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Nagi Gumba: Hike Through a Natural Paradise

Nagi Gumba: Hike Through a Natural Paradise
An all-girls hiking trip- my first one ever in Deerwalk, started in a sunny morning of December 16, 2017. All of us girls were all bundled up and ready for the hiking early morning at 7:30. The Deerwalk van took us to Tokha, where we planned to set off for the hiking. We spent few minutes there- of course had to fill up our tummies before we started the hike. The “Chana tarkari” breakfast gave us some boost and we started walking up the main road asking the local people the way to Nagi Gumba because no one knew the actual way to get there. Little did we know that the road we took would take us to Shivapuri National park first and then to Nagi Gumba. We asked at least 5 people the direction to the Shivapuri National park. Not knowing the way to our destination was actually the highlight of this hiking trip which made it even more interesting and fun.