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Hiking from Daman to Simbhanjyang

Participants: SauravT, SantoshK, Kapil, Bhanu, SureshG, Ankit, Lava, SharadP, BinayaA, Swikrit, Pradipna, Raj, Shiram (V’s daughter) and Vishnu
Route: Daman to Simbhanjyang to Palung
Date: Sunday, July 08, 2007
Trip Doom: 8.12miles
Report: SauravT and Swikrit
Photo: BinayaA and Suresh
Creative Support: BinayaN and Nishchal

Lucky to see mountain during monsoon


Saturday night party was on till to the 11 pm… No one was sure if we were going to make the next day’s hike. The Saturday night party carried double excitement; marriage party of a dear colleague and D2’s win in the corporate football matches. The mood of celebration was on full swing and it seemed difficult to get up early next day for the hike.

Finally, it was Sunday morning July 8, the hike day. The day started with the most difficult part, making a move from bed to bathroom. After 5 mins of ‘yes no’ question, “shall I or shall I not”, I was finally on track to prepare myself for hiking.

I reached office around 06:15 and around 07:00; our hiking squad left the d2 premise. Kapil joined us in Kalanki. We reach Naubise around 8:30 where one more hiker Santosh (1+1) joined us. After having breakfast, we were soon heading towards Daman. Having Santosh in the van changed every thing. Not only the space but also the silence inside the van was well occupied by him. Without any surprise the discussion began with political condition of Nepal and soon after we were discussing about the world politics; from Bush to Clinton, no was spared. Santosh, Lava and Suresh were active participants and other were adding facts as ingredient of discussion. The pause between the discussions was nicely filled by songs of Sharad and Vishnu and thanks to all I also got chance to sing along my way too.

The van was moving in full speed; Panorama of Ganesh Himal and landscape was making the drive memorable. After driving for around 1 hour, we can’t stop ourselves from capturing photographs of the majestic mountain ranges. We were all mesmerized watching the beauty of snowcapped mountains in front of us. The entire range of Annurpurna was in front of us appearing as a masterpiece of a greatest artist. Daman was around 2 hours drive from there. After capturing the nature, in both heart and camera we were again heading towards Daman. We passed through famous “saat ghumti” (7 bends) accompanied with countless other small ones. Poor Santosh had to shift his body from one seat to other just to balance the van during the turns. Only the milestone and our driver might have noticed the distance covered as for rest of us, we all were enjoying every moments inside the van.

Before reaching Daman, we stopped at Manakamana School where we distributed copies and pencils. We distributed these to students from class one to class five. The joys of kids after getting these can’t be expressed in words. Thanks to our Rudra who dreamed this.

We reach to Daman around 11 and the real hike began. The final destination was Simbhanjyang around 5 km from Daman. The rain was slowing our pace, as we had to stop couple of times. No one except Lava had the power to challenge the rain and move inside the mist. It was cold and rain was making it much difficult to make our way to Simbhanjyang. Equally, it seems weather had no mercy on us and we were left with no option but to follow Lava. Due to the rain and low visibility, we didn’t get to enjoy much at Simbhanjyang. We all gathered at a small tea café and had cup of hot tea. Nevertheless, we all were surprised after getting one more “Pandey” who owns the café. After having small chat with Pandey, we all headed towards van and soon we were in Daman.

Every one was in party mood when we reached Daman. Vishnu placed order for our day meal and we all sat around a round table to enjoy the cold weather. Shiram, Vishnu’s daughter broke the silence through her melodious songs. Her enchanting singing changed every ones mood and soon every one joined her. Sharad, Santosh and Vishnu! No one could stop them from singing. Even Ankit shared the mood and joined in singing. We all sang along until the food was laid out on our table.

After Daman the next destination was Palung where yet another hike had to be done. We hiked for around 3 hour through the Palung bazzar before we reached our van. Every one was tired and feeling the pressure of Monday. We reach Naubise at seven where our two hikers Santosh and Kapil left us and I headed towards Kathmandu. We all were in the valley by 10:00 PM. Yet another hiking of D2hawkeye ended but I believe that sweet memories of the day shall be with all the hikers in days to come.


I had been to Daman once before and was fascinated by its natural beauty, so when Vishnu informed us about last week’s Sunday hiking from Palung to Daman. I gave him a definitive green signal..

Journey started at around 7 AM from Office premises. Our vehicle was FAST and I really mean it, I was feeling very uneasy in my stomach due to serpent road and F-1 Style driving. Everything was mundane till we reached Nau-Bishey!! After we left Pritivi Highway and entered “By-Road ko Bato”, enjoyment started to pour, we started with Nepali Jyaure and Thet lok sangeet to Nepali Oldies Songs. Songs would have been incomplete without a Dance, so we all grooved and proved that Hips don’t lie!

Around 11ish we reached Daman (yeah I know, it was supposed to be Palung to Daman Hiking).So present, plan of action was to hike from Daman to Simbhanjyang!! We all geared up for the hike. Weather was excellent, who says only Gods walks on the CLOUD, we hikers did and locals do it everyday. The Weather was very erratic, one minute it was drizzling and another it was pouring like cats and dogs. Passing through misty roads and almost zero visibility, we reached Simbhanjyang. After conquering the local summit, we took a tea break.

We descended from Simbhanjynag to Daman by our vehicle. It was very chilled and breezy and suddenly somebody suggested taking refuge on Water of Life, so we stared our own Mini- Bar with Songs. With every sip of grog, new singers were born, but the ambiance was comfy and full of life. After quick lunch, we planned to descend further and this time it was on foot, well not literally, till we reach Palung. After which we came to Kathmandu by same F-1 Style driving through same Serpent road, the effect of which I am still feeling in my stomach!! Ouch!!

Our journey was made memorable by the magnificent landscape, incredible zeal of fellow hikers, erratic but amazing weather and not to forget the selfless act of distributing pencil and notebooks to the student of local primary school during our hike. I would recommend participating in these sorts of outdoor activities, since this is the path where one can rediscover his or her lost self that is taken away by this busy concrete Jungle. Outdoor adventure is one of the best ways to revive or rather rekindle our soul.

Accomplishment leads you to be happy look at Santosh and SauravT

And another one

Attractive Shopping Center for Computing Garments and Pharmacy

BinayaA the shooter

Cultivation and vegetation

Daman Horticulture Center

Daman lies on those hills

Discussiion for move forward or not coz it was cold and raining

Farmers and their cabbage field at Palung

FM tower at Daman good for locals

Folk for the Adventure July Eight

Fruit trees Veges Crops and housing four in one

Good site to grow veges or flowers

Happy to expose themselve with little gift

Heading to Bairoad ko bato but Dhulo

Hiking commencement at Daman

Himalayan pine

i am happy for my daughter she told me that she enjoyed the excursion

I wish if i had a bed like that Nepali name HansaRaj

It was raining the goat found house with window to look out

Landscape of Palung

look at the Commander in Chief

Maping site to build High Way


Morning fuel station for the day

Pal pal dil ke pas tum raheti ho jiwan mithi pyas tum kaheti ho SharadP

Palung to Daman what that would be

Pleasant towards Simbhanjyang different from Kathmandu

Practice makes man Perfect

Pradipna rejoices along Kapil

Radish for supplying to Kathmandu and other places

Raj and Rajpath

Santosh in jolly mood

Santosh introduces me his grand PA

Santosh Swikrit Suresh

See and name for it

Set afire to cigarette the style of Simbhanjyang

Small tree big folwer sorry do not know name

Suresh pushes himself

Swikrit for 2488

The chillis from Palung one for u and for me hoz that

The Gate of July twenty first

The guest Shiram Vishnu’s daughter leads for his father

The hill from Daman danda

The Kingfishers

The secret of my health

The small junction called Junge Khola

They did not like the camera

This was made by Indian Army

View of Palung Valley

Vishnu Shiram SharadP Raj Santosh Saurav

We made for the day!!

What does Sardarji do out of egg lay hen throw from tallest peak?

Ye Dosti hum nahi todenge todenge dum magar tera sath nahi chhodenge

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  1. Life @ Ground Zero, ready to take new guard of Middle Stump, anything on or off smacked towards boundary line. Vow to lead 100 unbeaten.


  2. aha kya ramro photo khicheko ni bhutukkai pare mora haru le. maja aayo. aru pani estai khichao hai.

  3. hey ,,misss my village much …
    thanks for whole team to view & take picture of my village ….
    i enjoyed picture lot 🙂 ………….. 🙂 😛 😆

  4. thank you for posting these pictures. Being from Palung, I really enjoyed these pic.What can I say about my birth place.I love it love it n just love it.

  5. Woke up early only to get back to sleep again…Damn!!! I missed it…BTW Pictures are nice..especially the one “Small tree big flower”…would like to see the larger version of it..the dews/raindrops are awesome…

  6. Pictures are awesome, guys please post more pictures if you have. This is what i really miss of Nepal.Great job guys.

  7. I have to say I missed this one.

    We have to repeat this route coming fall when the weather clears up.

    Photos are awesome – good job Binaya dai and Suresh.

  8. You and us make hiking going on. If you would like to go again NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.Be with us and let’s explore once again.

    Keeping the groups together and going meant keeping everybody involved and interested. Shall we? I believe that this will make Mentor happy too!


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