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Hiking from Lamidada to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple
Hiking from Lamidada to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple

Dashain SpecialTheme: Festive FeverHiking Route: Lamidada to Palanchowk Bhagawati (Dhulikhel)Hike Coordinator: Mahesh Raj RegmeeDay: 5th October, 2008Team: Dipti Khanal, Manoj Rokka, Prajwal Shrestha, Rajiv Shrestha, Deepak Maharjan, Sunny Shakya, Kapil Pandey, Suyesh Nepal, Kamal Silwal, Jeevan Singh Basnet, Surendra Adhikari and (his daughter Aana), Babins Shrestha, Sanjeet Baidya, Rina Maharjan, Suresh Maharjan (Guest), Saroj Dahal, Mahesh Raj RegmeePhotos By: Manoj Rokka, Saroj Dahal, Rina Maharjan, Surendra AdhikariReport By: Deepak Maharjan/Saroj Dahal/Suresh MaharjanCaption By: Babins Shrestha/Rajendra/Mahesh RCreative Support By: Dijup Tuladhar/Luna GurungVote of thanks from Guest Hiker:-Suresh MaharjanFirst of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the management of D2hawkeye and the team of enthusiastic hikers for giving life time opportunity to be part of its regular hiking program. This hiking program to“ Palanchok Bhagawati” must be one of the scheduled program for other but for me, this was the most memorial hiking I had ever done in my life after returning home from U.S.A for a break. I must say we all had nice trip all the way. Since this hiking program happened to be just before the greatest festival of Nepal – “Dashain”. It entailed programs like flying kites from Palanchok plus the important aspect of the hiking theme - community service by distributing books and pencils to the near by school children. During an hour hiking trip, I got chance to know about D2hawkeye company and its dedicated employees. I realized the idea behind this hiking program was to motivate D2hawkeye employees to look around different parts of Nepal and to realize their social responsibilities. Unfortunately, since the school was closed during festival and because of heavy raining, our program to distribute books and pencils was not possible. I would like to show my appreciation to all for their hospitality and friendliness for including me. I hope to have this kind of successful hiking program in the future too.FestiveFever01 FestiveFeverHiking Report:It all started with visiting market at Friday to buy few kites, cards, dice and some confectionaries to make this hike a special one in line with the theme ‘Festive Fever’. With festival already into doorstep, all the hikers were already in festive mood. The squad was enthusiastic not only to hike but also to make event as thriving as Dashain should be.Like normally we do, we left office premises around 6’o clock and picked some of our crew member from the nearest possible stops. As we hit Koteswor we could see packed buses ready to set on Araniko highway. People returning back home for Dashain were all towering the roof of the bus. As we set further we could see goats for sale near the highway, we felt Dashain has definitely arrived.It took 1 and half hour for us to reach ‘zero Kilo’ to have breakfast at ‘Sharmile Hotel’. In the meantime, some of our friends in the back seat made it a good time playing cards! After a few minutes’ drive away from Lame dada, we started to hike. Since we were in Dhasian mood we had planned a lot of programs like: flying kites, paying worship to goddess and playing cards and ‘langur burja’. So, we have to admit hiking didn’t last long more than 1 and half hour. However, we all felt exhausted and wrenched with sweat. Actually, even though it was a short hike, beating sunlight and steep and curvy trail made hike a memorable one.Palanchowk Bhagawati Devi02 Palanchowk Bhagawati DeviAfter the hike in the scorching sun, we reached our destination, Palanchowk Bhagwati at around 12’o clock. The temple is believed to be the finest of all the temple of Bhagwati and is believed to be most divine among the three Bhagvatis Naxal Bhagvati, Sobha Bhagavati being the other two. As soon as we reached there, many of us were busy paying worship to Palanchowk bhagwati mai. As expected there were lots of visitors who come to worship. However, crowd was nicely managed in queue. Talking about mela, small shops selling ripe and fat cucumber, green and fleshy lapsi and amala, and cold ice-cream attracted many of us. All in all, it was gratifying experience for all of us to be there at the occasion of Dashain.After spending some time there, we headed to Sunkosi resort nearby and decided to play cards and languburja there. It was all fun enjoying snacks and playing it. Then, lunch got ready for us at 3 PM and we all really liked ‘theki ko dhahi’ as desert. At afternoon, we flew kites from the roof of Palanchowk retreat resort. However, it didn’t last long as occasional rain hampered our plan. However, the fun and enjoyment was not rained as we again started playing cards and ‘langur burja’. Finally, we left Palanchowk still raining at 5:30 PM and headed towards home.All in all, it was happy hiking for us and it just helped to start cheerful Dashain!Cheers!!!Please click on the image to see its large version.
Waiting moment
03 Waiting moment
Dashain Ayo, Ghar Jaula
04 Dashain Ayo, Ghar Jaula
Dashain journey in Nepal
05 Dashain journey in Nepal
Busy in Festive business
06 Busy in Festive business
K khaula ... Maasu khaula
07 K khaula ... Maasu khaula
Excitement begins
08 Excitement begins
Step up
09 Step up
Climbing up the cliffs
10 Climbing up the cliffs
Need help
11 Need help
It`s a long way
12 It`s a long way
A walk to serenity
13 A walk to serenity
14 Traped!
Into the Jungle
15 Into the Jungle
Left Right Left
16 Left Right Left
Kamal supproting others
17 Kamal supproting others
Ping Khelaula
18 Ping Khelaula
Sanjeet... khane bhaye chaado aau
19 Sanjeet... khane bhaye chaado aau
Sharing thoughts with locals
20 Sharing thoughts with locals
Cha cha huee
21 Cha cha huee
Culture, Custom gone bad
22 Culture, Custom gone bad
Helping Mama
23 Helping Mama
Where are other hikers...
24 Where are other hikers...
bird eye view
25 bird eye view
Beautiful dusk
26 Beautiful dusk
Beauty of Palanchowk bhagawati
27 Beauty of Palanchowk bhagawati
Traditional crafts
28 Traditional crafts
29 Bells
Culture, Custom
30 Culture, Custom
Palanchowk bhagwati since the period of Prithivi narayan shah
31 Palanchowk bhagwati since the period of Prithivi narayan shah
Written evidence
32 Written evidence
Holy Place @ Palanchok Bhagwati
33 Holy Place @ Palanchok Bhagwati
Moment at Planchok Bhagbati
34 Moment at Planchok Bhagbati
Preparing For the Occassion
35 Preparing For the Occassion
Learning to Fly Kites
36 Learning to Fly Kites
Trying for unsuccessful flight
37 Trying for unsuccessful flight
That`s how it`s done
38 That`s how it`s done
Dhiki cheu hoina nanu yo..
39 Dhiki cheu hoina nanu yo..
My turn
40 My turn
Beauty of dhunge dhara
41 Beauty of dhunge dhara
Wow where is my kite..
42 Wow where is my kite..
ma  pani udaune
43 ma pani udaune
come on i succeed
44 come on i succeed
Las Vegas in Palanchowk
45 Las Vegas in Palanchowk
This is my game says Surendra A
46 This is my game says Surendra A
Friend of  tired ones
47 Friend of tired ones
Sayapatri_welcoming Tihar
48 Sayapatri_welcoming Tihar
49 Yummy
Traditional jaato
50 Traditional jaato
traditonal craftings
51 traditonal craftings
Natural Beauty
52 Natural Beauty
Watching silently
53 Watching silently
Fly high whether rain or shine
54 Fly high whether rain or shine
Nature in full bloom
55 Nature in full bloom
So sad its dashai.....
56 So sad its dashai.....
View from the top of palanchok
57 View from the top of palanchok
We are in dashai vacation
58 We are in dashai vacation
59 Moon
Tired hikers
60 Tired hikers
61 Rainbow

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