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Hiking from Naikap to Kaji Kalu Pandey Park

Participants: Rudra, Purushottam, SharadP, NishchalS, Keshav, Sangharsh, RajendraB, RinaM, MamataO, AsimK and Vishnu
Route: Naikap to Kaji Kalu Pandey Park to Nag Dhunga
Date: Sunday, Nov 19, 2007
Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes
Trip Doom: 13-Kilo meters
Report: RinaM, MamataO and AsimK
Photo: NishchalS and SharadP
Creative Support: NishchalS
Caption: RinaM, MamataO and AsimK

This was my first hike with D2hawkeye team. I was so excited to go hiking with D2 team. But everybody scared me that hiking with Rudra will be tough and challenging. However I am used to going hike with club members so I was determined to go hiking on Sunday.

I woke up at 5:30 am and had a cup of tea then, heading to D2 office. I reached office at 6:30 pm. We waited for 1 hour to gather the entire team member. Then, we left the D2 premises at 7:30 am. We were informed to go hiking from Palung to Daman but due to lack of time we changed our plan and set hiking from Naikap to Daha chowk and then NaagDhunga.

At Kalimati chowk , all of us had hot and sweet breakfast (Jerry Puri and tarkari) and after we had our stomach full, we headed to our journey . After reaching Naikap at 8:45 am, and we started our real hike. All of our team member (Rina, Mamata, Asim) were on our first hike and therefore excited walking up the hills. However, everybody was locked and load with their baggies.

Having lost in the way, we asked local people to the way of Daha chowk. As we explored more we all enjoyed the greenery coupled with cool fresh air. Taking lots of photographs of those panoramic views of beautiful mountains were really pleasing experience. After a half an hour walk, we took short break to have fresh apples, “khat-tu” and so on. This really added energy to our body and helped add pace to cross hills for our tiring legs. Next, we reached a newly built Gumba. It was fully decorated and was surprisingly peaceful. It really gave positive vibe to our mind and soul. We then left the place and continued our journey. Worthwhile to mention, picking and eating fresh radish from the local farm added more joy to our trip. At 1:30 pm we reached one of the historical place “Kalu Pandey burial place”. We all felt proud to be at a historical place that acquainted us about bravery of Kalu pandey. There, we took some pictures and move ahead.

Afterward all of us climbed down to Nagdhunga and reached at 2 pm which was the final destination of our hike. From this point we headed to our lunch for 15 minute of driving to Naubise and searched for good lunch serving place. At last we chose a place where we had mutton fry with chiura and some drink to gulp down. After an hour we returned back to home. On the way, we took short break and had tea on local shop. Then we return to home by singing Nepali and Hindi songs all the way.

The trip ended at 5.30 pm when I was dropped at home, with a little bit aching body parts but my mind was still circling the trails that I had walked all the day. I really enjoyed the solace and the rural touch of the entire trip, crossing through yellowish field of blooming mustard and colorful buck wheat. This is one of the memorial trips and wants to go again and again whenever I can manage my time.

MamataO and AsimK
The early cold morning of November 18, this was the first hike going to be experienced by data management team .We (Rina, Asim and Mamata )were very excited .When we reached office sharp at 6:30 as decided by the administration , we found no one in and around the office .For a while we thought that we missed the van , but nop! We were the first ones for arrival .After waiting near about half an hour was able to see other members. It seemed to be great opportunity for us as Rudra, Purus, and Sharad were also the part of it ,including Vishnu ,Keshav , Sangarsh and Nishchal.

7:30 am, it’s the time we headed for the destination, got shocked!! With the change in plan, Palung to Daman route was revised as Naikaap-Dahachowk-Naagdhunga. But it didn’t matter as ultimate goal was to hike.

Suspense revealed for changed route, it was due to the day before trip of D2 team to Tatopaani. All the way discussion for the price difference in same cell set was the headline for discussion; we acted as good audience as the discussion sounded quite interesting.

After having jerry –swari finally reached at Naikaap, now the real hiking begins. Asking with locals we try to get to our destination ,but each time we followed alternative path as wanted to make trip more exciting which was strange thing for the local ones.

Apple and Khattu brought energy in us to reach the Artistic, decorative and Peaceful Gumba . The curious questions of Rudra with the passersby and the nuns were the charm of our trip. The history still has the power. Great hero of Nepalese history , Kaalu Pandey’s tomb made our blood hot and filled our heart with proud and responsibility.

With touch of Northern cool breeze we climbed down to NaagDhunga and drove further down for delicious mutton fry and chiura that took away our hunger, but Mamata was fasting so she enjoyed her whole hiking with apple , orange and the real juice good for her.

To the way back to home, Rina’s surilo sound entertained us , we came to know she is a good singer.

The memory of our first hiking can never be forgotten as it was exceptionally enjoyable and to some extent historic one too.


01 Dhan Lal at the ready

02 Sitting for concoction

03 In a state of innoxious

04 Mamata walks ahead

05 Lady leading

06 AsimK looks happy for being first timer

07 Offspring and the sibling

08 Just a temporary inactivity

09 Chimney that smokes for someone to make money

10 Rendezvous of FoB and FoD

11 Law of similarity

12 Walking down in the Northern Naikap

13 Running-thinking-waiting to be filled-a small episode daily life

14 Bend it like Rajpath

15 Rudra sits here for reminiscence

16 Little pause for mustard-fragrance

17 Mode of SharadP

18 The line of the team of the day with SharadP’s shot

19 The yellowish part of the Naikap

20 The middlebrow

21 A little freshly picked cuke for Rudra

22 Here you go Rudra!

23 Close-up and beamish

24 A little bonus from Nishchal

25 Dome Blanc in the middle

26 A little upward push

27 Purush recommended this place for thetea

28 Rina just managed to stand up before Niks caught her

29 Sharad looking another trail for next one

30 Langtang range

31 Young n New

32 A rest and a feeling of understanding

33 Buddhist wall

34 And stupas

35 Completely clear and fine

36 Entering into Jungle

37 So near and dear

38 Recommended trail

39 Thank you for no petrol

40 Ramkot 1

41 Waiting for other to arrive

42 Please this way

43 Nice spot for picnic

44 The view from Indradaha

45 Blossom forth

46 Free from haze

47 Walking up towards Indradaha

48 Purush at the top

49 In the name of late Kaji Kalu Pandey

50 A respect to Kalu Pandey, one of the conqueror of Nepal


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  2. It was even fun to do mountain biking … from sitapaila to dahachowk then come down hill from other side towards kalanki side ….

  3. dear friends…i learned and viewed all your post article and pictures…and also much interested 2 go there

  4. Its was nice hiking with D2 team and i enjoy lots. I will go hiking again and again whenever i can manage time. 🙂

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