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Sisneri Hike

Route Dakshinkali >> Sisneri
Date October 06, 2018
Hiking Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Sabina Shrestha
Participants Binita Sapkota ,Dipal Malla ,Lujla Maharjan ,Nitish Dhaubadel ,Pratik Kafle ,Pratiksha Dhungana ,Prayash Khatri ,Sabina Shrestha ,Sanjay Shrestha ,Sujesh Shakya ,Sunit Bajracharya
Report By Dipal Malla
Photos By Prayash Khatri, Sujesh Shakya, Sunit Bajracharya
Creative Support Milan Lohani

Dipal MallaDipal Malla
I love travelling. As soon as I saw the mail calling for participants, I didn’t think twice about sending my name as Sisneri was the very place I missed to go few months back.

Though it was squad C hike, none of my fellow colleagues agreed to go in the hike. I was feeling a little conscious about the fact I might get bored with all those unknown people. But, a part of me knew it clearly, I will make new friends and I will enjoy. That is exactly what happened.

Sabina Di had asked all the participants to be in Deerwalk no later than 7: 10 in the morning. My friends know it well, how late I can be in such conditions. But, it was my first hike as Deerwalk intern and I didn’t want to be late. So, with all my power I arrived at 7: 03. I was thinking, I might be the last person to arrive. To my surprise, I was only the third person to arrive. Being late, I think is not the tendency but a culture – very bad culture that has been rooted upon us and we are the victim. Nevertheless, everyone arrived by 7: 30 except for those who were waiting for us in Kalimati. Sabina Di was worried about them having to stand on the streets for almost an hour in a polluted traffic junction.

After gathering everyone, we finally set off our bus ride through Deerwalk – Kalimati – Chobahar – Dakshinkali – Sisneri route. On the way, we stopped in Dakshinkali for offering prayer to the goddesses and breakfast. The line was huge and time was limited, so we decided to not wait in the queue. We took some photos and headed straight for breakfast.

We chose a local restaurant for having our breakfast. It was nice place with good food. Selroti was really good. I liked its taste.

We then resumed our journey in the bus until our hiking starting spot. By this time, I became familiar with everybody. Pratiksha di, I knew her already. Others, I get to know them through out the hike. I found them extremely friendly, adventurous and fun-loving.

There was a short 10-mins walk in the middle of our trail that passed through track road where we were showered with free dust courtesy our bus and passing trippers. I hope this Oli government becomes serious to finish construction on time.

I am still in love with the route despite the dust. Dashain vibe was in the air. Ahh, the environment was beautiful. It took us a little over an hour to get to the bottom of the hill, where we had our lunch. To my surprise, the food was really good. It took us another 1.5 hour to reach the pool. The majestic Sisneri natural water swimming pool.

Let me tell you one thing, if you can leave everything right now then go head towards it. We played there for about 2 hours. There is a lot to tell. I leave it up to you to experience on your own. The chilling cold water, crystal clear pool and what not else. If you do not know swimming, then they provide life jacket at minimal cost. They even charge some entry fee.

It was around 8: 10 in the evening when we had arrived back in the Deerwalk premise.

To conclude, this was one of the best hike I had ever been. Despite my concerns at the beginning, I managed to have fun. Big thanks to all dai and dis. Everybody was best. Best.

Keep Hiking. Stay Happy. Stay Healthy.

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