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Hiking from Phulbari Gate to Jamacho

Sunday, November 19, 2006. It was the day on which the Everest uncensored team was setting out for its 52nd adventures around the valley at high altitude. The team had chosen Phulbarigate to Jomacho to Phulbarigate route for the day’s hike. In comparison to others, however, the route was shorter but no less thrilling. This time, we have chosen to post what the team mates felt about this hiking, the 52nd.

Vishnu Kshetri

I am involved in altogether 50 hikes, one I could not participate was from Fulbari Resort to Nirmal Pokhari on November 20, 2005. All those hikes were possible after Rudra brought the concept and asked me to carry out 52 hiking in rows on August last year.
I take this opportunity, to thank all the participants for their support and participating in all those fabulous, enchanting, memorable and beneficial hikes. I believe they will be with us for this noble cause with dazzling enthusiasm.
He is the highest scorer among hikers. He has participated in 50 hikes.

Sanjeev Ghimire
It was really a great pleasure to be a part of the Everest Uncensored Hiking team. And yes, it was really a superb experience to be with them. Not a single moment was boring. Singing, whistling, gagging and laughing with our team members was really a fun. It took nearly four hours to go to the top of the Nagarjun Hill and come back. The Beautiful sceneries and view from the JamaChaur was fantastic. From every aspects (hygienically, recreational, relational etc.) the excursion was beneficial to us. The freshness in the air made me remembering the environment of my hometown in Pokhara.

Bhanu Chalise
My legs were in pain due to the football practice the previous day. It is not that I have played vigorous game but for the day, I played football after quite a long time. I am always fond of hiking so I could not stay away despise to the leg pain. This time the destination was Nagarjune peak, via Jomacho jungle. It was 8 am in the morning when we began the ascent, cold breeze was making the environment even more attracting and to somewhat challenging. From the start, the trail manifested itself in steep slope. Climbing with firm steps to make sure that the foothold would remain tight for avoiding the sliding and slipping to the fallen leaves. The vegetation was diverse, which might have been due to the altitude difference. We observed some of wild flowers blooming in the jungle. Vishnu was busy with camera, trying to capture the moment. We were somewhat divided into three groups one being too fast, another too slow and the others in between. This division formed and vanished many times. Many lips were singing songs as they liked. Sometimes jokes followed songs, and sometimes stories followed it. The steep slope handed us over to somewhat less steep slope about in half of the route. There was a tower at the peak for sightseeing, but we had our bad luck, the climate being hazy the tower wasn’t of much use. After staying there for a while, we descended the same path.

Surendra Adhikari
I feel luckiest as the participants of Jamacho Hike. The day was special as it was the fifty-second (one year) hiking for the team. Nagarjun (Jamacho) is one of the four famous peaks, namely, Phuclhoki, Nilgiri, Nagarjun and Shivapuri surrounding Kathmandu Valley. Although I have participated more than thirty routes, this is the first time I got opportunity to reach one of those peaks. The route was “Short and Sweet” and really an “Anniversary Bonus!!!” It was a heart touching route to feel the Majestic Mountain, jungles, and vicissitudes. The day was too foggy to see the distant views. We could have been much the happier if the visibility had been clear and we could have viewed the Himalayas, Kathmandu valley, and its surroundings clearly.

Abhishek Shrestha
The scenery seen from the top was spellbinding. At the top, there was a Buddhist monastery (Gumba) which was very attractive and a tower from where we could see the whole of Kathmandu valley, despite fog and cloud. This would be mine one of the most memorable hiking.

Usha Rani Das
The hike started with so excitement as it was the first hiking for me. I have walked a lot during my school days (in mountains too) but a real hiking, i.e., climbing mountain was for the first time.
The hiking was scheduled for the small distance as to make it easy for us, the beginners. We were supposed to reach Jamacho Tower, which is at the Peak of Nagarjuna. The ascent was so steep for me and hence was always last in the group, to climb. Triumphantly, I felt so good after reaching the top and the mostly to see the view from there. The view was not so clear still I enjoyed it.

Brija Karmacharya
The hike was first experience for me. The hike was not very tough as we were back to base in around 4 hours. I returned with beautiful memory of cool and fresh air, spectacular scenery (though cloudy plus misty and we could not view the range of snow-white mountain or Kathmandu valley). The sore feet and aching muscles only suggest how less I have been walking these days.
Though scared of heights I hope this hike to be a new beginning for many more great journeys ahead and would like to encourage everybody to have the beautiful experience.

Bikram Lal Shrestha
I was breathing fresh air after a long gap. I remember when I was able to inhale air without hesitating, when my eyes did not get hurt while looking around, when I could drink water without thinking. I realized my lungs were starting to intake air in a very quick rate, as if they were in hurry to collect as much air as possible. I felt my heart was bouncing in an extraordinary rate, may be it was in a hurry to transmit pure oxygen to all over my body cells.

Basu Dahal
I knew it was the 52nd hiking of the team. The hiking was different in the sense that it was one of the shortest hiking among all we did so far. Hiking started right after we entered onto ‘Nagarjun Forest’. Nagajun hill represents major hill in the north of Kathmandu valley. The forest is densely thick rich in vegetation. After more than 45 minutes of long and tiring steep walk in a closed forest, we saw an open area where we are rejuvenated by the beautiful landscape of Nagarjun hill lying just in front of us. And, soon after we entered into “literal” cave of forest finished directly to our destination – Jamacho hill.

Ready to set out

The notice boards show the distance towards Jamacho


The trail

The spider and the cobweb

The other is just making the cobweb

The destination: Hill tower at jamacho

The peaks around the valley

The trio and the peaks at the background

The valley under fog as seen through the windows of tree branches

The other foggy side

The flags outside the Buddhist monastery

The Monastery from the top angle

The tower

The flower

The closer view of the valley getting clearer

How difficult is the path? Teammates observe the steepy path

Leading the other team mates who felt difficulty on descending the rocky

The Lalu pate flower

Very cold


The other duo, very tired

The flower bush

The beginners: very tired

Inside the bush

Still the royal forest: The notice board requests the visitors not to l

The Buddha idol

The Mandala painting at the wall of the Monastery

The team

And the highest scorer

Imitating the activities of a monkey?

And the lovely dinner

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