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Hike to Ghyampe Dada

Emily Dave

On a Saturday, the employees of Deerwalk Auto Services and Parts, along with Rudra Dai, embarked on a hike on a short route. At 7:30 AM on February 18, 2023, the team assembled at 109 degrees restaurant located at Deerwalk Complex, Sifal, Kathmandu, and had a delicious breakfast consisting of special Jalebi, Swari, chickpeas, boiled egg, and tea. At 9:00 AM, we departed from Deerwalk Complex to Sanga, Asapuri, and Ghyampe Dada as per the hiking plan. After an hour’s drive, we arrived at Sanga, Bhaktapur, the starting point of our hike. We left the van at Sanga Chowk and started our uphill hike.

As we walked on the footpath of the village, passing by sandy and muddy roads, and yellow terraces filled with mustard plants, we encountered the process of making homemade Titaura. The landscape and geography of Sanga were amazing, and we could see the 144-foot-tall Shiva statue just across the road on top of the nearby hill. While walking in the terrace fields of Saga, Rudra Dai almost slipped down one of the terrace edges. Although we followed Google Maps, the paths were often confusing, and we confirmed the location with the locals.

During the hike, three people got separated, but we reunited after 30 minutes. The green forest and rhododendron around us helped us cherish the hiking moment. The hike was challenging as we walked up the hills, but we took pictures and had some chit chat. Our Kalpana didi and Maya didi looked very tired while walking up the hills, but they did not take any rest and never asked for a break.

After two hours of hiking, we reached somewhere near Ashapuri and decided to take a break. We stopped to have light snacks and some energizing tea. One of our participants had brought Nepali style makai and bhatmas, which was very much liked by Rudra Dai and others too. It gave us the fuel that our body required and reminded us of the memories of living in the village.

Finally, after five hours of hiking about 13 km, we reached our destination of Ghampedada, Bhaktapur. It was on the top of the hill and had a great view of the surroundings. We had lunch at Sheetal Resort and concluded our hiking. Despite the challenges, it was a wonderful experience hiking with the Deerwalk Auto Services and Parts team and Rudra Dai. We had a great time exploring the beautiful landscape of Sanga, Asapuri, and Ghyampe Dada and created many memories that we will cherish forever.

Thank you.

Hike to Ghyampe Dada

1. Pic 1 Hiking Over Mustard Field Starting From Sanga Bhaktapur Hiking Over Mustard Field Starting From Sanga Bhaktapur

Hike to Ghyampe Dada

2. Tea Break At Asapuri

Hike to Ghyampe Dada

3. All’s Favorite Kumari Flour Mill Makai And Bhatmas

Hike to Ghyampe Dada

4. Observing Titaura Pickles

Hike to Ghyampe Dada

5. On The Way To Asapuri

Hike to Ghyampe Dada

6. Final Lunch At Ghamepedada Bhaktapur