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Trekking from Syabrubesi to Yala Peak
Trekking from Syabrubesi to Yala Peak

Narendra Kapil Pramod
For me, the trek was ecstatic; more than I imagined. Climbing the Yala Peak was very tough but it felt like heaven at the top. This has been a lifetime achievement and the beauty of those tranquil mountains will haunt me for a long time. Many asked why just the three of us were trekking and I too was a little worried if it's going to fun or not. But, I enjoyed every second of the trek. Everyone knows Nepal is a beautiful country but the difference lies in knowing and exploring. With God's permission and our determination, we finally did it. The culmination of our Langtang trek at Yala Peak was very fulfilling but the journey itself was no less exciting. I feel proud to be a Deerwalker.
- Narendra Maden - Kapil Pandey - Pramod Kumar Rai

Day 1: Kathmandu >> Syabrubesi (Bus Ride)

We take a crowded bus to Syabrubesi and spend the night there. We consume generous amounts of Sukuti and play Syabru, a new card game conceived there.

Day 2: Syabrubesi >> Lama Hotel

We make a gentle ascent via a trail by the side of a sparkling river. The route is quite busy with frequent  Hello's, Hi's, and Namaste's. We have the best dal-bhat at Bamboo and the worst at Lama Hotel.

Day 3: Lama Hotel >> Langtang

We meet Yair Gurlavi (Prakash) who cracks jokes every now and then, and makes for a fun companion. We finish our bottle of brandy and start with rum to keep ourselves warm and occupied.
Langtang Village Langtang Village
Langtang Lirung Langtang Lirung
Foggy Langtang Foggy Langtang

Day 4: Langtang >> Kyanjin Gompa

We reach Kyanjin Gompa without any rush; playing cards, watching yaks, and observing horses along the way. We then climb Kyanjin Ri in the evening to acclimatize.
On the way to Kyanjin Gompa On the way to Kyanjin Gompa
Landscape Landscape
Horns Horns
Horses Horses
Kyanjin Gompa, finally Kyanjin Gompa, finally
On the way to Kyanjin Ri On the way to Kyanjin Ri

Day 5: Kyanjin Gompa >> Yala Base Camp

We get hold of Chhime, a local guide cum owner of Snow Leopard Guest House at Kyanjin Gompa, and head to Yala Base Camp. We spend the cold night in a yak-shed; watching the stars through wide cracks in the roof.
Sunrise 1 Sunrise 1
Sunrise 2 Sunrise 2
Thulo Prakash Thulo Prakash
Langtang Airport Langtang Airport
On the way to Yala Base Camp On the way to Yala Base Camp
Yala Peak Yala Peak

Day 6: Yala Base Camp >> Yala Peak >> Kyanjin Gompa

We scale the Yala Peak, leaving aside the last technical climb of around 20 meters. On the way down, we meet Austin Lord who we think is an inspector but who turns out to be a friend's friend. We drink more rum at Kyanjin Gompa to celebrate our achievement.
Morning Morning
Langtang Langtang
View from Yala Peak View from Yala Peak
North face of Yala Peak North face of Yala Peak
Careful! Careful!
Three Three
Narendra Narendra
Kapil Kapil
Pramod Pramod
Deerwalkers Deerwalkers

Day 7: Kyanjin Gompa >> River Side

We make a casual and unhurried descent back to where we came from. The day is full of pleasant reflection and a sense of satisfaction.

Day 8: River Side >> Syabrubesi >> Kathmandu (Jeep Ride)

After reaching Syabrubesi, we book a room to spend the night in but then find a jeep for hire. We pay for the unused room, buy some beer for the journey, and return to Kathmandu that very night; ending a journey that we will cherish forever.

Some Statistics

Liquid Consumption:
Water N/Q
Tea N/Q
Brandy 1 bottle
Beer 19 bottles
Rum 10 quarters
Walking duration: 50+ hours
Highest elevation: 5,500 meters
Disclaimer: The liquid consumption numbers have been provided only for reference and should not be considered as a standard recommendation for trekking. One should find one's own comfortable number.

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