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Hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani
Hiking from Sundarijal to Chisapani

This was my first ever hiking with D2 team and I was excited to do so with Rudra. When I was informed to join hiking by email I shared this with my coworkers. They scared me: “you are going for hiking with Rudra…? Enjoy the tough hiking…” and so so. I reached D2 office at around 6:45 am even though I was informed to reach there at 6:30 am. I was nervous as I saw all new faces except Bahadur and Rudra. We left D2 premises and reached Sundarijal at 7:45 am. There we had breakfast [Cell-roti, tarkari and tea]. We started our journey to Chisepani at 8:15 am. As soon as I walked few steps ahead, sounds of water surrounded my ear, green environment embraced me and I found pureness in every breath I took. Wow what a good environment to enjoy on Sunday. Bhaskar suggested to take long route to Chisepani with two options in hand, either to take a short route with lots of steps or to take long route with no steps. Bhaskar was leading the team and showed the way. As we moved towards the destination I found various interesting places. We walked on the hill where there was no per-used path, lots of brook with clear and cold water which gave me feeling of freshness. We take a rest at around 12 noon where there was two small “Gumba”. Some friends were saying that it was grave. After having few minutes rest we again started our journey and reached Chisapani at 2 pm. We were tired as we hiked a long way. There we made a special request to cook green ‘Mustard sag’ and had a lunch. From Chisapani we saw very beautiful view of some mountains. There were few hotels, houses and army camp too. The place was small yet beautiful. We started our journey back to Sundarijal at around 4 pm. We were tired and facing difficulties to walk. We were late and had to walk in the dark with cigarette lighter, that Anup had brought and mobile screen lights only helped us. Despite of hard journey we were laughing at joke-“Dai yaha Chiatwa audaina?” by Anup Basnet. As closer I reached the destination more pain added to my legs. Finally, I saw micro labeled “D2Hawkeye Services “and sleep at the last seat. This ends my long and hard hiking. But as my legs got rest I feel the real test of hiking and that satisfied me. ParasBT It was the first experience of hike in my life. Because of this I was really excited for hiking. To fulfill this excitement, I decided to go on hike. I reached the office at 6:45 thinking that I was late. But hike team moved only at 7:30 a.m. There were 9 members in the team. We were going to hike from Sundarijal to Chisopani.. .Our team reached Sundarijal at 9:00 a.m. and we had to travel around 16 km to reach at our destination. We moved towards our destination after having light breakfast at Sundarijal. The journey is really enthusiastic. The pleasure of talking with the people that we met on the way is really different. We were naturally divided into two groups. I was in the first group. There was a school on the way. School was closed so we were unable to distribute the materials that we brought for schools. Luckily, we met with a teacher of the school. We gave our materials to her. The way from school to Okrani was really difficult. It was around 12:30 a.m. when we reached at Okreni. We took light breakfast at the Okreni and then moved toward Chisopani. Finally, we reached destination at 2:00p.m. We took our lunch at the local hotel of Chisopani. Our team left the Chisopani at 4:00p.m. This time different way was taken to return Sundarijal. I really enjoyed this hiking. I was really afraid before hiking because I heard that Rudra’s hiking is really tough. But after hiking I didn’t feel such rather I felt great pleasure. 10072007 

A noble effort.. 

Ali garo bhayo.. 

All that glitters is not gold. 

Are we in Heaven 

Are we sure we going that way... mmm 

Assadhai bhok lagyo bhanya... 

BhaskarB setting an eg, will anyone follow 

Blondes Have lotsa Hair 

Cmon..i challenge..anyone there 

Curfew in Chisapani. 

Dont confuse..its the HOTEL and not ... 

Dont know where this road is leading too..who cares ..let's go 

Fuel for the road. 

Hello 911, These guys from D2 are harassing me. 

Here we go.. 

Hey guys I know the way..cmon up 

Host of Chisapani 

How come he is the only one facing the camera 

How you wish to get lost in those woods 

Hyat teri ka.. photo na leu bhaneko..mari halyo ni.. 

Hyattari, bujhdai bujhdaina 

I am a lil shy..so pls understand it 

I can walk 100 miles. 

I cant take no more..i am down and out 

I hope I can Keep up. 

I'll take on all u nitwits. 

IS something lost or what 

Its a Long way to Kansas (Nagarkot) 

Its a race to the top 

Its not cabbage he is buying 

Junk food or not 

Just another milestone 

Just another sign board 

K ho ..dohori kheli raheko ho 

Leopards won't attack if we stick together. 

Little red riding Hood is in the hands of the big bad wolf. 

Looks like there is no way out this time 

Lost in translation 

Mineral water. 

My other car is a Mercedes 

Nature's grandeur 

Old is Gold 

Old pals 

One for the mantlepiece 

One step, a giant leap 

P'Daddy and Gang. 

picturesque .. lost in the nature 

Princess of the Hills 

Punditji, caught red handed in a bar 

Quenching the eternal thirst 

Reached it..Shivapuri 

Route is tough.. 

Rudra looks sweatless...amazing 

Shedding the sweat in the shade 

Shivapuri Baba, looks concerned. 

squatting and doing wat... 

Taking the right turn 

Tall Taller and the Tallest..AnupB you won 

Thank God we're bk in Kansas 

The famous Hanumaan Bridge to Lanka 

The Ganges start here 

The tough gets going. 

The woods are lovely dark and deep, we have lots of promises to keep, and miles to walk before we sleep. 

This is how you do it guys..watch 

Three rookies, Pawan, Paras and Bahadur 

Wait guys..i got something for you in here.. 

What! Its all vegetarian 

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