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Smarter Than You Think – Computers Learn to Listen, and Some Talk Back – NYTimes.com

EverestuncensoredThe number of American doctors using speech software to record and transcribe accounts of patient visits and treatments has more than tripled in the past three years to 150,000. The progress is striking. A few years ago, supraspinatus (a rotator cuff muscle) got translated as “fish banana.” Today, the software transcribes all kinds of medical terminology letter perfect, doctors say. It has more trouble with other words and grammar, requiring wording changes in about one of every four sentences, doctors say.



School of Care

Life is confusing even for us who are considered ‘normal’ and can think and
function on our own. So no wonder it is a big puzzle for those who do not have
the intelligence other people their age have. And it gets harder for them
when they are not treated with affection and the care that they require
and instead are looked upon as a burden to the family and society.