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Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki
Hiking from Godavari to Phulchowki

ROUTE Godavari > Phulchowki
DATE Jan 20, 2018
COORDINATOR Bidish Acharya
PARTICIPANTS Albin Lamichhane, Anil Parajuli, Bidish Acharya, Charu Arjyal, Kedar Khadka, Nirvik Bhadra Khanal, Pankaj KC, Sammit Man Shrestha
REPORT BY Albin Lamichhane
PHOTOS BY Sammit Man Shrestha, Charu Arjyal, and Nirvik Bhadra Khanal
Albin LamichhaneAlbin Lamichhane Phulchowki Hill is the highest hill situated in the south of Kathmandu valley famous for Botanical Garden and bird watching. Hike to Phulchowki was a joyous experience for me and it was my first official hike with Deerwalk. To start our hike to Phulchowki, we left our office at 7:30 am. We reached Godavari and had a light breakfast to get energized for a long and exciting journey uphill. Then, we started our hike gradually uphill through dense sub-tropical forest for four hours. We initially started our hike walking in the pitch road but that way, the journey felt too long. So we moved to the rugged roads and climbed the narrow path up the hill, playing with nature.

The hike to the top was not an easy task but when we reached the top and felt the wind; it told us that the journey was worth it.

Our walking rate was easy and scenic. The eye-catching view of eastern part of Annapurna range to Gaurishanker in the east can drag to sanctification of this tour. Breathtaking view of Kathmandu Valley is another glorious part of this tour. The hike to the top was not an easy task but when we reached the top and felt the wind; it told us that the journey was worth it. It was beautiful at the top of the hill and we gathered memories that will cling in our hearts wherever we go in our life. After resting for an hour at the top, we hiked downhill following the same trail for about two hours and drove back to the Kathmandu . In a nutshell, the hike was really exciting and it taught me a lesson that, “you do not have to go far to feel the nature. There are plenty of places around the valley that can help you skip the hectic urban schedule and appreciate life.” [gallery columns="2" ids="66636,66637,66638,66639,66640,66641,66642,66643,66644,66645,66646,66647,66648,66649,66650,66651,66652,66653,66654,66655" link="file" orderby="ASC" size="medium"]

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