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Hike To Balthali

Route Khopasi >> Balthali >> Khopasi
Date Jun 9, 2019.
Coordinator Ujjwal Poudel
Participants Bibek Adhikari, Biraj Bikram Shahi, Charu Arjyal, Grishma Thapaliya, Kajal Bastakoti, Karma Gurung, Madhusudhan Bhusal, Pravin Thapaliya, Rojalin Thapaliya, Sinja Ghimire, Stuti Sharma, Supriya Rana Magar, Ujjwal Poudel
Report By Kajal Bastakoti
Photos By Biraj Bikram Shahi, Pravin Thapaliya
Creative Support Swornim Bhattarai

Kajal Bastakoti Kajal Bastakoti
Balthali turned out to be the best day outing destination for us. The village rests in a plateau with terraced rice fields, beautifully blooming wildflowers, tall pine forests, and traditional houses. The vistas unfold into a charismatic scenario, like a confluence of the heaven and the earth.

Our journey started exactly at 8:30 am from Deerwalk Sifal School. It almost took us 2 hours to reach there by bus. On the way, we stopped for breakfast at Dhulikhel and then continued our journey again, full of excitement and joy. We finally reached Khopasi, and our 2 hours-long hiking began. First we had to cross a seemingly long suspension bridge. Walking on that bridge made me feel like I was floating in the air, above a meandering river. Through rocky roads and some really beautiful jungle trails, we eventually reached the Balthali Village Resort.

The Balthali Village Resort was on the top of a hill. We made all the way up there, pausing in between to take some pictures, enjoying the chit-chat with our lovely teachers, watching the beautiful scenery, and losing ourselves in the fresh air–untouched by any pollution. There were many beautiful traditional cottages around. Although it was quite sad to see the impact of the massive Gorkha-earthquake to those houses, we enjoyed the spectacle of thatched huts on the slowly ascending hills.

Afterwards, we took some rest, had a quality lunch and spent some time up there on the hill. After resting for an hour, we started our way back home even though we didn’t want to leave the beautiful place. We returned the origin of our hike at 5:30 in the evening.

For me, it was the best hiking ever.