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Trip to Hile

Around Purbanchal  - Pallo Kirat Pardesh
First thing I could recall was ‘Koshi River’,I could never have imagined this river to be so immense;it looked like sea at some level. We had a memorable event that surely everyone will remember for long time to come. Passing alley of Dharan was quite interesting and visit to B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) refreshing. Another thing we could never forget was that we had dinner at 3:00 am at Narayanghat and then,after a brief sleep for about 2 hours,we headed for Dharan/ Bhedatar. At Bhedatar,the atmosphere was so chilled and we were surrounded with intense fog,so had to revert back to Dharan bazaar to rest for the night.I was glad when we reached Hile, our final destination.