love from Hiking

I can do it

Rhododendron – First time in this Year

This is a lovely area to stride

Wild beauty

Can you count the number of Wild Green berries?

Light your Torch

Looks like Japanese Girl with …

Baba’s Magical Orange from Asapuri

Every one is Busy at the Top of the Asapuri

Banmara – Poison for the fertile land

Through the Tall Pine trees

Out of nowhere

We Let the Copy and Pencil here

Office of the Local Development from Community

Dried Corn Stalk

Curious Students of the Saraswati School

Thakur distributing the Notebook and Pencil to Students

Little Hands holding the Notebook and Pencil

Possess easily

Head Master Mr. Wagley

Arrogance and Anger are the biggest enemy of the Human

May be this is Tiffin time for the Students

Looks like smoking is not injurious to Health…

Tori ko Phool– Mustard Flower

Red Road

Rajiv stands tall


This Gate welcomes you to Kabre

This is the end of today’s Hike

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