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Hiking from Banepa to Dhulikhel via BasnetGaun
Hiking from Banepa to Dhulikhel via BasnetGaun

Participants: SharadP, Nishchal, Sandeep (rookie) and Vishnu Route: Banepa to BasnetGaun to Dhulikhel Date: The Sunday, August 05, 2007 Duration: 3 hours 45 minutes Trip Doom: 12-Kilo meters Report: SandeepP Photo: NishchalS Creative Support: NishchalS Starting the day early, the simmering rain awakened my senses. Still not sure, should I go on this venture, I kept on pondering and in the rush, I decided to go, for there was nothing to lose. Having reached earlier at the office premises, I was disappointed not to find anyone. After a brief moment (which seemed eternal), the four of us, set out on the quest. The crowd was filled with youthful exuberance. After a fulfilling breakfast, the platoon head through the trails and path leading to muddy fields and humid maize plantations. We stopped couple of times to ask the villagers for directions only to be bewildered by their stark remarks on the length of the route. After four hours brisk walking and falling a couple of times, I was glad that I made it, even though I naive enough to show up with a pair of slippers on a hiking trip! This experience made me realize, its good to break a sweat once a while.... and I am looking forward to many more hiking trips in the future. If some one would like to treasure the meaning of friendship, here are few other day to be celebrated. • National Friendship Day is on the first Sunday in August • Women’s Friendship Day is on the third Sunday in September • International Friendship Month is February • Old Friends, New Friends Week is the third week of May Earlier than present time and not enough for Modern means Manahara River used to be same size during winter too now only during Rainy Season We are sorry for pushing from one's thoughts Life goes on We are not good for you Grand Pa! Probably the youngest business person Self-possessed and free from agitation Temple-Van-Vege Market what a combined Vish looks for friendship breakfast Manoj free from wheel Having striking color and lacking in variety A 1942 Love Story-Photo at the her place Ingenuousness Bye bye college-It is a friendship day! An asset of special worth of Nyatapole Cafe` First Sunday of August and 05-the state of being friends Heritage in the act of using them Most likely Chiken from Hill, seller from Terrain and buyer from Valley Nyatapol Cafe`stand tall-running for 3 decades Hike commenced from this point Hike in Bumble Down in an unfashionable manner Vocational Institution under construction Beneath blue sky through green field-a wonderful walk Gambate kudasai-do your best A virgin land makes you happy Sharad the Pokharel When we are happy mud does not mattermuch Not enough of making wine We all enjoyed walking on this trail View of Banepa from BasnetGaun SharadP is charming here coz he likesinward trail that goes through jungle Lonesome Grey Maina We climbed and walked on those peak An achromatic color from BasnetGaun Towards Opi Youthfulness Simpleness yet again beamish Vish stolen them and owner smiled at him-beauty of going new places Vishnu following this gentleman for 78 years old Serenity We will take this trail to meet a frind of Niks and Kundan one day-0 Kilo This is a famous trai for round the year Another location to make a enjoyble hiking A small garden tells some story In September this bus leaves Dhulikhel for Germany H & H and Vish These buses at Dhulikhel Park SharadP looks happy here coz chilli or something else Marked by skill in deception Well-lined A journey to the sacred place and we blessed by hike

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