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Hike to Manichud

RouteGagalphedi – Manichud
Date17th September, 2022
Hiking Duration8 hrs
CoordinatorPrayusha Acharya and Shambhav Acharya
ParticipantsAnanta Kandel, Ashwin Adhikari, Asmita Sharma, Bidhi Raghubanshi, Namuna Sharma, Prabish Dangi, Prayusha Acharya, Samrajya Basnyat, Saurav Dhakal, Saurav Karki, Shabda Shrestha, Shambhav Acharya, Shashwat Kadariya, Swikriti Suwal, Tushar Luitel
Report BySaurav Dhakal
Photos ByEveryone
Creative SupportGaurab Neupane
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Saurav Dhakal

Hello Everyone,

The Hiking Club conducted a one day hike on 17 September 2022, Saturday. The event was titled, “Hiking for a cause” as it was conducted for a sole purpose of cleaning the area around Manichud Daha in collaboration with The Rotaract Club of Kantipur.

A party of 15 from the campus and 10 from the Rotaract Club started the journey from Chabhail to Sakhu on a public vehicle. Having had breakfast on the foot of the hill, we started the hike towards the top. It was approximately quarter to ten when we started the hike. The weather was as perfect as it could have been. We walked under a cloudy sky, feeling the first breeze of autumn. The path we walked upon was slippery at times but didn’t have anything else to complain about. Taking brief breaks at times we were mounting the hill at a slower pace than estimated but nevertheless, we reached our destination at around two in the afternoon. Having spent about an hour or two admiring the beautiful lake and cleaning the mess around, we started walking down the hill. We had lunch at a local restaurant that we stumbled upon on our way downhill. Everybody appreciated the food to be delicious. Continuing our journey to end the hike, we took a shorter path this time that brought us down within just a couple of hours. The tired legs and sleepy faces were delighted at the sight of the school bus and while the excitement should have ended there, the whole journey on the bus was such an amazing experience to have sung and danced to the song on the radio.

The hike, as challenging as it was, felt like everything we needed at the time. We had lovely interaction with new people from the Rotaract Club and brought home some amazing memories. I would like to thank The Hiking Club for such a lovely experience and expect them to conduct similar activities in the weeks to come. 

Thank you.