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Hike to Lakuri Phedi

Route Lamatar >> Lakuri Bhanjyang >> Godawari
Date Feb 08, 2020
Duration 6 hrs
Coordinator Nirajan Rijal
Participants Aayusha Shrestha, Anuj Dhunju Shrestha, Nirajan Rijal, Ranjan Khadka, Roshan Shrestha, Sagun Rayamajhi, Sanjay Kunwar, Sanjay Maharjan, Shirish Khanal, Subhad Marsani, Sujan Neupane, Suman Thapa, Sunit Bajracharya, Takdir Bartaula
Report By Takdir Bartaula
Photos By Nirajan Rijal
Creative Support Bibek Adhikari, Milan Lohani

Takdir BartaulaTakdir Bartaula
Our journey began from Deerwalk Complex at about 8:00 am. We had to pick up the hiking members on the way, and we stopped at Gwarko for some time. Someone once said, “Well begun is half done,” so we started singing songs and had an excellent start. I was delighted for a scant time at least as we were traveling away from the city to enjoy nature. At around 9:45 am, we reached Lakuri Phedi, Chisapani, where we searched a restaurant for breakfast. After breakfast, we resumed our hike to Lakuri Bhanjyang Hiking Trail along the natural hiking path that ran through the jungle.

Everyone was engaged in many debate topics: virtual vs. reality and god vs. science. Being an excellent listener, it was easy for me to walk, heeding to some positive points. But then I heard aggressive voices, and someone addressed both sides and concluded the debate. We reached Lakuri Hill at around 2 pm and had some snacks. We rested for a while, and we captured some profile pictures and stories in the frame. After some refreshments, we continued our journey downhill. We again stopped at the small ground along with a pond nearby. As always, we clicked some pictures so we could send them to our loved ones. The trail was like a 45° slope, and we felt like a vehicle with brake failure skidding downhill.

We reached Godawori at around 6 pm and had some tea. After tea, we stopped at Thasang Thakali Kitchen at Jawalakhel for dinner. We even uploaded some photos on Instagram and Facebook. We had an enjoyable meal, and we returned to the Deerwalk complex at around 7:30 pm. Thanks to Deerwalk for conducting such a memorable hike.