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Hiking from Kharidhunga to Kalinchowk

Deerwalk set off for another one of our excursions. ‘Deer walk yatayat’ set off at Baneshwor, headed for Charikot. We decided to climb to a height of 3800m, to Kalinchowk. We sung along to the tunes of ‘Munni … and ‘Mutu mathi dhunga rakhi …’. We enjoyed the scenic route and stopped for the first time at ‘Sharmili ko pasal’ at about 9.30 am. Then we headed to khadi chowr. You would be forgiven for thinking it was Khasa, what with the Chinese goods galore. From there, we got to mudey, a small bazaar on the top of the hill. The weather was foggy, and promised rain. At about 12.30pm we reached kharidunga. We decided to begin our ascent from Kharidunga which we thought would be the best Hike to Kalinchowk. An hour later, rain came back with a vengeance upon us who dared walk. The muddy trail converted became swamps and our troubles started. We did not expect November rain and had no raincoats or boots. We walked on in the chilly afternoon and in the middle of the forests, it felt that much more adventurous. Finally we reached Trishul at about 3.00pm. The climb ahead was steeper and slippier. After struggling through the trails for a couple of hours, we got to the top at 6.00pm. We were closing in on Kuri, our designated stopover, but the light was fading. Cold and in pitch darkness, we trudged on. The lights at kuri beckoned us at 7.30pm. Diki didi of the Diki hotel served us hot jhwaikhatte, chhyang and tea, great relief from the chills. We had dinner at 9.30 and slept the night away.