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Hiking from Taudah to Chalnakhel via Bosan
Hiking from Taudah to Chalnakhel via Bosan


RouteTaudaha > Bosan > Chalnakhel
Date23rd September, 2007, Sunday
Hiking Duration3 hours and 30 minutes
ParticipantsBikesh Babu Rajbanshi, Bikram, Bhanu, Dipti Khanal, Namrata, Puja, Rajiv, Shamesh, Shiv, Sophieya (Guest), Subin, and Vishnu
Report byShiv
Photos byBhanu
Creative SupprtNishchal


There was one big event being aired on TV for the most of people of this region. Most of hiking participants were attached to the show on last Sunday and waiting eagerly for the schedule. It was Indian Idol, a reproduction of An American Idol, a Nepalese origin but Indian citizen, a police officer of Indian Police Force, Prashant Tamang was one of the finalist of the show and who was popular and lucky one for winning massive Nepalese’ heart. Moreover some participants had to go in dance practice in late afternoon on the day also. For this reason we were excited and thinking of making short and sweet journey to save energy for tossing and turning until midnight. With mixed feeling of action and passion we commenced our hike from Taudah and through green paddy field of the Bosan. 15 minutes of pace inside green, but matured paddy field, we had to go along a small canal and the anxious walk did not last for long, as we came about to meet a small stream. Although, the watercourse was rough enough for crossing, our teammates did not mind getting wet. Some tried to fly over, some walked on water and others tried for other remedies of crossing it without getting wet. It was fun to watch different practices for the same action- the act to get to the other side of the stream. The Other side of the stream which was a reasonable ascent challenged us to climb over and pushed us into the Bosan wood. Further more we walked inside the trees, and directing ourselves to be at the hill, second to the Bhuvaneshwor, where a lonely cottage type was sighted, which the locals called it the White-House. In about 1 hour of walking uphill, a bit tough, but sincerely worthwhile efforts were duly paid for the climb as the route provided us an awesome view of modern Kathmandu valley and the country side of other parts equally. With the enjoyment we witnessed the WH of Bosan. It looked like a private property, a summer house, and the owner lucky one. Further ahead there was another Funnel hill connecting with Bosan hill, where we munched, rested and sighted the breath taking view, giggled and juggled for few minutes and descended from Funnel towards other side of Bosan village, where we walked about 45 minutes and discovered office van waiting for us at Chalnakhel. That drove us to Dhobi Dhara for a Thakali delicacy. After concluding with the food for thought we followed our individual course. Those were the few memorable and funny moments, scene and sounds that really made us forget java and sql behind, if not at least for few hours. We had lots of fun; even though it was sweet and short. 


  • 01 Bikesh stands with restored energy for journey

02 Double actions- running and paying homage to Ganesh

02 RamDev+YogaGuru-Live= Actions, knowledge and devotion for spiritual insight and tranquility 

 04 Personal phallic symbol of Shiv

05 In a forward direction

 07 Puja with an anxious feeling 

08 A cooperative unit of Sept-23

09 Shamesh demonstrates how to fly over the watercourse

 10 Here Namrata exhibits how to walk on the water

 11 The first destination-locals call it White-House

 12 Walk-up towards height 

13 Akhbare chili - 2- are enough for 12


14 Entering into Bosan woods 

15 Bikram takes lead 

16 The pond is called Taudah 

17 Left-Growing and flowing & Right dead and dropping 

18 Bikesh at calm intent consideration 

19 Rest for individual taste yet together 

20 Kirtipur in a ship shape but not that bright 

21 Even ascending 

22 Followed by others 

23 B&B leading 

24 The hill in the middle is called Chobhar has nice and easy trail 

25 Not clear but view of two cities Kirtipur and Kathmandu 

26 Upward parade still on 

27 Stand, hold, pull and push everything exist here 

28 Different vista-Lined up and climb up 

29 Beautiful Inland 

30 Dipti thought that she could not make it now done and happy with Puja 

31 Capturing Bhimsen Stamba from 12 to 13 km distance 

32 Nice and clean Bosan hill 

33 Towards Matathirtha, can be another route 

34 Walking towards Solithumko 

35 We did not ask them what they were after but been sighted plenty of them... 

36 Bhuvaneshwor hill 

37 Munching at Solithumko 

38 Subin, Rajiv and Shiv trying to locate their area 

39 Walking makes you laughing-they say 

40 Rajiv truly sure with his forefinger about the spot 

41The Philander 

42 Calanthe at efflorescence 

43 Climbing down from funnel 

44 Shamesh at the natural spring cooling his water bottle 

45 Freedom from difficulty 

46 Big plant small turned out 

47 Guest Shophieya in front 

48 Well-chosen 

49 Free from impurities 

50 The funnel at fullest 

51Waggle jeep runs for in a steady manner 

52 In a village a beauty that appeals tothe senses 

53 A busy respect to the Thakali goody

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