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wow, fantastic, superb, fabulous,mischievous, flabbergast, ugly NEWS: What joke? Nuclear Bomb Researchers Accidentally Blow Up Building – Science – Gawker

wow, fantastic, superb, fabulous,mischievous, flabbergast, ugly NEWS hahahaha what a joke ?

“On December 16, 2009, Shock and Detonation Physics Group researchers heard a loud unusual noise from Technical Area 15, Building 562 after firing a shot from a large-bore powder gun (LBPG)…. the researchers conducted surveillance outside TA-15-562 and observed that two doors had been blown off the facility and concrete shielding blocks on the west and east side of the building were separated from the wall.



Gurkhas win yet another battle, secure settlement rights

AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE LONDON, May 21: Britain announced Thursday a climbdown over settlement rights for Gurkha veterans, saying all of the Nepalese fighters who have served at least four years can apply to live here. The amended settlement guidelines, announced by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in the House of Commons, were greeted by an explosion of […]