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Hiking from Bhardev to Lamidanda

Participants: Surendra, SharadP, Pankaj(guest), Chiranjib (FT), KumarK (FT), Vikshnu, KundanK and RiteshK
Route: Bhardev to Lamidanda
Date: Sunday, Sept 16, 2007
Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes
Trip Doom: 11-Kilo meters
Report: KumarK and ChiranjibK
Photo: SharadP & Surendra
Creative Support: NishchalS


A busy Saturday, followed by a hike on Sunday, I dragged myself out of the bed early morning and reached office at around 6:45. This was going to be my first hike from D2 and I didn’t want to be late. We left office at around 7:30 and picked up Surendra, Kundan and Ritesh on the way. We had our breakfast at the Bakery Café in Jawalakhel and headed towards Lamadanda.

The 1 and ½ hrs drive to Lamadanda wasn’t all that bad despite the fact that road was in pretty bad shape. This was mainly due to Vishnu’s witty comments and hilarious conversation between Vishnu, Kundan , Surendra and Sharad.

We started our hike at around 10:00, with Vishnu making sure that we do not mistakenly take the easy route. The hike wasn’t too tough, but wasn’t smooth sailing either. We didn’t know the exact route and relied on Vishnu and Surendra’s experiences to find the way. Surendra’s occasional warnings on leeches, invariably followed by stories of ‘leech-attacks’ on previous hikes kept us charged up all along. The initial easiness of the hike was later made tougher by the slippery trails and extremely steep climbs.

After two hours climb, and about half an hour of descent, we reached the farm-house of an ex-minister, which we thought ended our hike. But Vishnu had other plans and decided to take us for a final spin. He chose the steepest possible way down to the road and many of us had to crawl on our way down. But once we made it to the Van, remembering the whole hike gave us a sense of achievement.

On our way back, we had our lunch at Jawalakhel. Amazingly enough, I wasn’t feeling all that tired. Maybe because the fun was worth the pain or maybe because getting close to Mother Nature simply rejuvenates your senses so you feel no pain but surely something to gain.


When I read about Hiking in EU first time ,I always used to get scared of thinking about the long journey to be covered by walk, in up and downs of hill. I used to think why the people are interested in hiking so much? What do they get of that? But Vishnu helped me to solve that puzzle by inviting me to hike last Sunday. Believe me that was real fun for us. We were eight including a friend of mine from outside D2. After one and half hour of drive we reach to the base of Lamidanda and after two long hour of climbing the hill we reached the farm house of “Keshar Bahadur Bisht”.In meantime we found a small temple where we relaxed for some time, got some snaps and resumed our interesting hiking again. While hiking, superb joke’s of our oldie bros used to refresh us all the time.

I must thank Vishnu who encouraged me to participate in such a beautiful event and I wish I would always get such an opportunity on coming days.
Thank you.

01 An admission of misdeeds-just for fun

02 Surendra in business

03 And here the world is in commercial activity

04 The costomers for particular product

05 The Khokana-one of old town in the valley

06 The Nakhkhu river

07 An organized series of acts and perfomances of our sisters and mothers

08 Lovely glimpse of CHHAMPEE

09 The walk begins at Bhardev

10 C++ – Clean and Chilled


12 Walking up to Baleshwor Mahadev

13 A walk in good-natured

14 Neta Jee Parade

15 Setback – the senses failed here

16 The hill on the right can be another excusion

17 The Bell devoted to Mahadev 52 years ago

18 In the name of feelings of being intimate

19 For the same Surendra joins here

20 Pankaj-the guest in the lead

21 NOT MUCH but affording pleasure

22 Feelingly FIVE

23 Chiranjib in a first move

24 Entering in Lamadanda Jungle

25 View of Bhardev Village

26 The pine plantation in respect to Nature

27 Remained foreclose to those hills

28 Marked by high spirits

29 Inside more deeper

30 Arrival at a new stage

31 Liliopsid genus – Calanthe- the ground orchid

32 Lofty in style

33 Sharadp_and l2r_ Pankaj-Chiranjib-KumarK

34 Happy to c d2-4 wheel

35 Lele to Bhardev High-Way

36 Lele village not very bright

37 Amazement by not being expected

38 Deliberate move

39 Surendra prepares for action

40 BUT his knapsack ran faster

41 KumarK on the followup

42 Dealing with in a routine way

43 Pleasant and agreeable art of RiteshK

44 Generously responsive act of KundanK to Bhai RiteshK

45 Bachau Prabhu Bachau……

46 Unfolding SharadP as he should be-flyBhaire-fly

47 Pankaj capable of being controlled

49 Patan and Kathmandu from Lele height

50 Surendra- well expressed and to the point

51 Tika Bhairab settlement

52 Lele farming and we passed over thosehills before

53 This meeting was different from earlier one

54 Eating and bit of drinking in a informal gathering- NICE & EASY!

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  1. D2 should buy the religious hikers some good hiking shorts and shoes too.

    Those hiking in dress pants !! Ali suhayena kya !

  2. I am little bit surprised. how come these guys make those trips? Is it sponsored by someone or some organization? It looks like it, but how come they are doing those things for free.

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