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Canyoning at Sundarijal
Canyoning at Sundarijal

Title Canyoning in Sundarijal
Start Date 06/27/2010
End Date 06/27/2010
Duration (hrs) 8 hrs
Distance (km) 15 kms
coordinator Manik Madhikermi
Participants Adam Manandhar,  Awanish Ranjan, Badri Adhikari, Bipin Karmacharya, Manik Madhikermi, Nikesh Shrestha, Prabhat Man Sainju, Pratik Joshi, Subin Shrestha, Sudeep Ghimire
Photos by Manik Madhikermi
Captions by Adam Manandhar, Manik Madhikermi, Prabhat Man Sainju
Report by Prabhat Man Sainju, Pratik Joshi
Creative Support Dijup Tuladhar, Prerana Pradhan
PratikJ recollects: I was saying to myself “How hard can this be?” and it turned out that this was not an easy task to do. We moved at around 0830 hours because the guides were readying all the necessary itineraries. We reached Sundarijal at around 1000 hours. I’ve been to that place before and it’s a wonderful place, no doubt. But despite of its beauty we never knew we could find adventure there -a very thrilling adventure that would change our perception about the thin line between life and death. After walking for around 20 minutes we reached the starting point. We were given our sweat suit. It was quite a funny experience to wear that suit. However, we managed to wear it. By the time I finished wearing that suit I could feel the pain in my arm. Wearing that suit we hiked for around 40 minutes and reached our starting spot. We were given a briefing on canyoning by our guide. When our guide said ‘This is one of the safest sport but if you are careless thinking it is safe then ONE MISS GAME FINISH!!!’, I was a little bit scared. After briefing, we did the abseiling for a height of around 15 meters. It was just the beginning. We were supposed to complete 4 stages of heights 15 m, 25m, 35m and 45m which we completed successfully. It took us nearly 7 hours to complete all the 4 stages - stage 3 being the toughest. The first two stages were relatively not so tough. We gathered some experience during those stages. But no matter how much we learned, at the end of the day we were sliding down the rock, swaying by the rope and slipping on the muddy surface. Once we completed a stage then we were all giving instruction to the other person on the rope. Suddenly, everyone who completed that stage was the experienced ones. With each stage the difficulty level was increasing. For the 3rd stage we had to climb down around 15 meters and swim through a pool and again climb down 25 meters. The 4th stage was a direct vertical drop of 45 meters. To add to that excitement, we had to climb down right through the waterfall. All you could see was rocks down below. I was thrilled, nervous and excited when my turn came. When it came, Mother Nature suddenly decided to make it more interesting and thrilling. Suddenly it was raining cats and dogs. Prabhat, Bipin and I were the fortunate ones to experience that thrill. I learned that day never mess with Mother Nature. If she gets to you, then she gets to you really hard. All in all I fully enjoyed this hiking/canyoning. Thanks to our coordinator ManikM it was truly an experience worth remembering. I would like to suggest every one of those who have not tried this sport to give it a shot, at least once. My experience was worth remembering. Apart from the fact that 3 digital cameras and 1 Handy cam were damaged, because they got wet!!! So, take more precaution with your gadgets if you are planning to take any. PrabhatS recollects: There was a thin line between life and death; and we all were holding that line. A day before the adventure, I didn’t know what we all were up to. I thought it was just another day out in the jungle. I still recall the faces of our team mates while clinging to the rope in the cliff. And we were all paying for all these. Every piece of the fall that we overcame was a different experience. Water gushing on the face, cramp in arms, and mud all over us, all looked like the Prison Breakers. The adventure could not have been any better with Sundarijal area raining cats and dogs. This meant that the falls and springs that we had to overcome were at their best; and worst for us. There were few friendly figures down the spring at the third obstacle that gave tired adventurers much needed refreshment. ManikM could not lay his eyes off those refreshments and neither did rest of the team mates. Who knew that there was a terrorizing cliff left to overcome? And what a sad way to end the adventurous day; we landed back to the Alamo to see that Adam’s mobile and few others wallet and bag packs had been compromised. I still remember the ever smiling Adam whose adventure was still not over even when we reached back to our station. For him, his adventure had started again; on his way to home. We all advised Adam on how to face with his parents; what a bunch of experienced losers we were. Cameras damaged, Mobile lost, Money gone, I felt we lost few things, but what we gained was the ultimate experience of life and death situation. Few people have that all in one opportunity. Back to the basics on what the guide said; ONE MISS GAME FINISH, this is what life is all about, isn’t it?
Origin Location2 Destination
Name Sundarijal Sundarijal
District Kathmandu Kathmandu
Zone Bagmati Bagmati
Recommended Items to See Hills and locality Fall and gorge
Recommended Places to Eat Any local hotels Any local hotels
Recommended Places to Stay
Recommended Activities Hiking, canonying and Photo Journalism Hiking, canonying and Photo Journalism
Recommended means of transportation VAN/Bus
Available means of transportation VAN/Bus/Bike
Weather Rainy Rainy
Culture Influenced by Magar culture
Distance from previous Location 8kms
Means of Transport On foot
Duration 6 hrs

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