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Hike to Chandragiri

Route Kathmandu – Chandragiri
Date 8th August, 2021
Duration 8 hours
Coordinator Prayusha Acharya and Sambhav Acharya

Ananta Kandel, Anish Subedi, Pranaya Shrestha, Prashant Neupane, Prayusha Acharya, Rohan Prasai, Samil Shrestha, Sanskriti Regmi,  Sasmit Raj Giri,  Shambhav Acharya, Shashwat Raj Kadariya

Report By Sanskriti Regmi
Photos By Samil Shrestha
Creative Support Bijina Regmi
Sanskriti Regmi Bca

Sanskriti Regmi

Hello all,

Hike to Chandragiri!

As planned, everyone had to reach the Deerwalk premises by 6:45 Am on 8th August, and the bus would then leave at 7:10 Am from the premises. After having some heavy breakfast at a small cafe near Kalanki, we moved to our destination: Chandragiri. After 20 minutes of the drive, we reached the spot at about 9:05 Am.

We had also picked some snacks on the way to ensure that if needed we could recharge our energy on the way. The food and water bought were distributed to each.

We began at 9:15 Am. With a lot of enthusiasm, we trekked uphill. The walking trail went through the forest. The trail was so tough as well as slippery as it was raining in between. The hike was really a tough one; a straight hill climbs for hours. Yet we didn’t give up. I had a hard time climbing the hill. Anyhow with a periodic rest between and with the help of uplifting fellow hikers, I started enjoying the hike. We took some photos inside the jungle to get perfect shots everywhere. We were being infested with leeches everywhere. Enjoying the views of the cable car, the smell of the leaves that had fallen down and penetrating through the trees, we had almost reached the Chandragiri Temple after walking for about 4hours.

As soon as we reached there, beautiful foggy weather and drizzle welcomed us. Afterward, it started raining heavily and we started freezing. Without any further ado, we had snacks in the hut-like place where we spent many hours having fun conversations. We went to the temple and waited until the rain stopped.

We also had a delicious ‘kheer’ they served there as prasad. The view from the Chandragiri hills was amazing but the fog obstructed the view of the mountains. After clicking a few more group photos around the temple premise, we marched downhill. It was a sheer cliff and jungle downwards. While returning, because of the heavy rainfall the path had become more slippery.

Yet we walked and found it genuine fun. After a lengthy walk and many memorable moments, we finally arrived at the same place; the beginning of our journey.

The hike finally came to a halt at about 6:10 Pm. Reaching down, the first thing we did was google an excellent place to have lunch because we were all exhausted and starving. We all hopped into our vehicle then we had a really long road trip one to the lunch spot in Naxal. We found a place where they served us khana set. We had our delicious lunch there, and we started our journey back to the college.

I’d say this was one of the most amazing yet equally most memorable hikes that I have ever been to.