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Hike to Champadevi

RouteKirtipur >> Taudaha >> Champadevi
Date29th January, 2023
Hiking Duration1 day
CoordinatorAnanta Kandel and Shrey Dip Bhandari
ParticipantsAnish Subedi, Shashwat Kadariya, Sairaj Budhathoki, Ritesh Niroula, Aayush Badu, Parikshit Gurung, Prabish Dangi, Aaryan Baidhya, Shreejal Mainali, Pratik Mainali, Pranjal Raut, Sankalpa Aryal, Subikshya Acharya, Nabodit Timalsina, Raunak Raj Ghimire, Hariram Khadka Ananta Kandel, Shrey Dip Bhandari
Creative SupportGaurab Neupane
Kristinamaharjan 2022bca 2
Aaryan Baidhya

Hello everyone,

The hiking club organized a one-day hike to Champadevi on 29th January, 2023. 15 of us gathered at the Deerwalk complex at 7:30 and we left for the hike on the bus. We had some breakfast at Kirtipur, before starting the hike. We arrived at Taudaha, the initial point of our hike, at around 9:45 and started our climb from there.

As we were marching along, the group separated in two and we reached the destination at different times. The separation occurred due to a medical emergency that occurred to one of the hikers. He was experiencing extreme dizziness due to low blood pressure. After he was taken care of by our hike coordinators, we continued to walk towards our destination through steep trails and dense forest.

The group that went forward coincidentally bumped into Mr. Gagan Thapa, a renowned politician of Nepali Congress party and his family who were also on the Champadevi hike. We really bonded with him and his family. We completed the rest of the hike in his company.

When we returned from the destination, we took a different route through Hattiban as suggested by Mr. Thapa. We returned to the bus and waited for the group that was held back. After all of us gathered around 3:30pm, we went for lunch at Taudaha Banquet where we had our meal. After a stroll at the lakeside of Taudaha, we returned to the college.

Thank You.