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Squad C Two day hike to Australian Base Camp

Route Lumle > Australian Base Camp > Dhampus > Fedi
Date September 10 – September 11, 2016
Hike Duration 8 to 9 hrs
Coordinator Shishir Rai
Participants Bhawana Dahal, Janardan Chaudhary, Madhukar Shrestha, Mayank Joshi, Niraj Thapa, Nitesh Regmi, Nuja Joshi, Prakrit Joshi, Raunak Koirala, Ritu Bafna, Roshan Shrestha, Sanshila Gurung, Shishir Rai, Shraddha Shrestha, Sushil Kapali, Sushma Lama

Report By Bhawana Dahal and Nitesh Regmi
Photos By Janardan Chaudhary, Madhukar Shrestha, Mayank Joshi, Niraj Thapa, Ritu Bafna, Roshan Shrestha and Sushma Lama
Creative Support Barsha Dahal

Nitesh RegmiNitesh Regmi
“SquadC BurBang Bang – Baaaaa Hiking”

Ok, I know you all are surprised, shocked or may be some of you are laughing and desperate to know about the birth of title of this hike. I will make it clear by connecting all the incident that gives birth to this title starting from the journey of our hiking.

It was my first hike in the office and I was really excited to be a part of it. My excitement was even greater when I got to know our hike’s destination was ABC (Australian Base Camp).

My excitement towards the hike was so high I could not sleep well. I was afraid if I would be late and miss my chance for this hike. So, I kept alarm for 4o’clock in 3 mobiles so in case 1 failed then the other would alert me. In the morning I suddenly woke up, and it was 5:35 AM. I was shocked. I had kept alarm in three mobiles but none rang. When I saw the setting, it was 4 PM instead of 4 AM. My over excitement almost killed my chance for the hike. It was just a lesson to me not to be overexcited of anything. I knew I was going to be late so I got ready in speed of light and picked my bag and ran to my stop. I arrived at Basundhara at around 6:5 AM. The timing was so exact the bus and me both arrived the chowk at the same time. We were 16 members for the hike of which half were already in the bus. I entered the bus and greeted good morning to all my sisters and brothers. After sometime Prakrit dai also arrived and we left from there. Although all members were not inside the bus, the environment inside the bus was starting to get enjoyable. After sometime, we picked up Janardan dai and headed towards kalanki where Roshan dai, Sushil dai and Nuja didi also came in. Now we all 16 hikers were inside the bus and our hiking finally started.

I knew from my heart that this hike was going to be very much fun. Everyone in the bus were enjoying. After sometime of our ride we stopped for breakfast and had some tea, samosa, puri and tarkari at Naubise. We also had some photoshoot there and begin to continue our ride. We made a playlist of the song from each mobile and started to play songs. Everyone, mostly Prakrit dai and Ritu didi were singing to each and every song that played through the playlist. After some songs a song named “BurBang Bang” started to play. That word in the song was so funny that everyone in the bus started shouting BurBang Bang along with the song. That moment was very funny. I want all of you to hear that song sang by “sia feat sean paul”.

I dont know the exact name of the song but I only know that one word “BurBang Bang” which made the environment of the bus so funny and memorable.

I dont know the exact name of the song but I only know that one word “BurBang Bang” which made the environment of the bus so funny and memorable. We loved that song so much that we played it more than 10 times until we stopped to the restaurant to have our lunch. Finally after 5 hrs of ride we reached to the restaurant. We stopped there for almost 45 minute and after finishing our lunch we continued our trip again playing that “BurBang Bang song”. Singing, playing and talking to each other we finally reached Peace Pagoda temple Pokhara at around 2:30 PM. We started to walk up the stairs to the Peace Pagoda temple. I would like to thank that Chinese or may be Korean guy, who took our group photo there at Peace Pagoda temple.

After 1 hr there we left for boating at lakeside, Phewa Taal. We arrived there and we divided two teams for boating. I was with Prakrit, Madhukar, Sushil and Shishir dai. At first they were very bad at rowing the boat but after a lot of hard work by Shishir and Madhukar dai we finally reached the Barahi Temple in middle of the lake. We pray and worship there and again started boating. While boating Prakrit dai and me planned to attack in the Clash of Clan war but the attack was not nice it was just one star. This was due to the unbalance of the boat the hog attack was not nice. Then while returning from the temple Prakrit and Sushil dai started boating. Both of them were expert, mainly sushil dai, he is a nice boater. I also tried boating but I was not as good as him. Finally, after boating around 5 PM we left for Lumle. Almost after 1 hr we reached Lumle,we had some snickers and a group photo taken by our Purna dai. Then we started to walk towards ABC.

It was 6 PM. As it was getting dark we used our mobile flash light to lead our way and a portable speaker where we played the song so that we were more concentrated towards the song rather than the tiredness throughout the way.The way was slippery and dangerous. We walked with much courage and effort and almost after 1 hour and 30 minutes of long hiking finally we reached to the top up to ABC, minimizing all the hindrances that came in the way. This was all possible with our group’s unity and helpfulness among each other. When I reached our hotel, our earlier members who already reached there were taking out shoes and looking out for leeches.Some of our members were bit by leeches. I was happy to find out I hadn’t got any. I think Janardan dai and me were the only hikers who weren’t attacked by the leeches on the way to ABC. Shishir and Madhukar dai managed room and food for everyone. We all became fresh and rested for sometime to release our tiredness. After sometime dinner was ready and we started to have our dinner. After dinner we started playing songs in our speaker. The first song we danced was the same “BurBang Bang” song. Prakrit and Roshan dai started to dance first. They made the environment over there very lively and funny. They were the factor that led everyone to dance. We danced in groups clapping, showing our steps. Nagin dance of Prakrit dai was too funny. Roshan dai was the one who danced in each and every song that played through the playlist. Shishir dai’s steps were very funny. The most funny thing during the dances was the sound of cow made by our Sushil dai. He made “Baaaaaaaaaa” sound to boo repeating songs and less exciting dance performances. It made the environment over there even more hilarious. We danced for more than 4 hours.The active one till that moment was Roshan and Prakrit dai. After that everyone was tired and we went to our room and had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning was a little foggy and rainy. We had our breakfast and we 6 brothers went to our room and played Mini Militia. We had planned to hike to dhampus and then to Fedi which would take 6 hours approximately. But the rain was ruining it. Prakrit dai mentioned we would be late to ktm. But our sisters were there for the first time and they asked to not change the plan. We appreciated their courage because they were willing to walk in such weather. Ritu di bought a 200 Rs plastic which was worth only 20 0r 30 in the city area to prevent the rain. The funny part was when she got ready to hike with so called raincoat, the rain suddenly stopped. These moments were getting funnier after “Burbang Bang song”, “Baaaaaaaa” sound and now Ritu di’s 200 rs incident. Prakrit dai was the experienced one among us. He said that the way to dhampus is full of leeches so we took some salt from the hotel to prevent the leeches. We hiked through a jungle. And Prakrit dai was right as there were more leeches than leaves in that jungle . There were nearly 10 to 15 leeches attacking us every 2 minutes. If we were to ignore it even for just 5 minute then almost 100 of leeches would have gotten attached to us. We were psychologically tortured by these leeches. The leeches made the hike more memorable. It would not have been as exciting and fun if there had not been leeches. We took selfies, welfies through our 6 hrs walk- taking rest in some places and finally we made to Fedi. The bus was already there.We became fresh there and started our ride. We went to a Thakali hotel in Pokhara to have lunch. Then we headed towards Ktm. We played our play list in the bus . The most funny part in the bus was when the song “she is the Bomb” played we all made fun of our Sushil bro shouting she is the “Baaaaaaa”(the sound of cow). Sushil bro was amazing and his sound caricature of cow saying “Baaaaaaaa” was funniest part in the trip. After the 6 hrs of the trip at about 9PM we reached to ktm and everyone left for their destination at their respective stops.

Overall the hiking was awesome. All those Burbang Bang song, Baaaaaa caricature and 200 Rs situation and most importantly the leech incident was memorable. Everyone enjoyed the hike.

I hope to get more hiking opportunity from deerwalk.

Bhawana DahalBhawana Dahal

All I ever wanted was a job that pays me to travel new places and try new cuisines. But here I am in front of this computer browsing pictures of places to go and food to eat (May I say when I am free ;))

My work-life is as regular as yours, 9 to 6 desk job. In between these regular and mundane hours fun things happen too, well, once in a while. Someone cracks a joke; someone sends me an entertaining link to some fun stuff on the internet. OR a mail pops in my inbox titled “SQUAD C 2 DAYS HIKE TO Australian Base Camp – Call for participants”. I take immediate action, Reply: “Count me in”.

My work-life is as regular as yours, 9 to 6 desk job. In between these regular and mundane hours fun things happen too, well, once in a while. Someone cracks a joke; someone sends me an entertaining link to some fun stuff on the internet. OR a mail pops in my inbox titled “SQUAD C 2 DAYS HIKE TO Australian Base Camp – Call for participants”. I take immediate action, Reply: “Count me in”.

Weekend arrived early that week; it arrived at 5 am unlike other regular weekends that arrive at 9/10. This was my first hike with the Deerwalkers and my first interaction with most of the squad C members. I was thrilled. One of the best things about travelling together is: every stranger or acquaintance shares the same excitement as you to reach the destination and I guess that shared excitement is enough to make you friends. That’s what happened in my case. Within no time we were singing the same songs, humming the same beat sharing the playlist, snacks, giggles and good loud laughs.

Away from the city the van roars, fresh wind touches your face, and caresses your hair. The farther you go, the fresher it gets. Highways, there is a theme to every highway, local eateries, chiya pasal , lunch mesh on the roadsides and, everyone on the move. Sidharth highway runs along the Trishuli River, amidst the hills and that view is just captivating in itself. To add more, the highly favored playlist of Roshan Dai and great singing voice of Prakrit Dai and Raunak were one of the best deals of the long joyous ride. En-route to Australian Base Camp, we stopped at Pokhara and went to Shanti Stupa . From Shanti Stupa you get the best view of the beautiful and evergreen city, Pokhara. 200 kilometers away from Kathmandu, atop a beautiful hill, enjoying the view of ever so beautiful Phewa Lake, this weekend was already very eventful and to add more everyone decides to go boating , what excites me is there is more !! Much more to this tour!
Leaving Pokhara behind, we are now travelling the less travelled road to Lumle . I never enjoyed a van/jeep ride as much; waterfalls, moving clouds, setting sun, the greenest hills and just the right amount of chills. We reached Lumle in no time, and started walking, it was the wee hours of the evening and we really had to get going. Pacing up against slippery roads, mind blowing views and my pitied stamina we had to reach the Base Camp before 8. Roshan dai‘s playlist was again favored as the best deal to the long hike uphill.

We reached the base camp at 8:30 ish so no description of the view here, if you most know: it was dark and foggy. Within no time of getting settled and freshened up the party starts, well I must call it a party, alcohol (am I allowed to mention that?) music, snacks and dance. Everyone enjoyed to their bits at this hour. I did too. As the party ended, before bed, it rained heavily and hopeful we all slept for a bright sunny day tomorrow.
Early morning, to my utter disappointment there was no sign of sun, no pictures of sunrise, mountains and no Instagram  just drizzles, fog and drizzles. As most of us seemed under-prepared for the rain; the hike started late followed by a fat breakfast and slightly hindered enthusiasm of the hikers. We moved downhill towards Dhampus. It was a rough trail for few hours in the grassy slippery path through forests until we met very well stone-paved trails through beautiful Dhampus. Update on view?

Until now: None, just fog and whatever you can see within 10m radius. Around 1pm, towards the end of the hike, the sun finally decided to shine and the village looked beautiful, what we were leaving behind was truly beautiful.
Purna Dai picked us up from there and we were again headed towards Pokhara for lunch, hungry like a horse and upon arrival we all ate like one too. The ride back was great; with crisp conversations, musical interventions (of a versatile playlist), distant glowing lights, the pleasant wind and beautiful memories we touched the Kathmandu city again.

So yes, I have a regular job, and long weekdays at desk, but if weekend turn out be this eventful and refreshing I don’t really mind.

P.S : I might have missed so much. One I know for sure is : Leeches, please refer to the next blog , its definitely covered.

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