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Hike to Nagi Gumba
Hike to Nagi Gumba

Sakshyam Karna

Hello everyone,
On September 18th, 2022, the Deerwalk Compware conducted a one-day hike to Nagi Gumba. A total of 12 participants were present for this hike. After gathering at the Deerwalk premises, we boarded the bus at 8:45 am and we started our journey. Then we waited for a member in Chabahil for 7 minutes. After he joined us, we went to Budhanilkanth to start our hike.

Before the hike, we decided to have breakfast at a stall near Budhanilkantha around 9:15 A.M. After that we hopped in our van for a ride to Shivapuri’s main gate. We gathered around the main gate and clicked some photos. We bought the permit to hike for a day in the national park. We had two options for paths, so we decided to start with the steeper one and end with the simpler one. There were many stairs on the terrain; they were present almost everywhere. The fact that it had rained the previous evening and was still cloudy made the stairs slick, and there were leeches here and there, which did not help our cause. We arrived at a location without steps after what seemed like a lifetime. Although the road was difficult, the flora and fauna made up for it. We were worn out and hungry when we reached the Nagi Gumba but the view was worth it.

At around 1:30 pm, we reached the astonishing Gumba situated at an altitude of 2330m north of Kathmandu. We were knackered when we reached there. The trail was tiring, but that was not the end we had to walk down the dirty swampy forest trails. The start of the hike was tough but walking downhill was quite easy and enjoyable.

After resting and refreshing at Nagi Gumba, we went forward to our next destination which was Tare-Bhir. The next destination was quite near the Gumba and we had no trouble reaching there. We waited for all our members at the checkpoint and started walking downhill. We were in a dilemma when it came to the correct route but one of our members knew the path quite well. We walked about 1.5hr before reaching Jogdol but the walk was enjoyable as we were descending the hill. The hike was exciting and difficult. Whatever the case, it was among the most incredible experiences we’ve ever had.

Our vehicle was waiting for us near the end of the stair at Jogdol. We hopped into the vehicle and started our trip toward Kapan Village Resort. We reached the resort at 3:45 p.m. and started to have hydrating fluids and snacks. We all were drowsy and hungry, so we rested for an hour in the resort and had lunch to refill our energy. It was about 5:30 p.m. when we departed from the Village Resort and we all went home further after.

Thank you.

Hike to Nagi Gumba

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