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Hiking from Palanchowk Bhagawati to Dolalghat
Hiking from Palanchowk Bhagawati to Dolalghat

Hiking is always fun and this time it was just great! The plan was to hike around Daman but the rainy season and bad road condition made us think otherwise. As a result, our plan changed to hike around Palanchowk. We gathered at office premises to start our exciting hike. But before that, we completed the shopping for hiking that included all important snacks. It was about 8 am when we left office premises after we assured that everyone was present. At 9:30, we sipped hot cup of tea at Dhulikhel. Actually a bit of drizzle was enough to crave us for steaming tea, but we have to admit that the tea was just great. Then we continued our journey again. We left our footsteps at Kathmandu University on the way. Few of our friends have four years of good memories at this very university and listening to those recollections was fun. After lingering an about 45 minutes at Kathmandu University we moved to the place where we were destined to go. On the way, we were happy cracking tall stories and I can say is that we had a great time. The special thing about this hike was that we decided to make it a musical one. For this reason, it didn't take long time for us to hold the guitar and buzz. We hummed, sang and yelled at every number played by our friend. All in all, it was really thrilling being there just then. When we reached Lama Danda it was already 12:30 and half an hour away from that place hike was started even though it was raining. Hiking was not tough but we seemed to sweat because of light rain. After an hour we reached Palanchowk Bhagwati and by then the sun was shining as brightly as we like. The temple region was relatively less crowded, therefore we enjoyed worshipping the goddess taking all the leisurely time in the world. We planned to spend the night at temple region but that was not the case as we drove towards Dolalghat for better option for night stay. Searching for good lodge was tough there too; however, we finally got one that was within the reach of our budget. In the evening, we again played guitar for some fair amount of time and then spent the whole evening playing cards. Next morning after having breakfast, we had fun at riverside all day long. We swam in river, sunbathe and then enjoyed high jump contest there. The river was simply awesome with warm water and serene setting and was just great for ideal holidays. Then in the afternoon when we were exhausted we decided to return to lodge where to have some food that included mouth-watering fresh fish from the river itself. Then, in the evening we drove home with tired bodies. I think all of my friends will admit that we drove home quietly as we were very exhausted. Overall, we all really enjoyed the hike, had fun playing in warm water at Dolalghat and brought back home warm memories to cherish. :)

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